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Christian Movies on Netflix

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One of the best streaming series and movie platforms is Netflix. In it you can find all kinds of film genres, including those related to faith and religion. That is why, in this post, we recommend some of the best Christian movies on Netflix . Which you can enjoy with family, friends and brothers from your congregation.

It should be noted that, on the platform, in addition to Christian films, you will also find series and documentaries about faith . Anyway, no matter what you like best, all the productions have a message that I am sure, God will speak to your heart.

1. Nothing to lose


Nothing to Lose is one of the Christian movies on Netflix that is based on true events and has great historical value. Recommended for those who want to understand the facts of the present even without knowing their past. When watching this film, whether you believe in the Edir ideology or not, it is important that you view it from the point of view of an educational critic and not a personal religious one.

In this film we see the most important episodes in the life of Edir Macedo, the main founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. A church well known for being a split from the Catholic Church . During his life in Brazil, at the end of the 20th century, he managed to transform the country’s religious landscape.

2. Miracles from Heaven


This is another movie based on true events available on Netflix, in which the story of Anna is explained . Who is an innocent girl who suffers from a serious digestive disorder, which prevents her from eating normally. No doctor manages to come up with the correct cure or treatment for the disorder, but after an accident while Anna was playing she is miraculously cured.

In a very emotional way, the girl Anna tells the world how during the accident she met God, who healed her with his love. Without a doubt, ” Miracles from Heaven ” is one of those movies that restores your faith in Jesus Christ. Clearly we recommend you watch it as a family on Netflix.

3. Blue Miracle

Blue Miracle is about a man and a group of young people who team up with a grumpy ship captain to help a poor orphanage. Through a lucrative fishing tournament , we will see conflicts of interest, lack of teamwork and difficulties in the competition that they will have to overcome.

4. The Prince of Egypt

christian movies on netflix - the prince of egypt

Unlike the others, this film is animated, and it is a classic since it deals with the prince of Egypt. Today it remains one of the best Christian animated movies , totally focused on children. So when you see her, invite the little ones in the house.

Ideal for them to learn the story of Moses, from his birth, childhood and how he managed to become the man of God who freed the people of Israel from the slavery of Pharaoh . Although the film has some differences from the book of Exodus in the Bible, we can say that it is very faithful to the story told. Let’s not forget that it was created to entertain and teach children.

5. I can only imagine

The next movie on our list is one that has become very popular even among non-believers because of the beautiful message it conveys. It is the true story of the highly acclaimed song “I Can Only Imagine” its process, inspiration and miracles.

One of the most listened to contemporary Christian songs of all time, known by both believers of all religions and non-believers. This song is composed by the singer Bart Millard , of the Christian band MercyMe. A beautiful production based on his own life.

6. Risen

risen - christian movies on netflix

Risen is another of the Christian movies on Netflix to enjoy with the family. Very popular to see at Easter due to its theme , but you can see it whenever you want. As its name says, it tells us about the resurrection of Christ, although from a different point of view than the one we have seen before.

The film shows us the point of view of non-believing Romans who witnessed this miracle. It is interesting how the film makes us reflect on what it would be like to meet Jesus and his miracles from the point of view of the Romans. In this way we will learn how to preach to people outside the faith.

7. Semesta: The islands of faith

We are almost at the end of our recommendations, in this documentary-type film, we can see how the different religious communities of Indonesia fight against climate change in their country. What does this have to do with Christ or faith ? Well, Indonesia is one of the countries with multiple religions, there you will find Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims, among other religions.

But despite this, they all come together to face a global problem , such as climate change, where everyone is affected regardless of religion

8. Fireproof

Another of the great iconic Christian movies on Netflix is ​​“ Fireproof ”. Film that we should all see regardless of our religion. In it we see the story of a fireman, who becomes a hero for the city after a brave action. But not everything is joy, because he is going through a serious marital crisis.

9. Same Kind of Different as Me

Same Kind of Different as Me en netflix

Lastly on our list of Christian movies on Netflix is ​​Same Kind of Different as Me , a very interesting story from an international art dealer. Ron Hall (Kinnear), must face the challenge of befriending a dangerous beggar named Hounsou. Since it seems to be the only hope to save his marriage.

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