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10 Looks From “Sex And The City” That Make It A Legendary Series For Fashionistas

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A television sensation from its debut in 1998 to its final episode in 2004, Sex and The City continues to hold a significant place in our tv memories and hearts. 

Few can forget the pleasure of accompanying Carrie Bradshaw ( Sarah Jessica Parker ) and their faithful friends, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda ( Kim Cattrall , Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon ) in their glamorous Manhattan, and watching the friends go on adventures (and misadventures). ) in sex, love and life.

Today, there are elements of SATC that are clearly problematic: the lack of racial diversity, the abundance of cultural stereotypes, and a laissez faire attitude toward realism (there’s no way Carrie could afford all those heels), to name just three. But there were other ways the show was ahead of its time: in its honest portrayal of female friendships, in its frank discussion of sex, and in its recognition of the fact that people over the age of 30 can and have the right to feel just as confused and insecure as their younger peers.

Plus, of course, there’s the clothes: a feast of late-’90s and early-’00s fashion whims, the looks ranged from the impeccably chic, to the cute and quirky, to the downright bizarre. It’s all thanks to the series’ extensive designer wardrobe, curated by costume designer Patricia Field. Fashion played its own role in the series and was incorporated in key ways throughout its six seasons, such as Bradshaw’s “Carrie” necklace, the Manolo Blahniks collection, and the infamous tulle skirt from the opening credits scene. from the series.

1. Iconic Tulle

“Sex and the City”. 

Without a doubt, the most iconic look of the show is that of Carrie’s tulle skirt, and that we see in the credits at the beginning of the series. Dressed in a fitted pink T-shirt, Manolos, and a tulle mini that the series’ costume designer, Patricia Field , found for five bucks at a thrift store in NYC, she remains the most remembered image of Sex and The City.

2. Crop Top

“Sex and the City”. 

Charlotte had an enviable fashion moment in the show’s sixth season: this sleeveless black crop top and flowy floral-print skirt are nothing like the button-down looks she’d worn in previous years on the show. We love her wide belt and the little white bag with which she accessorized her look.

3. Summer Time

“Sex and the City”. 

In season six, Miranda and Carrie welcomed summer in full skirts and heels. While Carrie opted for a ’50s-inspired patterned blue dress, Miranda opted for a two-piece look with a cream pleated skirt and colorful top. precious.

4. Mint Goddess

“Sex and the City”. 

Samantha Jones always knew how to make her wardrobe work to her advantage. In this photo from season three, she was on the prowl as she wore a mint sequined deep-V mini dress. She matched the dress with a tiny white bag and sparkling silver earrings, then loomed large in the room with her gaze.

5. An American Girl in Paris

“Sex and the City”.

The Atelier Versace Couture Mille Feuille dress that Carrie wore in the season six episode An American Girl in Paris Part One was one of the most glamorous looks in the entire series. The blue-gray sequined gown with layers of tulle (which Carrie fell asleep in) made her look like royalty. Perfect.

6. The Print Fair

“Sex and the City”.

Here’s a taste of the show’s wardrobe versatility: Here we see Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda in three dresses in three different silhouettes and three amazing prints that look amazing on them.

7. The Devil’s in The Details

“Sex and the City”. 

Even though Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker fell out after the show ended, the women never stopped looking good when the cameras were rolling. In this scene from season four, Samantha and Carrie walk down the street in bright colors. We can thank the show’s stylist, Patricia Fields , for these vibrant looks, including Samantha’s amazing gold boots, Carrie’s flowery jacket, and even those red gloves with a giant ring on top of it.

8. Uptown Girl

“Sex and the City”. 

Carrie was never shy about accessorizing her looks on Sex and The City : In season four, she rocked this chocolate-colored straw hat with a sailor-striped capri suit and white pointy heels when she went for a walk with the dog. from her boyfriend Aiden. She paired the men’s ensemble with a neutral Fendi bag and (of course) a fashion magazine in her hand to complete her look.

9. Sissy That Walk

“Sex and the City”. 

Carrie got the chance to be a runway model for a celebrity fashion show during the fourth season of Sex and The City . Before hitting the runway, she tried on a variety of incredible dresses, including this slim-fit floral print Dolce & Gabbana number that we still remember with a sigh.

10. Street Style

“Sex and the City”.

With the forgiveness of the readers for the small size of the image (sometimes it is difficult to get HD photos of a show that ended 17 years ago) We close the list with an unexpected look that we almost forgot about Miranda, and in which we very easily we could see her today: based on royal blue and oversized silhouettes, here we see the very busy lawyer of the series in dark jean overalls, a puffer jacket and white adidas.

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