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The best series similar to Velvet

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It goes without saying that Velvet is one of the best, and for this reason we want you to feel that union again. What better way to achieve this than with the recommendation with the best series similar to Velvet ? We hope you find it very complete.

To do so, we see the main genres (Drama, Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime, Made in Europe) of this series, the chained trends that you do in FiebreSeries and the trend changes in Google. Therefore, in the recommendation you will be able to see many things.

First of all, if you want to know more about this series, take a look at the post of this series. And here we leave the TOP of the best series similar to Velvet:

1.The Blacklist

the-blacklist.jpg Velvet-like series recommendations should always include The Blacklist .

The world’s most wanted criminal, Thomas Raymond Reddington, mysteriously turns himself in and offers to rat out everyone who has ever collaborated with him. His only condition: he will only collaborate with Elisabeth King, a new FBI agent, with whom he seems to have some connection she is unaware of.

2. The invisible line

Even though several of you see the decision to add The Invisible Line among the best series similar to Velvet something unusual, but for the magazine it is more than reasonable.

On June 7, 1968, the leader of ETA Txabi Etxebarrieta crossed “the invisible line” assassinating the first of the 853 victims of the terrorist organization, the Galician civil guard José Antonio Pardines, only 25 years old. A few hours later, Txabi Etxebarrieta himself was killed in a confrontation with the civil guard, thus becoming the first terrorist to kill and the first to die in the history of ETA.

3. Station 19

Among our recommendations for the best series like Velvet, we couldn’t leave out Station 19 .

After a fateful fire at Gray Sloan Memorial, a team of firefighters is in charge of saving the famous hospital in Seattle from the flames. The heroic attitude of these men and women in the face of a situation in which they must risk their lives is the starting point of the new spin-off of the flagship series Grey’s Anatomy. From the high office to the last recruit are the protagonists of this drama in which the routine, almost always dangerous, of these professionals is explored.

4. The Lord of the Skies

In the post about series like Velvet , The Lord of the Skies should always be included .

The series tells the story of Aurelio Casillas, one of the most important drug traffickers in Mexico in the 90s. Aurelio’s only ambition was to become the most powerful drug trafficker in all of Mexico, not caring about being cautious and much less flashy. He managed to have a fortune, women, houses, buildings and mansions without much effort.

5. Braveheart

In our post about the best series like Velvet , Brave Heart should always be there .

Ángela Valdez (Adriana Fonseca) and Samanta Sandoval (Ximena Duque) are two friends who lead a peaceful life until one day Samanta is kidnapped. Almost twenty years later, the friends see each other again. Samanta is her bodyguard and she proposes to Ángela that she work with her. Ángela is entrusted with the task of taking care of the daughter of billionaire Juan Marcos Arroyo (José Luis Reséndez).

6. High School Apocalypse

In this post of the best series similar to Velvet, I should always include Apocalypse in high school .

The world has been decimated by an unknown deadly disease that transforms humans into ghoul zombies through bites. The story follows Takashi Komuro, a student at Fujimi High School who survived the initial outbreak and along with some students from his school who later become friends with him, try to stay alive, first while escaping from school and later while traveling through the city in looking for weapons and a route that reunites them with their families, and later to a safe place. This journey will not be easy, as the boys will have to mature learning to fight and work as a team, dealing with death and protecting themselves not only from the undead, but also from many of the surviving humans, who under the pressure of this catastrophe will begin to show the worst of his nature.

7. Laura’s Mysteries

In this post about the best series similar to Velvet , The Laura Mysteries should be included .

Laura Lebrel has to balance her work as a wife, housewife and mother of two five-year-old twins with her job as a police inspector. But she is not just any inspector… she is not based on scientific evidence, nor does she control psychological analysis. Her weapon is intuition and instinct, which will lead her to dismantle the most perfect alibi.

8.The Tunnel

Although several of you see the choice of putting The Tunnel among the best series similar to Velvet a bit aberrational, but we believe that it is justified.

When an important French politician is found dead on the border between the United Kingdom and France, detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wassermann are assigned by the police of their respective countries to find out what happened… Adaptation of the Scandinavian series ‘The Bridge’, with the European crisis as a backdrop.

9. Prison Break

You may see the initiative to add Prison Break among the best series similar to Velvet something with little sense, but for us it is more than justified.

Prison Break, also known as Prison break, in search of the truth in Latin America, was an American dramatic television series that premiered on the North American Fox network on August 29, 2005 and ended on May 24, 2009 in its fourth season (the two final episodes were released direct-to-DVD in the US on July 21, but on May 24 they were released on Israeli television).

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