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Discover all the content and news of the biggest update for Rainbow Six Siege

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Ubisoft has announced that “ Operation Solar Raid ”, that is, the last Season of Year 7 of ‘ Rainbow Six Siege ‘, will arrive on December 6th .

This season will be quite a revolution, integrating many features, including security measures, cross play and progress, a new Battle Pass, a map, a Colombian agent, and the Igualado 2.0 mode, in which the studio has played a key role. 

New advocate

The update introduces Solis , a new defender who has the SPEC-IO Electrosensor device to gather information and coordinate strategies. The character can also analyze and identify attacking devices, including drones, demolition devices, and more; For this, she has gloves that allow her to interact with the device’s interface and perform scans. She is a medium health and speed agent, using either a P90 or an ITA 12L as her primary weapons, and an SMG-11 as her secondary weapon.

Ranked Mode

It will also change the Ranked mode experience . For starters, players’ rank will no longer be determined by MMR, but rather by the number of rank points they have (those points are earned or lost in each ranked match). From now on, each rank will have five divisions, and you can advance to the next division with 100 rank points. In addition, a new rank, Emerald, has been added , located between Platinum and Diamond.

Second, MMR, in addition to breaking away from range, will become known as a new value: Skill . It will be a hidden value on every list, and it will stick from one season to the next. There will no longer be MMR restrictions on squads , and players can team up with whoever they want. A new algorithm will adapt matches in matchmaking taking into account the different skill levels of the members. Finally, the Ranked mode reward system has also been redesigned, now players will get one for each rank division they have reached in a season (receiving all rewards at the end of the season).

Other updates

Season 4 of Year 7 is accompanied by other updates, such as crossplay and progression . Now console players will be able to team up with their friends from other platforms; Of course, those who want to deactivate this function can do so in the options menu. When a player logs into their Ubisoft Connect account, their progress, wallet, and items will be shared across all their platforms; In addition, you will receive a free Alpha pack in your From him account.

Nighthaven Laboratories

Along with Solis, a new map will also arrive: Nighthaven Laboratories . An extension of the Nighthaven HQ , this location is surrounded by open sea, cliffs, and clear skies. The interior has numerous access points, which facilitate freer roams, especially if players set out to break down one of the many destructible walls . Neither the attacking nor the defending team will be able to get very comfortable if they don’t want to be outflanked and lose their position. Also, and to give everyone a chance to try it out, this map will not be vetoed for the duration of “Operation Solar Raid” .The new map Nighthaven Laboratories.The new map Nighthaven Laboratories. 

In this Season, the reputation score display will allow players to know their reputation category. During the beta phase, which will start with the update, players will not be affected, either positively or negatively, by their rank ; The goal is to start with an integration process that will allow everyone to adapt and modify their play style and way of interacting if necessary.Nighthaven Laboratories.Nighthaven Laboratories.

Battle pass

As for the Battle Pass, it has gone from having a two-tier system to one with branching paths . Now you can plan how to progress to prioritize the rewards that interest you the most. Regardless of which path they take first, players will be able to unlock all the tiles and complete the Battle Pass.

In addition, quality of life improvements and balance updates are also coming . These include the removal of friendly fire in the setup phase, the ability for Zofia and Capitão to change the ammo type of their gadgets without having to equip them, an update to bomb site markers, and a change to Drone speed (which will no longer slow down when moving diagonally when using a controller). Lastly, to balance the relationship between health and speed of operators, everyone will now move at the same speed when aiming down the crosshairs .

The changes don’t end there, as there will also be a new accessibility overhaul this season that will expand team color customization options to apply to agent devices and spotting tools as well. Color preferences will be reflected in the visual appearance of the devices, making it easy to tell if they belong to someone on your team or to your rivals. As for the observation tools , when using them a light of the color assigned to the team of the person who is using them will light up. Remember that you can find the video games in versions for PlayStation, Xbox, Windows PC and Amazon Luna.

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