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Best music for better sleep

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Everyone has their own methods (more or less effective) to help sleep. There are those who opt for a hot bath, relaxation exercises or the more classic steaming milk with honey, but few know that even music to sleep can be a valid tool to definitively relax body and mind. But what exactly are the benefits of relaxing music for sleep? 

How does it work and which songs should be listened to? Definitive guide to the sweetest and chillest sound trend of the moment.

Music, effects on the body

Music, mood

Music in general is very useful for changing our mood. It makes us more optimistic and reduces fatigue. It is not only useful for going to sleep, but listening to music on a day when you are feeling particularly tired or sad can also help improve your mood.

Music, brain development

Music therapy in children and adolescents is currently very fashionable. This is because music has been shown to help develop brain and intellectual skills, especially in people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


Music to remove anxiety and stress

To influence the activity of the nervous system, any kind of music, even if it is particularly soft or relaxing, is good for reducing the stress or anxiety we feel at some time of the day. In addition, it also helps the cardiovascular system by lowering blood pressure.

Music, help in healing

While it may sound strange, listening to sleep music also helps heal any wound more quickly.

Music, help to rest

As we said earlier, listening to a relaxing sleep song is very helpful in preventing insomnia and improving sleep quality.

Music to cure migraines and headaches

At times when you suffer most from headaches or migraines, listening to instrumental and soft music can help you relax and reduce pain. Conversely, however, more active music can increase pain rather than mitigate it. For this reason it is necessary to know which melodies are most useful for making the headache go away.

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Music to reduce pain

It is proven that music in general can help us relieve pain, both physical and psychological. If you have arthritis or fibromyalgia, for example, listening to music can help you feel a little less of this pain. Even after a disappointment in love, a loss or an event that has put us in a bad mood, music can help us balance our emotions.

Music, help in memory

Concentration and learning: Some people listen to classical music in the background while studying. This is because listening to music has been shown to help improve memory, keep us focused and make us learn more in less time.

Music to sleep well

Not all music is adequate to help us sleep. Many times it depends on the person and his or her musical taste, although luckily there are many songs that can help you relax. Here are the ones to prefer them (and how to choose them):

Classical music for sleeping

Instrumental music is very useful for falling asleep easily, although you need to look for the softest melodies possible. You can find music by Claude Debussy, Chopin, Bach or Yiruma, among many other artists on the internet. Just search for sleep music on Youtube .

Sounds of nature for sleeping

Listening to rain, the sound of birds or even the movement of tree branches is very helpful in falling asleep easily. These sounds relax us, help us meditate, so it is common for them to be placed in spa sessions, aesthetic places or yoga and meditation classes. Yoga music takes advantage of the sounds of nature.

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Delta wave music for sleeping

The monotony of delta waves is also useful if you suffer from insomnia because it relaxes easily and helps you calm down and sleep deeply.

Alpha wave music for sleep

Some scholars have revealed that, to enhance the production of alpha waves, it is necessary to stimulate the brain by binaural listening to sound waves with a variable frequency, between 7 to 13 Hz. Binaural listening is nothing more than hearing with both ears. at the same time: to do this you need stereo headphones or earphones, in order to have adequate audio separation.

Zen music for sleeping

Although they do not have a prolonged effect they can be useful as an emergency solution.

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