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Nights of Azure 2

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This time our protagonist is Aluche , a warrior of the Order of the Curia . This religious group aims to defeat the demons or “fiends” that reign at ease in Erulum, the city where the game takes place.

His ultimate goal is to defeat Queen Luna , who wants to plunge the entire world into an eternal night where demons rule. To prevent this, the sacrifice of the “Wife of Time” is necessary , a priestess whose blood will defeat all demons through a ritual. The downside is that this Priestess is Liliana , Aluche’s childhood best friend, so the situation is not very encouraging for both of them. Also, Ruenheind will be on the scene soon, another old friend of the two, now a member of the Order of Light, who wants to prevent Liliana’s sacrifice. Tension heats up the atmosphere between this triangle of characters, and when we least expect it, the fearsome Queen Luna enters the scene and inevitably kills our protagonist.

But don’t worry, thanks to Dr. Camilla, Aluche survives, converted into a half-demon and ready to find the now-disappeared Liliana. All this will sound a lot to you if you have played the first installment, since exactly the same thing happened in Arnice’s adventure . At least this time we will find characters during the adventure that will help advance a plot worthy of anime that is entertaining, but that does not come close to being considered good.If there is something that stands out in Nights of Azure 2 it is the abuse with the fanservice . As a curious fact, throughout the entire game we will not see a single man in the story , which could be interesting and even innovative, but when you find that in the Eternia Hotel , the place that acts as the base camp in the game, there is a pool where we can see the protagonists in tiny swimsuits , the idea of ​​a possible story about fighting women fades in milliseconds. We will also see some yuri throughout the story, which has been the manganime-style concept of love between women, which is quite far from realityand it is, after all, more fanservice for the game. As you can see, features aimed at a very specific audience that if they are not to your liking, it is most likely that you will not enjoy them.

As in the first part, to advance the plot and find Liliana we will have to go hunting for clues . These departures will have a time limit due to the half-demon conditions of Aluche, so if the time reaches zero we will automatically return to the Eternia Hotel , which is as our headquarters already commented. Broadly speaking, the hunts consist of advancing through different areas of the labyrinthine maps in order to reach a certain point, where we will witness an event. We will have to clear the area of ​​fiends to be able to advance, large amounts of enemiesthat although in general they are not very fierce, they can damage us with altered states such as poison, paralysis or stun. Even from time to time we will come across bosses , which can range from large monsters to rival demons of the Order of Aluche, with whom we will have to fight, being careful with their powerful attacks. It is not that they display complicated attack patterns, we will simply limit ourselves to hitting and dodging from time to time , and if we have a good level it will be a piece of cake. In general, the game is not very demanding , if we have an adequate level it is practically an easy button masher.After each mission we will return to the Eternia Hotel where we will have to sleep so that we can go hunting again. Sleeping one day will pass , causing the moon to gradually change to a New Moon . If this were to happen, Queen Moon will take control of the night and it will automatically be Game Over, something like the precipitation of the moon in Majora’s Mask . To avoid this, we simply have to advance the plot so that the moon is “reset” and we have more time available. The problem with this system is that it does not tell us the exact days for the new moon to arrive , showing only visually how the moon decreases each night.

Of course, we can accept secondary missions , which will almost always consist of eliminating a specific number of enemies, or collecting a number of items. We can complete these missions whenever we want, since we are allowed to go hunting in any area freely. But keep in mind that every time we go out a day will pass, and with it we will get closer to the new moon, so we will have to do it carefully so that we do not run into Game Over.

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