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What music to listen to while working to better concentrate?

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Many of us rely on music to accompany us during the workday. Classical, jazz or hard rock, the choices of musical styles are numerous. But are they all suitable for concentrating and working well? I conducted the investigation and tested playlists for you!

Music, a way to be more efficient

Some do not like to listen to music while working and prefer to create absolute calm. But it’s time to change your mind and get started because a study by scientists JG Fox and ED Embrey has proven that employees who listen to music while working perform better than others. So why dispense with it? 

That being said, it’s no wonder. By listening to background music, we release dopamine , also known as the “reward hormone”  and this gives us a feeling of happiness . By listening to music we are happier , our mood is lifted, which helps us to be more focused and more productive.

Choose your music according to the tasks you need to accomplish

” Great ! “, you will tell me, but what kind of music to listen to? Well I will answer you simply, the music you want! Indeed, the choice of musical genre is a matter of personal taste but also a matter of context. Do your current tasks require you to be rather creative? Rigorous? Or fast? The sound, the rhythm and the atmosphere… adapt your playlist to your schedule.  

For example, if you need to focus on an important project and develop a strategy, choose music that is slow, steady, and uncomplicated . This will greatly facilitate the development of your cognitive faculties.  

Do you need to be creative and are you lacking inspiration? Think of video game soundtracks . They are very effective because they are designed to be stimulating .  

Rather need calm  and the music disturbs you? Opt for natural noises and sounds . Use flows intended for meditation or Hertzian waves. Zen attitude engaged and serenity assured!

My selection of playlists

The Spotify playlist created by Linkedin  ! Yes, you read that right, Linkedin has created several playlists to support you in your professional stages: before an interview, to start a new job or to stay focused! It is precisely the latter called “Refine & focus” that you recommend. I tested it and validated it! Very effective for concentrating and getting to your goal as quickly as possible. Only problem, if you are not subscribed you will hear pubs.  

My favorite music from this playlist: “Disillusioned” by Joaqin Trudet , magnificent classical music. The sweet melody of this piano captivates me and nothing and no one can distract me!  

Deepido’s “Work” playlist on Youtube . Oh what a discovery! I discovered it thanks to the health crisis of COVID-19. Out of solidarity, the specialist in multisensory experience at points of sale offers its musical playlists. Enjoy it because it may not last! I recommend this playlist first to develop your musical culture but also to accompany you in your daily tasks at work. Soothing, stimulating and groovy! I do not get enough.  

My favorite music: “Hey World” by Isobel Campbell . First of the playlist it announces the atmosphere. Its chorus resonates in my head, gives me a smile, motivation and even tends to make me move my ass! 

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