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Ultimate Team FIFA 18: The best cheap hybrid teams from the major leagues

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With the arrival of autumn the season of FIFA 18 begins fully .

The popular EA Sports game is always one of the best-selling titles in the catalog of each platform, especially thanks to the success of FIFA Ultimate Team , a game mode that attracts a multitude of users thanks to its approach, in which we will try to Create the ultimate team based on collecting different players from around the world.

But it will not be enough to put a lot of players with a good average in our squad, but we will have to keep a close eye on the team’s chemistry, since the performance of the players on the field will depend to a large extent on it, and with it our chances to win in FIFA 18 . It is very easy to build a squad with good chemistry as long as we take players of the same nationality or from the same league, but this changes when we try to build squads with players from different competitions.

You can now buy the official jerseys of your favorite teamsFIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Cheap and Checked Players

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – Cheap and checked players (15 images)

These rosters are commonly known as hybrid rosters , a type of roster that offers a lot of freedom when it comes to building teams of different styles and strategies, as long as we build them correctly. For this reason, we have prepared several templates of this type so that you can get a hybrid team at a good price, as part of our guides with the best cheap teams in FIFA 18 .

Best Cheap FIFA 18 Hybrid Kits

The main European leagues are the competitions that contain the most level players in FIFA 18 and, as such, it can sometimes be beneficial to leave the borders of a country to try to create a hybrid squad, and thus combine different not very expensive players , but that have some outstanding qualities.

With this in mind, we have created a series of FIFA 18 hybrid teams trying to maximize the chemistry between the players, and always with a low cost in each of their positions. As there are several teams to take into account, we will first show you the image of each team together with its approximate total price based on the current minimum values ​​for immediate purchase, as they appear on portals such as Futbin, for FIFA Ultimate platforms. PS4 and Xbox One team .

  • The best cheap team in the Premier League
  • The best cheap team in the Santander League
  • The best cheap team in Ligue 1
  • The best cheap team in the Bundesliga

Later, we will show you the price and position of each player. Of course, these prices will vary depending on the time of day or the events that take place in FIFA Ultimate Team , such as FUT Champions tournaments, new squad building challenges or the arrival of new packs and the announcement of the week team, although this will generally be a very small cost for a competitive squad created from players from the best leagues.FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Players with 5 Stars in Watermarks

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – Players with 5 stars in watermarks (10 images)

Below we show you three of  the best cheap hybrid FIFA 18 teams , as well as the approximate immediate purchase price of each of its players at the time of creating this guide on both PS4 and Xbox One, since they are the two markets Most active in FUT 18 :

First hybrid team

Ultimate Team FIFA 18: The best cheap hybrid teams from the major leagues

Chemistry: 100

Media: 80

Approximate cost:

  • PS4: 9.500
  • Xbox One: 9.550


  • José Reina – POR – PS4: 1,200 / Xbox One: 900
  • Kiko Femenía – LTD – PS4: 450 / Xbox One: 600
  • Marc Bartra – DFC – PS4: 800 / Xbox One: 1.000
  • Raúl Albiol – DFC – PS4: 1.300 / Xbox One: 1.100
  • Cristian Ansaldi – LTI – PS4: 900 / Xbox One: 850
  • Roque Mesa – MCD – PS4: 700 / Xbox One: 700
  • Roberto Pereyra – MC – PS4: 800  / Xbox One: 950
  • Manuel Lanzini – MC – PS4: 1.100 / Xbox One: 1.000
  • Federico Cartabia – ED – PS4: 600 / Xbox One: 850
  • Mauro Zárate – DC – PS4: 550 / Xbox One: 600
  • Georges-Kevin N’Koudou – EI – PS4: 1,000 / Xbox One: 1,0

Second hybrid team

Ultimate Team FIFA 18: The best cheap hybrid teams from the major leagues

Chemistry: 100

Media: 80

Approximate cost:

  • PS4: 11.300
  • Xbox One: 13.300


  • Iker Casillas – POR – PS4: 1,500 / Xbox One: 1,600
  • Sergi Roberto – LTD – PS4: 800 / Xbox One: 800
  • Iván Marcano – DFC – PS4: 2.000 / Xbox One: 2.100
  • Diego Antonio Reyes – DFC – PS4: 600 / Xbox One: 1.600
  • Miguel Layún – LTI – PS4: 1,600 / Xbox One: 2,000
  • Héctor Herrera – MCD – PS4: 1,200 / Xbox One: 1,500
  • Rafael Alcántara – MC – PS4: 850 / Xbox One: 800
  • Andrés Guardado – MC – PS4: 750 / Xbox One: 700
  • Felipe Anderson – ED – PS4: 900 / Xbox One: 750
  • Leo Baptistao – DC – PS4: 700 / Xbox One: 700
  • Pablo Piatti – EI – PS4: 600 / Xbox One: 750
Gallery Top 20 FIFA 18 Players

Gallery FIFA 18 Top 20 Players 

Hybrid Third Team

Ultimate Team FIFA 18: The best cheap hybrid teams from the major leagues

These are three hybrid templates that offer good performance, with an average of 80 each, and with costs of less than 14,000 coins. Of course, there are other possibilities when it comes to creating a cheap hybrid team in FIFA 18 , and there are many options when it comes to creating squads of this style if we have higher budgets than the ones we show you, but these are some templates that we believe that offer good performance at a low price, and that can be a good base for all our future squads in FIFA 18 .

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