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18 Movies That Aren’t Horror But Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

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Weekends are made (especially nowadays, during the quarantine) to prepare your favorite food and sit down to watch a marathon of the best movies that the different streaming services can offer. If you are one of those who do not like horror or slasher genre tapes , this article is for you.

And it is that there are many feature films that do not necessarily deal with bloody scenes or monsters to scare.

1. Seven

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt scene from Seven

Someone starts murdering people in accordance and in order with the seven deadly sins. Two detectives, one new in town and one who is about to retire, are in charge of solving the crimes and catching the murderer. You can currently watch it on Netflix.

2. Swallow

swallow movie scene

A young housewife with a perfect life and an ideal marriage begins to develop Pica, a mental condition that causes her the urgent need to ingest any type of foreign object or substance. You can currently watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Sacrifice of a sacred deer

killing of a sacred deer movie scene

Steven is a surgeon with his wife and two children, who one day meets Martin, a young man who enters his life in a strange way; however, Martin’s intentions will grow darker as he confronts the renowned doctor. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

4. The black swan

black swan movie scene

Nina, a ballet dancer , gets the role of the White Swan, Princess Odette. However, when the art director of the play decides that Lily might be a better fit, Nina begins to lose her mind. You can currently watch it on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

5. Requiem for a Dream

requiem for a dream movie scene

It tells the parallel stories that are intertwined by the relationship between the lonely Sara and her sweet but lost son Harry. The film imaginatively evokes the human need to connect, love and feel loved. You can currently watch it on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

6. A quiet place

movie scene a quiet place

A family struggles to survive in a world where most humans have been killed by creatures who are blind but have a keen sense of hearing, so humans are forced to communicate through signs and avoid being found. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

7. Gerald’s Game

gerald's game movie scene

A woman accidentally kills her husband during an intimate game. Handcuffed to the bed with no way to move, she will begin to hear different voices and see strange creatures in the corners of the room. You can currently watch it on Netflix.

8. Taxi Driver

taxi driver movie scene

Travis, an ex-Marine and Vietnam veteran, works as a cab driver in New York City. One day he saves a sex worker from the man who exploits her, in an effort to cleanse the city of corruption, but with ultimate and violent consequences. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

9. The Babadook

movie scene the babadook

A single mother, haunted by the violent death of her husband, struggles with her son’s fear of the monster that lives in the house, but soon discovers that the sinister presence is all around her. You can currently watch it on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

10. Fracture

fractured movie scene

After suffering an accident and his wife and daughter disappearing inside the emergency area of ​​a strange hospital, Ray will do everything possible to recover them and expose the staff and their suspicious practices. You can watch it on Netflix.

11. Former Machine

ex machina movie scene

Caleb Smith is a young programmer who has the opportunity to be part of an innovative scientific experiment where he must verify the effectiveness of artificial intelligence by interacting with a beautiful female robot. You can currently watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

12. Jagten (The Hunt)

jagten movie scene

A preschool teacher begins to be attacked when one of his students claims to have witnessed him touching himself. Soon the entire community will turn its back on him and will even make an attempt on his life. You can currently watch it on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

13. I am the beautiful thing that lives in this house

movie scene i am the beautiful thing that lives in this house

A dedicated nurse is hired to care for and live with a lonely old woman in her old home. But as time goes by, Lily realizes that her temporary home could be cursed. You can currently watch it on Netflix.

14. The Invitation

movie scene the invitation

Attending a dinner party at his former home, Will realizes that his ex-wife and her new husband, Eden and David, have different plans than what they originally told him and the rest of the dinner guests. . You can watch it on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

15. Nocturnal animals

nocturnal animals movie scene

Susan receives the manuscript of her ex-husband, Edward’s new novel, only to realize how galling it is. However, her story forces her to realize some hidden and strange truths about her married life. You can currently watch it on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

16. Sweet dreams, mom

goodnight mommy movie scene

Twin boys do everything together, from hunting bugs to feeding stray cats, until their mother returns home from reconstructive surgery. With her face fully bandaged and her aloof demeanor, the children will become suspicious of her. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

17. Hard Candy

hard candy movie scene

Hayley is a precocious girl who one day has a date with Jeff, a photographer with dubious intentions whom she met on the internet. But she Hayley knows what Jeff does in her spare time and the kind of girls she seeks out online to get her way. She can currently be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

18. Cell 211

cell 211 movie scene

A few days before taking office as a security guard inside a prison in Zamora, young Juan is caught in the middle of a rebellion led by the prisoner Malamadre, forcing him to impersonate one of the criminals inside. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

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