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Hannah Diamond, “Reflections”

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Probably few women in the world of music are as creative and multifaceted as Hannah Diamond .

From songwriter, singer, visual artist, catalyst to photographer, Hannah is a 28-year-old ready to take the world by storm with her bubble-pop style. Although she is not new to music, it was not until 2013 that she began working as a singer and since then she has not stopped: it is not for nothing that she is probably one of the best-known artists of the musical collective PC Music .

Although we can admit that his futuristic sparky-pop style sometimes becomes too much for some, we cannot deny that it is extremely striking, both for the one who sees it and for the one who listens to it: its strong point has always been its subtle lyrics. about love.

Next, our  Reflections Track by Track :

1. Reflections 

This whimsical song with invasive pop tones and an instrumental full of robotic highs and lows, has as its main theme the yearning for perfection and love breakups almost on a cosmic level. Although it can be considered somewhat weak to be the first song on the album, Reflections is undoubtedly representative to define the aesthetics of the project.

2. Invisible

Invisible itself sounds like a sad party song. The ballad is about that feeling you get when you end a relationship and you’re in the club trying to get on with life, and out of nowhere you see the person you were dating and they’re with someone else. The song is a hymn to what was left of love, as if you simply disappeared from the face of the earth for that person.

3. Love Goes On

Hannah Diamond finds hope after a breakup with Love Goes On . As if it were a call to move on, heal and grow, the song talks about how she learns that the love she felt had always been within herself, no one else. The chorus pays homage to Celine Dion love songs , but Diamond does it her way: raw, true and sincere.

4. Never Again

Hannah Diamond ‘s dreamy, futuristic style comes through in this pop ballad. Now accompanied by the melody of a music box, the track decides to aim for the resplendent with some robotic vocals and a slow rhythm that ends up working surprisingly well for the proposed theme: heartbreak, regret and deceit.

5.True _

True is a sad power ballad about a love that wasn’t meant to be. It’s a very personal song about realizing that what you thought was ‘true love’ was just an illusion in your head. It is not only about a disappointment towards the other person, but towards oneself for not recognizing the truth. Diamond began writing it in 2015, but an experience in her life meant that it had to be completely rewritten; now it is one of the most important songs of hers.

6. Concrete Angel

Taking a break from writing his own songs, Diamond comments that this cover of Concrete Angel is one of his favorite songs on the entire album. The combination of bubble-pop beat and steady synths makes the track have a powerful message that we can all relate to: trying to break down someone’s walls to develop a deeper connection.

7.The Ending

Once again Hannah Diamond makes use of a masterful autotune and a unique vocal processing makes people feel like they are in a fantasy world. The Ending is the third and last song of the mix from the end of 2017 and in it he sings about a love that he cannot let go no matter how hard he tries because the denial and the feeling of wanting to recover what was lost is too great.


Probably the most direct and honest song on the whole album. Hannah Diamond deals with topics such as discovering what love is, understanding yourself and confusion in the face of the unexpected. All accompanied by flat and highly processed voices, full of futuristic digital touches with minimal instrumentation as only she and AG Cook know how to do it.

9.Fade Away

Fade Away proves once again what PC Music does best: mixing catchy sparky-pop rhythms and underground electronic sounds. In this case , Hannah sings to us about a lost love that can no longer continue, something with which we can all identify. The combination of the melancholic sound and Diamond ‘s innocent and angelic voicemake Fade Away very interesting to listen to.

10. Make Believe

Make Believe is about a place in your mind you can go to when you miss someone, like a dream of togetherness, it’s a bubble-pop love song that feels almost like a mainstream pop song (in the best of ways). Diamond comments that there is sadness in Make Believe , but that it’s more about remembering and enjoying a sense of closeness even when you’re far from the one you love.

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