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The best free mobile games (2022)

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We bring you a compilation with the best free mobile games that you can play in this 2022. It is a collection of games of different genres with which you will be able to spend many hours of entertainment without paying anything, although they all have some system micropayments if you don’t mind spending money for some rewards.

In the world of mobile phones, many of these games have a strong focus on multiplayer modes, although we also include others that you can enjoy alone. We have tried to make the list as varied as possible.

And as we always say at Xataka Basics, this is our list with our proposals, but we invite you to tell us which are the best games for you in the comments section . Thus, in addition to our proposals, the rest of the readers will also be able to benefit from those of our community of xatakeros.

Alto’s Odyssey


The second part of one of the most beautiful and highest quality infinite runners we’ve seen on mobile. This is the Alto saga, where Alto’s Odyssey takes everything good from its predecessor and improves it, maintaining and polishing one of the best graphics you can find in mobile games, and adding some new mechanics.

The goal remains the same. Your character has to ski down a mountain, and you have to make him go as far as possible . To do this, you will have to overcome various types of obstacles that range from jumping over cliffs to grinding ropes and lianas, and improving your character and his abilities.

Among us

among us

One of the last big hits in multiplayer games, and that has already become free with season passes. It’s something like playing impostor , you are on a ship with several players and one of you has to kill the others, while the rest have to do other missions.

The idea is that the impostor kills all crew members without being discovered, while all players will be able to request votes when they have suspicions to agree to expel a player. If this player was the impostor, they won, and if it was another player, shame on him, but the game continues.

Brawl stars

brawl stars

‘Brawl Stars’ is a brawler shooter inspired by PC MOBAs , although with the controls adapted to play from the smartphone. In it, two teams of three people each face each other, and they do so in a scenario where you can move to find cover or try different tactics.

The title offers almost twenty characters, each of which has its abilities so that you can choose the one that best suits you or adapt to the one you like best. These characters each have their main and secondary ability, which gives you room to design different strategies depending on who you’re up against.

Call of duty mobile

call of duty mobile

‘Call of Duty Mobile’ tries to bring the sensations of the mythical action saga to the mobile. It’s a free to play shooter with customizable controls, voice and text chat to chat while you play and get the most out of online games, also with 3D graphics and a good sound section.

It is a multiplayer game with several game modes, and divided into seasons to release content and customizations, with which this free-to-play game is monetized while giving it variety over the months. In the game, the longer you are playing the more content and characters you can unlock, and in terms of gameplay… well, it’s CoD.

Clash royale

clash royale

This game has been one of the highest-grossing games in the sector for years. This is a title that timidly began as a new proposal in which the dynamic of protecting and building villages in Clash of Clans was changed for a card fighting game , Hearthstone-style.

Therefore, it is a game in which you have to fight battles through the use of different warriors and weapons that we use in the form of cards in order to destroy the enemy’s towers while maintaining ours. To use them you need to have enough elixir, which is reduced by using each card and increases over time.

FIFA Mobile

fifa mobile

‘FIFA Mobile’ tries to bring to the mobile the closest possible experience to the FIFA of a lifetime, one of the best soccer games today. And try to adapt the experience with daily rewards and bonuses, with a multitude of events and practically all the monetization resources of free-to-play. You may like this more or less, but at least the base of the game is free.

To all this we must add a very good gameplay that tries to balance the arcade and simulation, and all the huge number of licenses with real teams and players that EA has. Of course, perhaps it is a bit focused on online and it lacks some classic modes, but it is one of the best soccer alternatives for mobile phones , and an essential for lovers of the king of sports.

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