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These are the greatest singers of all time whose songs have transcended all generations

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There are voices that accompany the happiest days, others that remind you of unforgettable countries and trips, unforgettable people, and others that help you shed a tear. Music is a remedy for the heart, it is company when you need moments of melancholy or to jump for joy.

Music has no name or gender, but it does speak for and for them. The songs do not discriminate or have nationality either, but it does allow you to travel to Africa through Toto, or to Sinatra’s New York. Music can even dress up, the Winehouse hairstyle, Presley’s illustrated tackiness, Gainor’s sequins and strength, Lennon’s imagination, the fiery colors of Marley’s Jamaica, the mariachis that accompany Luis Miguel and the uncertainty of Raphaël…

Because with music, you never know what will happen, but it will always be playing. Although they change form, from vinyl to records and from records to Spotify. There are songs that belong to memories that come to mind with a drama typical of Michael Jackson ‘s Thriller .


Elvis Presley


It’s very difficult to think of him when you travel to Las Vegas, plus you can’t separate his music from the style that characterized him. Precisely his image and his voice define him as one of the most popular American singers and cultural icons of the 20th century. He is widely known under his given name Elvis and is frequently referred to as “The King of Rock and Roll.”

His music, his charisma and his personality are indivisible. He permanently changed the face of American popular culture by merging the styles of white country and black  rhythm and blues  . He was a symbol for the people of the world of the vitality, rebellion and good humor of his country. (Jimmy Carter, 1977).

John Lennon

Another face that was not only recognized for his music but for his personality, his unmistakable glasses and his petition to the world for peace. His songs always exalt a hidden room of our conscience and our value as human beings.

Jon Wiener wrote: “For the youth in 1972, it was exciting to see the courage of Lennon in his defense against Nixon. That willingness to take risks in his career and his life is one of the reasons why people still look up to him today.”

Marvin Gaye


“I listened to a lot of Marvin Gaye and Motown records. When I was making my record, I just wanted to make this soulful sound. When Marvin Gaye did the music for him, he evoked this feeling that got through to everyone.”  Charlie Puth created a song with the name of this artist, together with Meghan Trainor and revealed that not only the name inspired him for the name of the song. The rhythm transports Gaye’s flow, capable of stirring souls and enjoying a deeply immersive listening experience.

In addition, his music has been used in a large number of movies, television series, documentaries and even in video games. The song Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is featured in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy . Therefore, he remains one of the most influential artists in history.

Mick jagger

He is recognized for being the lead singer of the rock band The Rolling Stones . However, thinking about Mick Jagger means giving free rein to the rhythm of the music. His characteristic movements make him unique and he continues to maintain it in his concerts. At the last concert in Las Vegas he invited the young rock group Mäneskin and showed them that his soul is still that of the man who sang the unforgettable hit Start me up . His career spans more than five decades and he has been described as “one of the most popular and influential singers in rock & roll history.” He has inspired bands like Marron 5 who include the song “Moves like Jagger” on their list.

Freddy Mercury


You may or may not like rock, you may prefer other genres and even choose other favorite artists, but Freddie has been in everyone’s life. Freedie was, is, and always will be the best. Killer Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, We Are the Champions , Don’t Stop Me Now, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, It’s a Hard Life or Innuendo among others. They have all crept into our homes, our cars, our dreams and through our tears knowing that no one will ever rock Wembley like he did.

Bob Marley

His face itself has become iconic as it is printed on shirts and tattooed by some. Marley remains the best known and most respected performer of reggae music and is credited with helping spread both Jamaican music and the Rastafarian movement (of which he was a committed member) to a worldwide audience. Among his biggest hits are the singles I Shot the Sheriff, No Woman, No Cry, Jamming, Redemption Song .

The compilation album Legend , released by Island Records in 1984, three years after his death, is the best-selling reggae album in history with 15 platinum records in the United States and more than 28 million copies worldwide.

David Bowie


A pioneer of glam rock , Bowie is, according to music historians Schinder and Schwartz, responsible, along with T. Rex frontman and vocalist Marc Bolan, for creating the genre. At the same time, he inspired the innovators of the punk movement. Music historian Michael Campbell called it “one of his seminal influences.” Bowie created a more abstract style that later became a transformative influence.

Buckley commented: “At the time when punk was reclaiming the three-minute pop song to show its rebellion, Bowie almost completely abandoned traditional rock instrumentation.”

Michael Jackson

Pop’s king. His dancing, his voice and his show made him an international figure in popular culture. Another of his musical qualities was combining a large number of genres including pop, rhythm and blues (soul and funk), rock, disco and dance.

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