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7 The most requested services of an escort

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The most demanded services of an escort, although the saying has tried to tell us many times, the reality is very different. Not all men are the same. Each of them has particular tastes in their sexuality, and of course, they have variables in terms of intensity, speed, fantasies, types of women, and more.

Not all women are willing to please men in all their desires, that’s why escorts have highly demanded services, believe it or not, as these girls are willing to both receive and provide pleasure in every sense, without any reservations or taboos.

How to know which are the most demanded services of escorts?

Well, it’s not that difficult. Escort agencies like Alma Escorts have records of requested services since they periodically compile statistics on the matter. The goal? To find beautiful escorts willing to perform them.Thanks to these studies, we can tell you which are the currently most demanded services of escorts.

Learn about the most demanded services of an escort that are gaining prominence. You may not have heard of some of them, but you might want to try them at some point:

1. Squirting, one of the most requested

Squirting refers to female ejaculation. Women have the ability to involuntarily release vaginal fluids during intercourse, but some porn stars and escorts can train the muscles of the vagina to control female ejaculation at will. Some with a large amount of fluid, which for some men is extremely sensual.

2. Traditional sex

Thanks to insights from these high-end escorts in Birmingham, we have learned that clients still prefer to hire traditional sex services. In other words, penetration remains the favorite option for the majority of clients.

It’s important to consider that penetration isn’t always straightforward. When hiring the services of a professional, clients often combine this service with others to make the sexual experience more exciting, especially considering the client is the one paying.

3. Anal sex

This is another service that tends to appeal to many clients, making it one of the most sought-after services. Professionals are usually accustomed to providing this type of service, meaning they typically don’t raise issues when clients request anal sex.

As experts have shared, anal sex is a service that will never go out of style and continues to be highly desired by many men. It’s important to note that, while it may seem similar on paper, for many men, anal sex is much more pleasurable. This is because the anus is narrower, resulting in a heightened sense of enjoyment. Requesting a Greek service is quite common and remains trendy.

4. Oral sex

This is another favored service among many men. In fact, it’s not just one of the clients’ preferred services but also among many escorts. Within this category, various types of services are available to choose from, such as natural French, complete French, deep throat, and more. According to professionals, these services never go out of style, prompting many to specialize in this type of service to offer clients experiences they may not have had before. This way, they satisfy the client and ensure they will be hired again to enjoy such services. While natural French is often considered the best way to start, the ending may vary depending on the individual.

5. Company

Surprisingly, many men hire the services of these attractive professionals to accompany them to important events. The primary goal is not initially to engage in relations but to showcase the attractive companion they have. This service is highly appealing to professionals because they can attend truly significant events while being compensated. Typically, wealthy individuals who need to present a positive image to colleagues or investors are the ones who opt for this service. Of course, the companion must be adept at adapting to various situations to ensure the service is of the highest quality. Some clients exclusively hire this service and nothing else.

6. Erotic shower

Another service frequently chosen by many men to enjoy a relaxing and erotic shower. The experience differs from other encounters, gradually gaining popularity as a service.

In this case, the service can stand alone, although it is more common to combine it with other services to achieve the desired results. Some girls are true professionals in this service, making it a good option to choose experts in the field.

7. Sexual fantasies

It’s proven that many men have sexual fantasies they haven’t been able to fulfill for various reasons with their partners. For this reason, they hire professionals to help turn these fantasies into reality and take a step further in their sexual lives.

However, before putting a fantasy into practice, professionals inquire about it. If the fantasy doesn’t jeopardize their health, they’ll fulfill it without any issues. When we talk about sexual fantasies, there are numerous options, as each man has their own fantasies.

As you can see, these are the services that men most commonly hire, although when hiring a professional, there are many other services one can enjoy.

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7 The most requested services of an escort

The most demanded services of an escort, although the saying has tried to tell us many times, the reality...

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