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Golden tips: How to know if a movie will be bad so as not to waste your time?

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Every beginning of the month we experience a sensory overload with the avalanche of series and  movie premieres  on the various streaming platforms. Big-budget movies are getting dense and, in some cases, longer than usual. Therefore, the more movies you watch, the more quality you will demand to see on the big screen.

Is it possible to tell just from the trailer that a movie is going to be bad? We believe that yes, you have to make good use of the trailer or the first 15 minutes of the movie , gathering crucial clues that can help you avoid wasting time and even money.

Trailers are good to fall in love with, as they often pick out a bunch of great scenes from a movie that could end up being a disaster. That’s why this handy guide could help you avoid having an embarrassing time and not falling for a bad movie

How to know if a movie will be bad so as not to waste your time?

No one sets out to make a bad movie , every filmmaker makes a movie hoping that their hard work will be rewarded with critical acclaim, public approval, and box office records. But, at the end of the day, more bad movies keep being made.

The thing about judging a movie before seeing it is that you could be wrong. However, these eight signs that a movie is going to be terrible, 80% of the time , won’t let you down.

1. Awful Poster

Run, when you come across a movie poster showing photoshopped photos of its cast, just run. If a filmmaker lacks creativity in something as simple as a movie poster, they definitely won’t be good enough to create a watchable story.

Sometimes the photos are unretouched, but some posters are blatantly ridiculous, screaming “please don’t waste your time and money on me.”

2. Incorrect casting

There are actors who shouldn’t be in a comedy movie, there are actors who shouldn’t be cast in serious roles, and there are actors who don’t have to be in action movies. Aside from a good story, a movie cast plays an important role in the “greatness” of a movie.

An example to remember was the announcement that Ben Affleck would be Batman at the premiere of ‘Batman vs Superman’, this generated a lot of controversy and bad comments about the film.

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3. Bad dialogue

When a movie trailer is shown and all it has to offer are one liners, cheesy or typical conversations, you can be sure that the entire movie will be no different.

If a trailer, which is meant to sway the viewer’s decision in favor of the movie, doesn’t feature intelligent conversations, you could be sure the movie will be just as silly, if not worse.

4. “Producers of”

This might not always be a sign, but when unknown filmmakers promote a movie trying to get you to remember a good previous work of theirs, chances are the movie is bad. “From the director of”, “from the creators of” is often disappointing.

It takes away the “excitement” that comes with anticipating a movie, if a filmmaker is not confident in their work and is trying to promote a movie based on how they feel about previous work, why should they be seen.

5. Bad Trailer

When a trailer is lazy and lacking in creativity, run. A filmmaker who can’t creatively pull off a well-cut trailer to engage audiences will likely release a mediocre 90-minute movie since it has a two-minute trailer that doesn’t give you an idea of ​​what its story will be about.

6. It’s a comedy movie, but the trailer says it’s an action movie

You know a movie is going to be bad when all of a sudden trailers for a comedy movie try to make it look like a cheesy action movie. It’s different for a filmmaker to mix genres, but when a trailer confuses you as a viewer, just run away from the movie.

7. The trailer gives away the entire movie

A 120-minute movie can be summed up after watching a two-minute trailer. If a trailer shows every plot line and you were able to wrap it all up in two minutes, it’s better to skip seeing the movie in a theater and save the money for an upcoming movie.

8. The trailer gives nothing away

Have you ever seen a trailer that’s just all over the place and you don’t understand anything? That’s a major sign of a bad movie. A trailer is expected to include select details from a movie.

So a trailer that features nothing and leaves you wondering what the movie is about is a sign of 120 minutes of torture in a movie theater.

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