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Robert Downey Jr. Movie You Must See

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To his fans, Robert Downey Jr. is best known as Iron Man, the superhero role he played in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Productions movie from 2008. But there is a long list of Robert movies and Iron Man fans that are worth watching. , and you can also enjoy these movies.

Robert is a versatile actor and some of his memorable characters are Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Chaplin. In the film “Chaplin”, Robert won many awards, including BAFTA and RDJ, and was nominated for an Oscar. In 1980, Robert also appeared in the teen comedy movie “Back to school” and was loved by the people.

Some of Robert Downey Jr.’s memorable works remain masterpieces for fans.

Chaplin (1992)


The film was directed by Richard Attenborough. Robert is known for giving his best when it comes to acting. Chaplin was one of the best movies of his career, and this movie was also nominated for an Oscar.

The film is based on the biography of Charlie Chaplin, and the story is about how Charlie Chaplin becomes one of the great comedians of poverty. Through this film, Robert’s precision as an actor was established.

Zodiac (2007)


The movie was directed by David Fincher and was a huge success. The movie was a police thriller. The film depicts a series of murders that negatively affected the life of Mark Ruffalo’s role as a cop, Chronicle editor Jake Gyllenhaal’s cartoonist, and Robert Downey’s newspaper Chronicle reporter. I’m trying to track down a serial killer.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Action mystery movie from the Guy Ritchie era. The Sherlock Holmes character is a character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in a crime novel. The story is taken from the novel and character from him.

In this film, Sherlock and his partner, Dr. Watson, solve the mystery of a man who believes in the dark art who plans an execution, rises from a grave and plunges two detectives into a bizarre hidden world of technology.

Wunderkinds (2000)

wonder boys

This movie is based on the name of the same novel written by Michelle Chabon. Robert Downey was a bit of a supporting player in the movie, but the epic performance from him was still not to be snubbed.

The story is about the role of college professor Michael Douglas, who is struggling to write his novel, and Robert helps find his motives. The film was a gem of the time with its wonderfully witty cast.

Captain America (Civil War) (2016)

Captain America (Civil War)

One of the masterpieces of MCU Creation is loved not only by the people but also by the enthusiastic fans of the MCU series. Robert played the role of Iron Man, one of the powerful characters that gave the actor a big round of applause. The story begins when a drift begins to occur among the Avengers due to political pressure. The government was beginning to interfere with the work of the Avengers.

Weird Science (1985)

ciencia tokimeki

Through this film, Robert Downey Jr. established his comedic talent and demonstrated his diversity. The film is about two students, John Hughes and Robert Jr., who were bullied by their superiors and insulted in front of all their college colleagues.

To get revenge, they created a genie through software with the help of science and gave lessons to two old people. This movie didn’t get as good reviews as other comedy movies like Hughes Classics Breakfast Club, but it was definitely a good start for Robert Jr.

Pickup Artist (1987)

pick up artist

The movie was directed by James Toback and Robert played the lead role in the movie. This movie is a masterpiece of the acting ice of him in the early days of his career. This movie was about an elementary school teacher who was a woman.

He fell in love with a young woman whose father had to pay a large sum of money to the mafia. Robert decides to help the girl impress and seduce her, but he gets into trouble himself.

Good Night and Good Luck (2005)

good night good luckThe movie was directed by George Clooney. He also co-wrote the film. The film won several awards and was nominated for an Oscar at the time for its bold story, remarkable acting, and screenplay.

In this film, Roberty Jr. played the role of journalist Joseph Warshba and tells the highly dramatic story of the 1950s confrontation between Edward R. Murrow and Senator Joseph Murrow.

Judge (2014)


The film was directed by David Dobkin. The story was about the role played by the famous lawyer Robert Jr. The story begins when he returns to his hometown of Carlinville, Indiana. When he arrives in his hometown, he finds his father, a judge, suspected of murder.

He started to investigate the story to find out the truth and brought some hidden facts that helped him find his estranged family.

Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man

The movie was directed by Jon Favreau and was a huge hit at the time. Robert’s performance was not only loved by people, but the superhero image of him had a strong impact on people’s hearts and minds, and he is still there for years.

The story was about a rich businessman. tony stark, i was doing a weapons test and i was kidnapped by a terrorist. The terrorists asked him to make a devastating weapon, but instead, he made an iron shield for himself which he used to fight the terrorists. He returned to America and used shields to save humanity and fight the wrong people.

Expiration date (2010)


It was a tongue-in-cheek cartoon directed by Todd Phillips. Robert and Zack’s performances were wonderful and loved by the people.

The story is about the role played by a man named Peter Highman, Robert. He had to share a road trip with the ambitious actor Ethan Trenbray. She give birth to a baby. Peter had no choice but to carpool from him in time for his wife.

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