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The best apps to download on Xbox One

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Whether you’ve had an Xbox One in your possession for a while or just got one, don’t miss out on the best apps out there for the console!

A console, in this case Xbox One , is mainly for playing, that is clear to us. However, a key aspect of each generation of consoles that comes out is that it offers more and more possibilities, not only to play games, but also to enjoy other types of content with them. 

Watch videos like the top 10 best falls, download the photos from the last vacation so you can watch them as a family on TV, watch the retransmission of the League of Legends World Championship or enjoy as many times as you want our favorite Game of Thrones chapters are some of the many other things that we can also do on our Xbox One. However, probably in most cases you will not use the existing applications that are for it. We’ve rounded up the best Xbox One apps so you can do all that and more. 


YouTube’s main competitor, Twitch, also has its own app and ranks as one of the favorite and must-have apps to have on Xbox One . Although one of its main uses is to watch live games, Twitch offers many more: 

  • Broadcast your games live. Everyone will be able to see what and how you are playing whenever you want, and live. 
  • Enjoy live broadcasts of other people around the world or events that are taking place. But, you will not sit idly by because, if you ask, you will be able to comment on the broadcast you are watching. 
  • Unlock achievements. Similar to YouTube, you will be able to earn achievements while using this live video streaming platform.
  • With Snap Mode you can continue playing while watching a live stream or browse featured games and channels on Twitch. 
  • And if you get tired of using the remote to navigate the app, you can do so using your voice or one-handed gestures thanks to its Kinect compatibility.

Although it has many similarities with YouTube, Twich will offer you a better service if you want to enjoy broadcasts or make them yourself.


Another platform that has gained special relevance in recent years is Netflix, one of the most widely used video-on-demand services today. Now, thanks to its application, you will be able to enjoy all your favorite content on Xbox One. Even if you are one of the people who have not yet contracted this service and have questions about it, you can subscribe for a month completely free of charge so that you can discover all its content and decide with more reasons whether to get it or not. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, don’t waste any more time and do it!


Microsoft’s exclusive cloud storage service allows access to files and photos on both PC and Mac, iOS and Android. However, they are not the only ones from which this service can be accessed, since Xbox One also allows access through the OneDrive application. 

As we said at the beginning of the article, if you want to enjoy the photos of your last vacation on television with your family or even urgently need to view a file and you don’t have your computer at hand, you can do it easily thanks to this application.

Blu-Ray player

It seems like a truism, but it is very interesting to have the application that allows us to play Blu-Ray on Xbox One. Of course, it also helps us to enjoy DVD movies. A particularly interesting aspect is that, if we have an Xbox One S, that same application will help us play Blu-Ray 4K , an advantage that is not available on any PS4 model. Of course, you already know that you need a 4K television (and, preferably, also with HDR) and a high-speed HDMI to get the most out of it.


If you are one of those people who use Skype daily to connect with your family or friends, the application of this service cannot be missing from your Xbox One . It is no longer necessary to connect to your computer or mobile to have a conversation or video conference, you can do it from the comfort that your console offers you. You can enjoy:

  • Individual or group video calls in HD thanks to Kinect, Microsoft’s game control system. 
  • Play and talk at the same time thanks to the adjustable Skype window. 
  • Send messages to your contacts while you play or watch TV. 
  • Receive notifications on TV so you don’t miss any. 
  • Call any number around the world at low cost and from your sofa.
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Upload Studio

It is clear that this is one of the best Xbox One applications , since it takes advantage of a very gamer aspect. If you want to upload videos with your best games and you don’t know how to edit them from the console itself, the best Xbox One application for it is Upload Studio. Although it is always better to use a video capture device and edit it with Adobe Premiere or a similar video editor, Upload Studio achieves a quite acceptable result if you don’t have time to edit. 

To use this application, you just have to use the clips saved natively with Xbox One and edit the video to upload it to YouTube later. 

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