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The best Dark Souls-like games for PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC

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The influence of Dark Souls on the most modern role-playing games is undeniable.

The From Software saga has imposed a new way of playing, in which combat in real time and the artificial intelligence of the enemies (capable of killing us in the first bars of the game) have become canon, as well as the integration of the plot through small fragments -in conversations and descriptions of objects- and the exploration of scenarios full of shortcuts and secrets.

Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team have managed to get us used to dying over and over again, and enjoy doing it, in the hope of collecting souls (or blood echoes) on our next attempt. Here we leave you a small compilation that no fan of this genre should miss.

We wanted to pay tribute to the most ambitious titles, but there are many more. The influence of Souls also reaches indie games like Salt and Sanctuary (made in 2D by Ska Studios), Dead Cells, Ashen or Hyper Light Drifter , from the Heart Machine studio. 

But now comes the time to prepare to die. These are the most important ” souls like ” on the current scene, which make small differences in terms of setting (from medieval terror to samurai Japan) and also in their approach to combat and save points. Blessed be the sun! And in the meantime, any of these games will be a perfect training for the arrival of Elden Ring. Fire Ring

DemonĀ“s Souls

Influenced by other games like Ico and Dragon Quest , or manga like Berserk and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hidetaka Miyazaki wanted to give the King’s Field saga a twist and create a fresh product. Miyazaki considered that the difficulty of Demon’s Souls was not intended to frustrate the player, or make his task impossible, but to convey the sense of danger and tension that the world contained to its gameplay. This way, dying was the start, but when you defeated the boss on duty, victory was that much sweeter.

The plot surely sounds like more than one. The kingdom of Boletaria has been surrounded by mist and no one knows what happens inside it. The protagonist is sent to put an end to the problems of this kingdom and will have to collect the demon souls (Demon’s Souls) that the various bosses of the game possess in order to reach The Ancient One and save the kingdom.

Dark Souls

At E3 2008, From Software unveiled a huge logo where the words  Project Dark could be read . Little or nothing was known about this announcement, only that the people behind this mysterious code name were the same team that worked on  Demon’s Souls , a game that turned out to be a bestseller, exceeding the initial expectations of both Sony and the developer itself. There was no time for many questions, a small trailer cleared up all the unknowns,  Demon’s Souls  already had a successor.Analysis of Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo SwitchMany months had to pass to find out more details about the title; its first concepts and sketches, its approach and its final name,  Dark Souls . After an intermittent wave of information, we could see how it sprouted, healthy and firm, from the roots already established by  Demon’s Souls. 

This is why, since it is not a direct sequel to the first, it received the description of  Spiritual Successor  that we have read so many times. And why isn’t it a direct sequel to  Demon’s Souls ? Simple, this trademark is registered by Sony and is its property, therefore, From Software’s only solution was to create  Demon’s Souls 2  for PS3 or another similar title for several platforms. This would expand your market. The company opted for the second formula, thus beginning the development of  Dark SoulsDark Souls RemasteredThe great novelty regarding  Demon’s Souls  is that, now, we find ourselves in a totally open world, with a wide range of areas to explore and that connect with each other in one way or another. In  Demon’s Souls  we found five worlds, divided into four parts, each area with a path to follow and an enemy at the end of the phase. Therefore, we have a radical change in the approach of  Dark Souls .

Undoubtedly, the fact of implanting such a deep and gigantic world, without barriers of any kind, offering us the possibility of getting lost wherever we survive, was a success. Of course, the level required to face the areas in which we enter is not the concern of From Software . What does this mean? Well, we can either follow the logical order of the game (which we will not know, of course) or deviate and enter an area where our blows will not do any damage to the enemies. 

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