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The sexiest men in the world

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There are many handsome men, but sexy, sexy, sexy… it’s already more difficult. We will try to hit the nail on the head and recreate the sight of all the ladies pending this type of entertainment. They are not listed in order, since taste is something very subjective. Let each compose it: 

Matt Bomer 

American film and television actor, who we met as a result of his role in the series White Glove Thief. We loved him in Magic Mike and in The Normal Heart.


Channing Tattum 

This very complete actor, dancer, producer… He has been the winner of the title in recent years. We know him from movies like: Step Up, Magic Mike, GI Joe, Dear John…


Chris Hemsworth

Australian actor who became known for Home and Away and for his role in Thor. He is also lucky to be the husband of our Elsa Pataki.


Ricky Martin

Puerto Rican singer, dancer, composer, actor, who is pure energy and sympathy. He has made us dance with his rhythm and his march. Songs like: María, La Bomba, Assignatura pending, Come with me, Pégate, Lo mejor de mi via eres tú, La Vida, Adiós… But he has a point of scoundrel and scoundrel, which makes him charming.


Brad Pitt

Oscar-winner and award-winner for countless films, our incombustible blond boy, who made us all fall in love with his films: Legend of Passions, Do you know Joe Black?, 7 Years in Tibet, Seven, 12 Monkeys, The Tree of Life, The Curious case of Benjamin Buttom… At 50-odd he is still just as attractive and sexy.


Boris Kodjoe

We know this super attractive American actor, with this beautiful smile and physique, from: Showtime, Soul Food, The Gospel, Undercovers, The Evil…


Liam Hemsworth

Young Australian actor, brother of Chris, who became known with The Last Song and The Hunger Games.


Ryan Gosling

He is a Canadian singer and actor, who since he starred in El Diario de Noah, has remained in the retina of many. He has made movies like: Lars and a Real Girl, All Good Things, Crazy Stupid Love, Drive, Noah’s Diary, The Ides of March…


Ruben Cortada

This Cuban actor and model living in Spain is a very sexy handsome man who has left us speechless in his role in the TV series El Principe, Entre costuras, Bandolera. He has shown that he is also a great actor.


Pierce Brosnan

He is a veteran but very attractive Irish actor, who has us badly accustomed. There is no role that he does, in which we do not get hooked: James Bond, The Thomas Crown Secret, The Tailor of Panama, Temptation in Manhattan, Remember Me, The Hidden Writer, Blackmail, Married Woman, Matador, Mamma Mia, The End of world…


Jamie Dornan

He is an Irish model and actor, who has been chosen to play the role of Christian Gray in the hit novel 50 Shades of Grey. So we are waiting, to be able to comment on it.



Shemar Moore

He is an African-American model and actor, who became known in the series Criminal Minds. He is truly handsome with a smile and a very attractive demeanor. We have seen him in: The Nanny, Chicago Hope, Butter, More than brother friends…

shemar moore

Josh Hartnett

American actor and film director, who made us all fall in love with Pearl Harbor, The Slevin Case, Black Hawn Down…


Jude Law

British film and television actor, with a smile and a sensitivity that makes you fall in love. We have been following him on TV and the big screen for years: Sherlock Holmes, Wilde, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Talent of Mr. Ripley, Enemy of the Doors, Artificial Intelligence, Road to Perdition, Could Mountain, Alphie , Closer, The Aviator, All the king’s men, 360, Anna Karenina, Holidays, Hugo, The origin of the guardians…


Keanu Reeves

He is an excellent Canadian actor, who became known for his roles in such well-known films as: Dracula, Point Break, My Private Idaiho, Matrix, Constantine, Speed, The Devil’s Advocate, Sweet November…

Tyson Beckford

He is an American model known worldwide for always parading for the Polo Ralph Laurent brand. He has a beautiful smile. let alone the body…


Leonardo Dicaprio

American actor and director, he has in his possession many awards and an interesting filmography. It has made us dream of a lot of blockbuster movies: Titanic, This Boy’s Life, Who Does Gilbert Grape Love?, This Boy’s Diary, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Wolf of Wall Street… , but what What is certain is that it becomes more attractive over the years.

Leonardo Dicaprio

George Clooney

American actor, producer, director and screenwriter, who with his warm and seductive smile has stolen our hearts. He conquered us in the ER series and has made movies like: 3 Kings, The Gulf War, Argo, Syriana, A Very Dangerous Relationship, Nonstop Love, The Descendants…

George Clooney

George Clooney

Matteuw Mcconaughey

American actor who triumphed with commercial films, which favored his casual and friendly air: Sahara, Time to a kill, Tropic Thunder, Ghosts of friends from the past, Magic Mike, The Wolf of Wall Street…


Ben Affleck

American actor, who has made us dream of: Chasing Amy, Armaggedon, Pearl Harbor, Daredevil, The Shadow of Power, Argo, The Town, Dogma, Shakespeare in Love, Something to Tell… He is very attractive and interesting.


Mario Casas

Spanish actor who offers us success after success and dazzles all the young ladies. He has participated in and starred in some of the best-known series on the Spanish scene: Los Hombres de Paco, El Barco, SMS. Movies: Brain Drain, Lies and Fat Girls, Three Meters Above Heaven, I Want You.


Mel Gibson

American actor, director, producer, who has made us vibrate with his action, humor and romantic films: Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, The Year We Live Dangerously, When the River Rises, Hamlet, Forever Young, Macbeth, Conspiracy, what do women think…

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