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Who is Starfox (Eros), Thanos’s brother in the comics

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A few days ago, it was revealed that Starfox would be a major character in the cosmic plot of the Marvel Universe in comics .

Especially after the apparent final death of Thanos. But… Wait a minute! As you say? Don’t you know which Starfox we mean? Since when did Nintendo’s popular space franchise have anything to do with Marvel? Oh Mother! Let’s start from the beginning, again.

Starfox is the alias of a member of the Avengers, whose real name is Eros . He has nothing to do with Fox McCloud or the Starfox games (Starwing for which we saw him arrive in Europe in the 90s). In fact, he is a character long before the publication of these video games and the first flights of the Arwing. 

However, Eros has not always been a superhero who has had all the attention of the public and the spotlight, even though he is a cult character. But as we told you at the beginning, Starfox seems to become a major character in the coming years within the Marvel continuity after the conclusion of the publisher’s latest cosmic saga, entitled Infinity Wars , in which Thanos was murdered.

Love and hate, two sides of the same coin.

The names of Thanos and Eros refer to the concept of Thanatos and Eros, proposed by Sigmund Freud, and which in turn come to present the dichotomy between two instincts of the human being: The instincts of life and death . In Greco-Roman myths, Thanatos (or Thanatos) was the god of sweet, peaceful, and desired death. Hence the Freudian concept of it comes to mean the desire for a peaceful death and the end of life. Meanwhile, Eros represented lust, love and desire, elements associated with life and its enjoyment.Thanos and Eros / StarfoxThis opposition of concepts served the writer and cartoonist Jim Starlin to develop two brother characters from Marvel Comics, Thanos and Eros . Thus, while Thanos was a tarciturn nihilist, obsessed with the entity known as Death and with ending many lives to maintain cosmic balance, his brother Eros was a revelry, lively, charismatic adventurer associated with heroes, who sought preserve the life of the cosmos. 

Both Thanos and Starfox were the sons of Alars “The Mentor” and Sui-San , rulers of the world of Titan. Alars and his family were members of the Eternals species, known as Titans. The latter were none other than humans altered by the species known as The Celestials in prehistoric times who, as a result, had developed superhuman abilities and physical potential.

But while Eros was born beautiful and “normal” for his species, Thanos was born with a recessive gene that gave him the appearance of a deviant, a member of a divergent race from the tree of the eternals from which the Skrulls descend. Despite that, Eros and Thanos grew quite close, until the latter reached adolescence and began to carry out a series of morbid experiments that earned him exile. In response  , Thanos would bombard the Titan, murdering their mother (the latter, be careful, depending on which version of the story we use) . There would begin the enmity of the two brothers.

The Avenging Titan

Starfox debuted in the comics back in 1973, along with Thanos and Drax the Destroyer. He would be in the Iron Man 55 comic   (picked up in The Thanos Saga ). The character teamed up with the original Captain Marvel to stop his evil brother from seizing the power of the Cosmic Cube. In this way Eros came into contact with The Avengers, in whose ranks he would militate after the events narrated in the graphic novel The Death of Captain MarvelThe 15 Most Powerful Beings In Marvel Comics

The 15 Most Powerful Beings In Marvel Comics 

After a stint as an avenger, Eros returned to a life of hedonism and pleasures, his own. A life that, by the way, was interrupted by The Rebirth of Thanos and the events of The Infinity Gauntlet . After this,  Eros occasionally reappeared in some sagas helping one or the other heroes like Genis-Vell, or getting into trouble with She-Hulk , when he was accused of rape.

Until recently, its role in the course of cosmic events has been rather testimonial. Although, yes, his appearance in the  Thanos comic series and his role in the OGN  Thanos: The Infinity Brothers have recovered the character for the continuity of Marvel Comics.

“The Most Charming Avenger”

Eros, it must be said, is not a genius like Thanos nor is he as strong as him. He also does not have armies under his command nor has he developed powerful artifacts. It’s what he gets when you spend half your life partying and being the Marvel equivalent of Quagmire from Family Guy .Starfox /Eros y Hulka (She-Hulk)However, it should not be taken lightly for not having been a heavyweight in many great sagas or the protagonist of great feats. In fact, his belonging to the race of titans already makes him a powerful being. Namely, he is quite long-lived and immune to most terrestrial diseases. He boasts increased strength and stamina and a natural ability to fly  that make him quite an attractive piece on the game board.

On the other hand, we have to take into account its great power. Eros is able to stimulate people’s power centers making them more suggestive and manipulable. In this way, quite controversial “conquests” are attributed to him, which have earned him a reputation for being a rather sleazy guy when it comes to his relationships with members of the opposite sex. 

For the rest, there are more details about Starfox in the comics, if you want to know more about him, we invite you to visit your trusted comic book store and ask the bookseller about recommended readings about this character.

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