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The best horror books

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These are sensations that readers of horror books are more used to.And it is that each literary genre has its reader, that is why today we bring you one in particular, horror books.

These books come to stay in every thought and breath of the reader, making us immerse ourselves in a terrifyingly dark experience.

Review this list and add to your personal library those remaining to be read and focus on a possible goal to dedicate time to this type of reading , it will be worth it.

With some of these books you will discover the culture of other countries , and others will teach you to be strong in difficult times , but surely all of them will bring you hundreds of emotions.

Let’s start!

The Shining of Stephen King

The entire book is based on the characteristics of a hotel called “ Hotel Overlook ”. Paranormal events take place in this hotel, which will generate a lot of suspense and terror in the reader.

This hotel comes alive for every spirit that lives there.

And it is that, strange as it may seem, it is not the spirits that possess the power, but on the contrary, it is the walls that are really enchanted.

The Overlook is full of hatred and thirst for revenge , and it will show it against anyone who wants to set foot inside the hotel.

The hotel itself is capable of feeling the energy of the people who spent the night resting in their room, making them live the stormiest nights, turning them into dying or delirious people.

The Call of Cthulhu by HP Lovecraft

Fantastic book, which is based on the discovery of a terrifying extraterrestrial creature that lives in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

This character has the name of “Cthulhu” , an octopus asleep in a deep sleep .

The discoveries of a sect through some documents come to light by a character in history.

This alien creature is revered as a god by that cult.

Being a classic , this book is accompanied by a perfect narration that invites the reader to be fascinated in each of its pages, by how descriptive it is in all moments of the story.

Frankenstein de Mary Shelly

Written in the year 1818, each page of the book narrates how a scientist creates a being with parts of other human bodies and it will come to life.

It will be later when the same doctor discards it, that the Frankenstein creature feels bad and seeks revenge on his “father”.

Everything gets out of control and awakens the most murderous side in Frankenstein.

Here the dark begins with murders at everything in his path until he finds his father, Doctor Victor.

Only God can create creatures, and not man. The morality in this book is present from the beginning to the end.

This is why many readers at the time had a hard time understanding this crazy idea.

Cujo de Stephen King

Horror and fear story of any protective mother with her young son written by Stephen King.

It is based on a large Saint Bernard dog , full of strength and vitality, protector of the home where the mother lives with her son.

But everything suddenly changes for the family.

The dog will suffer a bite from a bat infected with rabies, which is why Cujo, the dog, becomes uncontrollable and every sense is sharpened becoming a murderer with constant attacks against his family.

It de Stephen King

Famous original novel, of which the film adaptation would later be made by Warner.

IT tells the story of a clown who terrorizes a group of seven children.

This clown loves to scare these children, since he needs that energy to nourish himself.

All this happens when IT wakes up in a quiet town, causing the violent attacks to become stronger and stronger.

And it is that his thirst for fear makes this clown devour everything in his path.

The Lake Crimes by Gemma Herrero Virto

A small town tragically becomes the scene of the death of three children.

Although this can be very dramatic for any of the inhabitants, it will be a child from the town who will be the worst off, since among these dead was his first love.

This boy begins to delirious with images of children who died, being tormented by evil spirits, and after a series of events, he and his parents decide to move to another town.

However, despite the fact that in this new town everything goes well at the beginning, the evil returns again bringing worse consequences in the child who has already become a young man.

You see me? – The Curse of House Cavendish

This novel tells the story of a mansion full of terror in its rooms due to quite terrifying events experienced by the people who try to inhabit or visit it.

It will be a day when everything changes, a group of people will come to her to fight this evil.

These people notice that it is not just a house full of ghosts, but actually has a very powerful and dark enchantment in each of its spaces.

To disenchant her, they decide to seek the alliance of a powerful witch to put an end to the darkness that has taken over the house.

The Rite of Lair Barron

They are terrifying and suspenseful stories, interconnected with each other to link to the magic of some children’s storytelling but full of evil, rituals and darkness.

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