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On Netflix in November, don’t miss Charlize Theron

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In the month of Halloween they could not miss TV series and themed films to see on Netflix. The Watcher with Naomi Watts will keep you in suspense: a stalker targets a couple; while the documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer will take you into the evil mind of the Milwaukee serial killer. Guillermo De Toro runs on the razor’s edge, between horror, grotesque and magic, with the eight stories of The room of wonders.

There is also a bit of magic in the awaited Academy of Good and Evil directed by a sour and elegant  Charlize Theron . She introduces herself as a kind colleague Eddie Redmayne in the thriller The Good Nurse, while Nurse Amy ( Jessica Chastain ) will find that she enjoys killing patients. There is also a story from Stephen King in this creepy October ( Mr Morgan’s Phone ) and a group of elders who rebel in Old People .

The TV series will be released on Netflix in October 2022

Conversations with a Serial Killer: The Dahmer Case 

It couldn’t have been a better start in October . The documentary tells about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer . In July 1991, the Milwaukee police entered his apartment and discovered the psychopath’s macabre personal museum: a freezer filled with human heads, skulls, bones and other remains in various states of decomposition . Dahmer confesses sixteen murders committed in the previous four years in Wisconsin and one in Ohio in 1978, also admitting acts of necrophilia and cannibalism . It was a shock to the United States and to the local community.

After the success of the series with Evan Peters in the role of the serial killer (already available on Netflix) comes this documentary signed by Joe Berlinger , who had already told The Bundy case and The Gacy case. You will hear the unedited conversations between Dahmer and his defenders about him, providing an insight into his twisted psyche.

The Midnight Club 

Also at the beginning of October, so as not to miss anything on the subject of death , let’s move to the structure for terminally ill young people of The Midnight Club . Eight patients gather every night at midnight to tell each other stories. One night they make a pact: the next of them who will die will have to give the group a sign from beyond. The series, perfect for the month of Halloween , is based on the 1994 novel of the same name and other works by Christopher Pike .

From 12 October, the investigations of Belascoar án will also be available on the platform, starring the new detective of TV Belascoarán Shayne . The independent policeman moves in the seventies to Mexico City.

The Watcher

After the Brannocks (Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts ) move into what was supposed to be their dream home, their life becomes hell. (a classic of the genre). They are in fact tormented by a stalker who signs disturbing letters with the name of “ The Watcher “. It is only the beginning of the nightmare. Sinister secrets of the neighborhood in fact slowly come to the surface. The series, conceived by Ryan Murphy ( Amercan Horror Story, Rached ), is based on a true story.

A couple bought a house in New Jersey in 2014 for over a million dollars, but were forced to abandon it due to the terrifying letters they received. The identity of the sender was never discovered and the mystery is still alive.

Everything asks for salvation

Federico Cesari , the Martino of Skam Italia , in Francesco Bruni’s series plays the role of Daniele , a twenty-year-old who after a psychotic crisis finds himself in the dormitory of a psychiatric ward together with five companions with whom he thinks he has nothing in common. Daniele is none other than the author of the winning book of the Strega Giovani 2020 Award to which the series is based.

The boy will have to stay there for a week . At first he will seem like a nightmare, then he will change his mind and that experience will change his life. He will begin to forge a relationship with those strangers: with Mario (Andrea Pennacchi), Gianluca (Vincenzo Crea), Giorgio (Lorenzo Renzi), Madonnina (Vincenzo Nemolato) and Alessandro (Alessandro Pacioni). Among them there is also Nina, played by Fotinì Peluso ( The company of the swan ), a high school friend of Daniele. Everything asks for salvation is a journey into youthful distress.


On April 15, 2019 , the world was left with bated breath. The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was engulfed in flames. An iconic monument was about to collapse under the eyes of the French and the TVs that were filming the fire minute by minute. The cathedral is still standing and it will take 10 years to put it back together.

That dramatic day is told in the Netflix miniseries , inspired by the book La Nuit de Notre-Dame , written by the Paris firefighters and Romain Gubert . The protagonists are them, the firefighters , but also ordinary people who that April 15 intertwine their lives with the fate of a symbol that was about to collapse.

From Scratch – The strength of a love 

The series follows the love story of Amy Wheeler ( Zoe Saldaña ), an American student who falls in love with Sicilian chef Lino (Eugenio Mastandrea, The Fugitive ), while in Italy. The two lovers have to face a thousand unexpected obstacles, including cultural differences : the strength of their feelings will also go through moments of tension.

When Lino falls ill and the couple’s future is at risk and their families will unite beyond cultural differences: love can do anything . From Scratch , produced by Reese Whiterspoon among others , is inspired by Tembi Locke’s autobiographical best-seller published by the New York Times.

Barbarians . Season 2

A year after the Battle of Varus, the Roman troops returned to Germany stronger than ever. Ari has to face his past once again, as his brother goes over to the side of the Romans to punish him for his betrayal. Thusnelda and Ari try to unify the tribes against Rome . Meanwhile , Folkwin launches a disturbing challenge against the gods. In the aftermath of a great victory, the idea that Arminius and Thusnelda could claim the title of King and Queen of the tribes seems closer .

Guillermo Del Toro’s room of wonders 

The Oscar – winning The Shape of Water director and creator and executive producer Guillermo Del Toro curated this collection of stories that try to challenge the traditional idea of ​​horror . These are eight tales that border on the macabre, the magical, the gothic and the grotesque. A dive into the disturbing atmospheres to which the director of the next Pinocchio has accustomed us. Don’t miss out on these eight sophisticated and sinister gems .

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone 

Stephen King could not be missing in this creepy month. In a small town, young Craig ( Jaeden Martell ) meets Mr. Harrigan ( Donald Sutherland ), a lonely elderly billionaire. The two establish an unlikely friendship based on a love for books and reading . When Mr. Harrigan dies, Craig discovers that not everything is gone with him and realizes that he can strangely communicate with his friend in the grave through his cell phone . A supernatural and coming-of-age story that shows how certain bonds never dissolve.

To launch from the stars 

Sole Santoro (Federica Torchetti) is an almost 25 year old girl born and raised in Conversano, Puglia, who has always suffered from anxiety disorders : for her, making any gesture, even an insignificant one, can be a titanic undertaking. The only one able to understand and help her has always been Emma, ​​her best friend who is no more than her.

It was the latter who wrote the letter that Sole was able to read only a few days before turning twenty-five. It is an exhortation to have an impulse of recklessness : Sole will have to draw up a list of the small and large fears that paralyze her and then face them one by one. Sole accepts. From that moment on, her journey becomes a journey of self-discovery that will lead her to destinations that she would never have imagined. The music is by The Representative of List , Billie Eilish , Fred de Palma feat Anitta, Cosmo , Colapesce-Di Martino, etc.

The luckiest girl in the world is Old People

The luckiest girl in the world follows the story of Ani FaNelli (Mila Kunis) , a sharp-tongued New Yorker who seems to have it all: a coveted workplace in a glossy magazine, a trendy wardrobe and a dream wedding on the horizon . But when the director of a crime documentary about her invites her to tell her version of her shocking episode as a teenager at the prestigious Bradley School, she is forced to relive a dark truth that threatens to destroy her life. .

Old People will also be available on Netflix from 7 October . Another horror. She is returning to her hometown with her children for her sister’s wedding . That place has changed a lot since she left: the younger ones have long since moved and have left almost all the elderly behind, forgotten by the rest of the world. On the evening of the wedding a strong storm hits the town and the guests of a nursing home begin to exhibit brutal behavior .

The academy of good and evil 

In the village of Gavaldon, two outsiders and best friends Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) share a unique bond. Sophie is a golden-haired seamstress who dreams of escaping a bleak life to become a princess, while Agatha has a dark appearance, a nonconformist mother and the features of a real witch. On a full moon night an unknown force drags them into the Academy of Good and Evil.

Here Sophie is assigned to the School of Evil , directed by the elegant and sour Lady Pocus ( Charlize Theron ), while Agatha is sent to the School of Good , under the guidance of the sunny and kind professor Colombine ( Kerry Washington ). The principal ( Laurence Fishburne ) declares that only a kiss given with true love can change the rules and assign the girls an appropriate school and destiny. The series is taken from Soman Chainani ‘s best-seller.

The Good Nurse

Amy ( Jessica Chastain ), a caring nurse and single mother struggling with life-threatening heart disease, is pushed to the limit physically and emotionally by exhausting night shifts. Things get better when Charlie ( Eddie Redmayne ) arrives, a kind colleague who starts working with her. Over the course of long nights in the hospital, the two develop a solid friendship and for the first time in many years, Amy has hope for her own and her daughter’s future.

But when a string of mysterious patient deaths kicks off an investigation that points to Charlie as the prime suspect, Amy is forced to risk her daughter’s life and safety to uncover the truth . The Good Nurse is a thriller based on real events.

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