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The best concerts in the history of rock

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The pandemic has affected our lives, and one of the things that has changed the most is our leisure: cinema, sports, and of course live music .

Perhaps now is a good time to see those mythical concerts that left their mark on the history of music… but at home.

The best rock concerts. True secular masses or pagan feasts, monumental delusions or rapid downloads, stellar performances that marked a before and after… All of them epitomize everything that is playful, liberating, transformative and transcendent in rock and roll.

There are many concerts that we could highlight, but here we leave you some of the best rock concerts that marked, in one way or another, the history of rock….

The Beatles. Apple Studios, 1969 January 30, 1969, The Beatles perform an unannounced concert from the roof of the Apple Corps headquarters in London. The band played a 42-minute set before police asked them to turn the volume down. That became the public presentation of the end of his career. A romantic goodbye, a warm kiss on the forehead, a strong hug to the world that belonged to them.

AC/DC- At the Hippodrome. 1977 AC/DC by Bon Scott, the band’s iconic vocalist, and the voice that is still, for many, the best that has reflected the strength of hard rock, had to be on a live list, with fiery songs in which the imprint of his throat is fiery and smoky in equal parts…Metallica- Moscow. 1991. A concert by the Californians is a show in itself, and this happens to be one of the most massive in history, bringing together more than 500,000 people. The masters of hard/heavy rock presented their Black Album, opening with Lars Ulrich marking the rhythm on one of his 7 drum kits, James Hetfield introducing the Enter Sandman riff, Jason Newsted then launching the bass line and Kirk Hammett , appearing on stage to put in the second guitar voice and for the audience to start bouncing in unison; From there… SHOW.

Led Zeppelin – Royal Albert hall. 1970 They dominated the music scene in the late ’60s and ’70s, and this concert is a perfect example of what they were capable of.

A historic show of more than 2 hours in which these 4 youngsters showed a wealth of talent available to few: monstrous rock and blues vocal performance by Robert Plant, immeasurable display of riffs, improvisations and solos by Jimmy Page, brutal execution and inexhaustible energy from John Bonham (his epic 13-minute solo on Moby Dick), and an insulting display of versatility and technique from John Paul Jones on bass and keyboards.

Lynyrd Skynyrd- Convention Hall. 1977 The kings of southern rock, before the accident that practically wiped out the band, in one of their best moments, with Ronnie Van Zant in a state of grace on vocals, and Allen Collins on guitar that makes you get up from the sofa . Just for its song “Freebird” it’s already worth it.

Deep Purple- Made In Japan 1972 The Purple when they were fighting for the crown with Led Zeppelin, in full tour of their glorious Machine Head. A real madness, with a band in top form, with Blackmore’s guitar, Gillan’s voice, Glover’s bass, and Paice’s drums. An All Star difficult to match.Ramones. Rainbow Theatre. 1977 Is there any band more fun and hard-hitting than the Ramones? Obviously not, and this concert is an example of why: 28 songs in 53 minutes and 49 seconds say it all.

In 1977, London was already possessed by punk fever, but it was four young men from Forest Hills, New York, who detonated the bomb. The performance was included in It’s Alive, considered the best live album in history.

Bruce Springsteen- Capitol Theatre. 1978 Bruce Springsteen is, without a doubt, one of the most important figures on the music scene of the last half century. The Boss likes to delight his fans with marathon concerts, and in the 70s, accompanied by his band The E Street Band, it was an incomparable live show with an unbeatable repertoire, giving off all the passion of rock .

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