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Top 8 Kim Petras Songs

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If there’s anyone who was clearly born to be a pop queen, it’s Kim Petras, a German singer-songwriter specializing in EDM and dance-pop.

As a teenager, she had already transitioned from uploading covers to YouTube to working with a producer on her first single, Fade Away , released in 2008. Her first EP, One Piece of Tape , followed in 2011. Petras subsequently appeared as a featured singer. on two 2013 singles by German DJ Klaas , Flight to Paris and Heartbeat; she and she lent her vocals to albums by artists like Danity Kane before releasing independent singles through 2015.

8. Icy

Written by: Vaughn Oliver, Theron Thomas, Aaron Joseph, Dr. Luke & Kim Petras | Produced by: Vaughn Oliver, Aaron Joseph Luke

Banger alert! We start this list with Icy , one of the songs from Kim’s debut album, Clarity , and which talks about being so heartbroken at the end of a relationship that it simply ends up turning into a block of ice: you can’t feel anything anymore inside you after such a deep pain. Who can’t relate to this? Surely you sang it drunk more than once with your friends. We don’t blame you. The choir is wonderful.

7. Wrong Turn

With the Halloween flavor of the Turn Off The Light album , Wrong Turn serves as a double metaphor: falling in love with someone at the wrong time, or basically taking the wrong turn and falling into the hands of a serial killer named Kim Petras, who for the duration of the track reminds us to be careful, or we may fall into his clutches. It sounds like a horror movie sprinkled with bubblegum pop. And blood, of course.

6. Sweet Spot

With Sweet Spot (also featured on her 2019 album Clarity ), Kim Petras brings us to absolute eurodance pop perfection as she sings over a furious disco beat. The song reminds us of Kylie Minogue ‘s Fever era (in the best way, mind you), as she’s about spending the night dancing (i.e. having sex) with someone special until she hits that sweet, delicious place that we’re left with. make it to heaven. It’s a pop gem that we can dive into every time we hear it.

5. There Will Be Blood

Serving as the second track on Petras’ sophomore studio album Turn Off The Light , There Will Be Blood is a chilling metaphor for sex and how it can be pretty dark if we want to. With a demonic vibe reminiscent of Daft Punk with the beats and synths in the background, this is one of Kim’s favorite songs: “When I first wrote it, my favorite was There Will Be Blood . I feel like it’s, like, the most shameless and disgusting pop song I could have done.”

4. Personal Hell

Another of the best tracks on Clarity (2019) is Personal Hell , a sexual, intense and seductive song in the best possible way. Built around a disco sound (which makes it perfect for dancing back to the club), the track revolves around a simple request: that a lover can take Kim out of her personal hell, and at least for a while she can disconnect her from his mind in the best possible way: with sex. Do not miss the lyrics only your hands make me come… alive.

3. All I Do Is Cry

One of the best singles from the album Clarity (2019) was this emo banger called All I Do Is Cry, which opens with a synth keyboard before slipping into a smooth trap beat as Petras sings about his broken heart at the end of a failed relationship. , and how all she’s done since then is cry. The letter: on point. The beat: perfect. The voice: incomparable. That is why we place this topic at number three on this list.

2. I Don’t Want It At All

Kim Petras ‘ 2017 debut single that made us pay attention every time we heard her voice is a single from her Era 1 project , and it still packs a pure dose of endorphin three years after its release. From the synthesized intro and effortlessly jaunty lyricism, Petras broke away from her pop peers as she envisioned this millionaire escapist fantasy. A banger par excellence. Don’t miss Paris Hilton ‘s cameo in the video.

1. Heart To Break

If you’re looking for a song that is the absolute essence of Kim Petras , look no further than Heart To Break , where it demands our undivided attention: the first verse sets the stage with its percussion and echoes before Petras kicks things off, singing the chorus at the top of his register, offering his heart even if it ends up being broken into a thousand pieces. The song, which is about starting a relationship when you are too in love with that person, talks about how even if everything ends badly, it will have been worth loving. If you don’t listen to this at full volume at least 5 times in a row you are dead inside.

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