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Recent Releases You Must Listen To: Lindstrøm + Hercules & Love Affair + Gotham Beach & More

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Today’s releases are made to get you moving imagining yourself on the dance floor: not only is Norwegian producer Lindstrøm back with a space-dsco single, but Rouge Mary returned to Hercules & Love Affair to infect us with optimism with a new topic.

As if that weren’t enough, we’ve got new from Action Bronson , MNEK , Gotham Beach , as well as a new song from Jared Leto and his band From Him 30 Seconds To Mars . Do not miss it and get ready to dance with this selection:

1. Hercules & Love Affair + Rouge Mary, Rejoice

Hercules & Love Affair , the house disco project headed by Andy Butler , will finally be officially back on September 1 with their new album Omnion . So far, we’ve already heard Controller , featuring The Horrors’ Fadis Badwan , as well as the LP’s title track featuring Sharon Van Etten and Fools Wear Crowns , sung by Butler himself. Now they shared Rejoice , which features the voice of Rouge Mary , one of the band’s most beloved characters. It’s a bright, optimistic track with an almost industrial touch of gospel.

2. Lindstrøm + Grace Hall, Shinin

Norwegian producer Lindstrøm will be back on October 20 with It’s Alright Between Us As It Is, his first full-length since 2012 ‘s Smalhans . Conceived as a continuous piece of music, the LP will feature collaborations from Jenny Hval and Frida Sundemo , as well as American singer Grace Hall, who has worked with Lindstrøm before and who lends her voice to the new single from this project, called Shinin , a 7 minute space-disco track.

3. Action Bronson + Rick Ross, 9-24-7000

Action Bronson is about to drop his new record, Blue Chips 7000 , this Friday August 25th , so to promote the release, Bam Bam just debuted a new track on Zane Lowe’s radio show on Beats 1 called 9 -24-7000, which is assisted by Rick Ross . Over a smooth and funky instrumental, Bronson and Ross talk about living the high life .

4. Ride, Cali

Earlier this year, British shoegaze legends Ride returned with a new album called Weather Diaries, and after offering us the video for their single All I Want , they surprise us this morning with another for the track Cali, directed by Niall Trask and in which a couple of surfers ride the waves of the Californian coast with some impressive shots made with drones.

5. Gothic Beach, Pigman (Boring in the Shop)

The Chilean group Playa Gótica premieres a video two months after the release of their debut album Amigurumi , which will soon be releasing its physical version. To celebrate, the band led by Fanny Leona premiered the clip for the song Pigman (Bored in the Store) directed by  Luz Sierra , who combined elements of humor and fantasy in this entertaining visual.

6. 30 Seconds To Mars, Walk On Water

The band 30 Seconds to Mars are back with a new single called Walk on Water , their first new material in four years since 2013’s Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams album . The lyric video for the track was made together with fans of the band, who demonstrated true American diversity in images. This clip is part of a documentary directed by the vocalist, Jared Leto , which will complement the new LP prepared by the group.

7. Angels & Airwaves, The Adventure

Former Blink-182, Tom DeLonge, is a famous UFO researcher who in his spare time remembers that he is also a musician, and that is why today we have a new single from his band Angels & Airwaves , who will soon be releasing the We Don’t Need to Whisper EP , an acoustic selection from his 2006 debut album. The EP will also be the soundtrack to Strange Times , DeLonge’s new alien documentary.

8. Interpolate, Degeneracy

The Mexicans from Interpolar released their debut album, Paradigmas , a few months ago, but today they premiere the visual of their track Degeneración directed by Natanael Miranda and starring a young man who, to the rhythm of the music, goes out to face the city with attitude before arriving to a band show at the end of the video.

9. Mobb Deep, Greatness

Last June, Mobb Deep ‘s Prodigy passed away following an accidental death, and since then a few previously unreleased Mobb Deep tracks have surfaced : a few days ago we heard Try My Hand and What You Think , and today it’s another cut called Greatness , which was shared by DJ Absolut via SoundCloud.

10. Jaws of Love., Hawaiian Licence Plates

Local NativesKelcey Ayer is preparing to release her first solo album, Tasha Sits Close To The Piano , under the name Jaws of Love. , and that it will arrive on September 22 . So far, she has already shared a couple of songs from the LP: the one that gives the production its name, as well as Love Me Like I’m Gone . Now we’ll hear Hawaiian License Plates , which features production by COMBAT! in an explosion of synths.

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