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These Movies Will Guess You Never Get On The Boat

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Ships and Hollywood have a long and colorful history dating back to iconic film like African Queen (1951). And definitely what is the world’s first blockbuster? Jaws A modern classics like (1975) Captain Phillips (2013) and Pirates of the Caribbean (2003).

One thing doesn’t seem to change all the time: almost all of these movies make you guess that you’ll be back on the ship. Whether he’s at risk of shipwreck, kidnapped by pirates, or encountering killer sharks or supernatural beings, he seems ready to ruin what should have been a fun boat trip…

Pending the misfortune of the next big Hollywood ship, it will arrive later this year in the form of Kenneth Branagh taking over the Agatha Christie classics. Death on the Nile There are 7 other movies here, and you can guess the second thing to get on the boat.

7. Jaws

“I Need A Bigger Boat” is one of the most iconic movie lines ever, taken from one of the most iconic movies ever. After watching a relentless great white shark ravage a tourist’s beach and engaging in a full-scale battle between a ship and its crew. But it wasn’t a bigger ship than people wanted. Everyone wanted to avoid open water. In fact, Jaws and the notion of vengeful villainous sharks has fueled public fears of a real decline in ocean, shark and beach tourism. The activists have spent years working together to educate people. Understand and respect the role sharks play in the ocean and global ecosystems.

6. Titanic

Titanic Evidence that ‘big’ is not always good. Technically a ship, not a dinghy, the RMS Titanic carried 3,320 people when she was destroyed by a giant iceberg, most of whom were unable to survive the aftermath. The true tragedy depicted in James Cameron’s tragic 1997 epic would certainly have put many people off boarding the ship for quite some time. Obviously, the scale of death and destruction certainly played a role, but it’s even more personal as he spends nearly three hours with the two leads, Rose and Jack, pursuing a forbidden romance and cheering them on. After the audience is able to build this intimate bond with these two characters, spoiler alert, it doesn’t end well, so we remain devastated.

5. Triangle

Written and directed by Christopher Smith and starring Melissa George and Michael Dorman, this 2009 psychological horror film is a true hidden gem. With box office receipts of only around $1.3 million, it has been well received by critics. triangle The story of a group of friends who have to abandon their ship after taking a boat trip and being hit by a storm. This may sound familiar, but there are good reasons not to jump on the boat just yet, but what happens next really turns the dread factor into overdrive. They board an abandoned ocean liner, where they trust that someone is stalking them. Turns out they somehow got into some kind of horrible, bloody, endless time loop. It was wise and scary and certainly didn’t give me the need to take a boat trip anytime soon.

4. Captain Ron

Captain Ron 1992 comedy starring Martin Short as a slightly neurotic upper-middle-class family man named Martin Harvey who learns that he inherited a boar from his mysterious uncle. To get out of his everyday lifestyle in the suburbs and protect his daughter from making wise decisions with the wrong kind of man, he decides to take his family on a sailing trip to the Caribbean. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he’s out of his league. Enter Captain Ron: One-eyed, wise, hard-drinking, overly laid-back, veteran sailor played by Kurt Russell. He was hired by the family to captain their ship on their voyage, but they soon discover that trouble seems to follow Captain Ron, and agent, wherever he goes. From tattoos of hapless sailors to in-laws and pirate brushes.

3. Drifting

Like Titanic , this is based on the actual event, much smaller. It’s also disastrous for the viewer, adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after Hurricane Raymond in 1983, starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin as a couple who have to find their way to Hawaii without a damaged boat and radio. .as James Cameron did TitanicThe film not only focuses on the disaster and survival aspects of the story, but also on the intimate bond and romance between the two leads, allowing viewers to fully invest in their well-being. Even from the safety of your own couch, the emotional roller coaster you’ve experienced is mentally draining, you can only imagine what it would have been like to be there on that ship.

2. Gear 2: Cruise Control

Speed ​​2: Cruise Control The ship may actually be a luxury cruise ship, but get on the ship as it may be hijacked, hacked, programmed by an ex-employee dissatisfied with the cruise, and crash into an oil tanker. It’s an incredibly scary scenario. Jan de Bont and 20th Century Fox are scary enough to believe enough to make a plot out of the long-awaited sequel to Keanu Reeves’ surprise hit. speed .. Reeves did not reprise the role of him and was panned by critics. But it was the second best-selling movie released in 1997 about the dangers of traveling on a big cruise ship.

1. Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship In a 2002 American supernatural horror film directed by Steve Beck, the Bering Sea Marine Rescue Team discovered a mysterious ocean liner. The ship in question was where some terrible deaths occurred some 40 years ago. Needless to say, the ship has a lot of treasures, but nothing like it. A series of supernatural events constantly leads the members of the rescue team to a horrible death. So if the movie passes, even the temptation of great fortunes and hidden treasures shouldn’t be enough to seduce him from his house to the ship.

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