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Hot Wheels Unleashed, a game for those who never stopped being children

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Hot Wheels Unleashed relives the memories of a generation that grew up with these emblematic toys, and that surely on more than one occasion dreamed of controlling them as if they existed in real life.

In addition, it presents the user with an interesting game scheme that makes it feel a bit more realistic, obviously without neglecting the diminutive size of these vehicles.

Buckle up, as we’ll be presenting our impressions of this title below.

This one of the best games for those who never stopped being child.

Rearm your collection, how and when you want

Throughout your progress you will be able to unlock more than 60 different vehicles, including original Hot Wheels designs, franchise cars such as Snoopy, KITT “The Incredible Car” or the Batmobile, just to name a few. It also offers a range of options with recognized firms such as Audi, FIAT, Chevrolet, Ford, among others.

Cosmetic customization will be an important aspect during game time, as you will undoubtedly want to stand out from the rest of the field during a race.

Details such as paint, aerodynamic finishes and even the sound of the engine are unique to each vehicle, so you will rarely find two alike. The musical accompaniment gives a feeling of competition that we have seen in few titles of this type.

Gravity, a habit difficult to forget

Do you remember those clues that every child longed for on his birthday, Christmas or Three Kings Day ? They have returned renewed and on steroids, all of them are placed in apparently real places like the construction of a skyscraper, a basement room or a mechanical garage.

Obviously, anyone looking for a driving system similar to Forza Horizon 5 or Asphalt 9: Legends will have to look elsewhere. The irregular layout of each circuit, coupled with the narrow lanes and at times the absence of a delimitation in them, traps and the multitude of runners, turns each lap into a unique challenge.

The pilot must find the right track not only to perform the skids in an optimal way and thus gain a few tenths or boost, also with the particular objective of taking the ramps correctly and not deviating from the track.

It must be taken into account that we are driving toy vehicles, so monumental forgetfulness and crashes, as on the tracks of life, are more present than ever. In case you have lost your way, you can return to the last checkpoint you have marked on the circuit, however, the race will continue without you, so you must undertake an epic comeback if you want to reach at least one podium position.

Artificial intelligence constantly put us in check, at the slightest distraction it managed to snatch the first places in the race, not to mention that errors have a stratospheric cost at any height of said tests. The control has a progressive learning curve, so we can ensure that by the 4th or 5th race you will be able to obtain much of the performance of your favorite vehicle.

All roads lead to Rome

Hot Wheels City Rumble is the campaign of this title, our progress will be measured in different tests which give us tokens that will unlock the races with the bosses and secret circuits. In his case, many of these challenges are unavoidable if he wants to continue racing and discover the unknowns in this way, so in addition to allowing the player to measure his skills with new cars, it will fuel his spirit of competition.

The multiplayer section is one of the most demanding in our opinion, but despite this it is very fun and makes it easy for you to connect with other players who are starting this adventure. By joining any room, previously choosing the car you will use, you will run on different tracks that will be chosen by the participants by way of votes. We also have a local split screen competitive system. We note the absence of events like tournaments or ranked matches for those who want to take their online experience to another level.

The basement is the place where we can spend a large part of our time customizing the decoration, furniture finishes and walls, as we earn objects during our game.

One of the great promises of this video game is the Track Builder, with which we can create our personalized circuits in all the areas seen in the video game and share them with the community.

Hot Wheels Unleashed comentaries in PS5

The game uses some features of the Dualsense to complement the experience. For HD vibration, you will be able to witness a change in frequencies when you drift, accelerate, crash, and even when you go over different surfaces.


This is a Hot Wheels game that shows off its great graphic section without neglecting elementary details such as physics and the sound setting.

It has great replayability potential, not only because of the unlockables, but also because of the online experience that will possibly be enriched in the future.

We are left with a bittersweet taste due to the box purchase system, which includes special vehicles, but they have a high price and are not compensated in the short term with the rewards that each race gives. We trust that it will not become a pay to win mechanism.

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