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10 Best Apps to Make a Photo into Drawing

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In the application store we find hundreds of options for almost anything, but those that are based on photo editing and retouching are the ones that receive the most downloads and demand daily.

This season we have seen effects being used on social networks like Instagram that turn an image into a fun and creative drawing, with hundreds of great effects and colors, so we present you the applications to take a photo as a drawing.

Its function is to allow you to do a super original and artistic retouching that turns any image or photograph into a great drawing, whether it’s a sketch, in color or with many spectacular effects. At we always want to please you in everything, as well as stay on top of trends, so we listen to your requests and bring you a review that you will love. Next, our TOP 10 of the best apps to take a photo as a drawing.Applications to make a photo in drawing

10. Cartoon Photo Editor-Drawing From Photo

Becoming a cartoonish work of art has never been so easy. This application contains thousands of special filters that will allow you to transform any image or photo into a drawing. Whether you have a selfie, family photo, an amazing portrait or anything you can think of, you will be able to select from different drawing styles that vary from cartoon, caricatures, cartoons, pencil sketches, adding colors and many more options.

9. Cartoon Photo Editor

Another of the drawing filter applications that you need to try is this one. Like the previous one, it contains multiple options and drawing styles so that you can select on any photo that you want to transform. Upload the image from your gallery and take it directly with the built-in camera. The application will take care of adding it on a canvas while you choose different great filters until you find the one you like best. There are so many options that you should try.

8. Pencil Photo Sketch: Photo Editor-Sketch Effect

Within the catalog of applications to take a photo as a drawing, Pencil Photo enters the list of effective ones. Hundreds of users have rated it positively for the accuracy and realistic filters to turn any photo into fun drawings. Select the type of effect you want to add and then load a list of patterns to give it different textures, choose the hardness of the edges, the opacity of each path and many essential corrections that you can make.

7. Cartoon Photo Editor


Now, if cartoon photo apps are what you need , you might like this alternative. It contains a complete catalog of super striking filters and effects, but based on cartoon themes so that you can transform any photo into a very fun cartoon. All you have to do is select the image from your gallery and then choose the effect that you like the most, being able to configure everything for more customizations.

6. Cartoon Photo

I’m lovin ‘it! These two words are the most used by users to define their experience with this application. Cartoon Photo will not only help you turn all your photos into a captivating cartoon, but it also gives you the opportunity to add hundreds of thematic filters to transform any capture—it’s a block sketch, brush strokes and watercolors, a portrait with water paints or a drawing in pencil or colored crayons.

5. Photo Sketch Maker

Don’t worry if you find yourself looking for sketch photo apps , because with this alternative you can make the best of all. The difference of this app is that all its filters are based on drawing sketches, using a list of different effects that vary according to the precision of the pencil, the thickness of the tip, the number of blurs made on the paper, as well as a series of presets that make the best results of all.

4. Turn photos into pencil drawings

There is no particular way to make pencil drawings, since the drawing techniques are so wide that we would never finish talking about them. In any case, you also have the alternative of transforming your photos into a spectacular drawing, using a bunch of fascinating filters and selecting the one you like the most. You will find effects in black and white, others using some specific colors and those that are configurable for better results.

3. Turn photos into pencil drawings

There are also other interesting options. This application was designed by the same creators of the previous one, but it has a lot of additional filters to expand your range of alternatives. Its usage steps are simple: open the application, upload one of the photos from your gallery and choose any of the available filters. Adjust opacity, precision, and stroke levels and make customizations, standing out among picture-in-draw apps.

2. Pencil Photo Sketch Effect And Draw Photos

Similarly, there are some apps that let you turn your photos into a super eye-catching sketch. In this opportunity you will find a range of different and customizable effects. Choose those that are based on sketches of drawings. 

1. MomentCam – Caricatures and Art

A few years ago, this app’s photos were very popular, as it allows you to transform any of your photos into a somewhat different drawing. Its function is based on turning your photos into a colored sticky note, creating fine lines so realistic that it won’t even look like a filter.

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