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The best video games of 2019, according to experts

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2019 was the year of gamers, or maybe it was the entire decade. And it is that the best video games of 2019 are proof of how technology and the quality of the products that come into our hands have grown, in addition to showing once and for all that video games are not only for children, but are now a universal form of high-quality entertainment.

Remakes, new releases and experiments were the biggest successes of this year in sales, so without further ado we present this list with the best video games of 2019, which you must play at least once.


This magnificent game focuses on a government organization that is in charge of analyzing phenomena that do not comply with the laws of reality. Jesse, the head of the organization explores the Oldest House, which is what they call their headquarters, while she tries to defeat an enemy that has corrupted reality.

The visuals of the game are brutal and it serves as an extrasensory experience that provokes a genuine terror and a feeling of madness from which it is difficult to escape.

Death Stranding

Developed by gaming genius Hideo Kojima, the game begins after an event called Death Stranding, during which creatures from a dark realm begin to travel the Earth and destroy everything in their path. Sam Porter (Norman Reedus) must deliver supplies to remote areas and restart communication networks.

Terror, suspense and an unusual story make this game one of the best of the year, not to mention the graphics. The experience it offers has been called unique, and it is something that should be played at least once in a lifetime.

Resident Evil 2

This is one of the best remakes to date, if not the best. It is a new version of the classic game Resident Evil 2, improved with excellent graphics, gameplay changes that offer a better experience, without transforming the original story. It has already won multiple awards such as game of the year.

Axe: Shadows Die Twice

If you are one of those who believe that the games of today are too simple, Sekiro will break your head. It is an adventure and battle game set in the Japanese Sengoku period, and follows a ninja who tries to take revenge on a clan that kidnapped their leader. It sounds simple but it is one of the most impressive productions of the year, not only because of the graphics, but also because of the philosophical themes it addresses, and the strange path the character travels.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Actually this game was released in December 2018, but we have to include it in this list because of the impact it had this year. We all know what it’s about: the biggest characters in (Nintendo’s) video game history come together for a massive fight. The difference is that there are now over 80 characters to choose from, with more downloadable content. It is considered the best of the series to date for its graphics, its incredible presentation and the almost infinite list of powers that can be seen.

The Outer Worlds

This first-person RPG game is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen this year. The player can create his own character and use a ship, which will take him to different areas of the world. That individual can be accompanied by random people from the game who have their own stories and missions, so it becomes a huge adventure that seems to have no end. Each decision changes everyone’s destiny, offering a very engaging real world experience. It is a must.

Devil May Cry 5

Set 4 years after the last installment, the story follows Dante, Nero and a new character named V, as they try to stop King Urizen, who seeks to destroy the world. Being one of the most important video game franchises in history, it was a fact that this installment would not disappoint and that it would offer new game techniques, which was excellent, not to mention that the way they processed the characters makes them look even better. more realistic (despite its design).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

A reboot of the classic and legendary game that made the franchise explode, it improves by 200% all the features we love about Call of Duty games, bringing it to a much more modern context. The game takes place in a campaign of the CIA and the British SAS, who join forces to combat Russian forces that have invaded a fictional country called Urzikistan. No matter how much we describe it, you have to play it to experience it.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

One of the two Nintendo games on this list, and another remake that manages to enter this mole. This game is a new version of the Game Boy classic with the simple change that it is developed in 3D. It maintains the same type of game and the vertical perspective, but without a doubt adds elements that make it more “realistic” and exciting for our modern eyes.

Are we missing any on this list? If you’re a video game lover you certainly have a favorite that didn’t make it, but the point is, this was one of the best years for gaming and we can’t wait to see what the next year holds.

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