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The 20 best movies based on a true story

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When we watch a  movie , especially if it’s good, we feel  in tune with the actors , and we can’t get away from the story . It is clear that  cinema is not the  7th Art  for nothing. A film is not just a series of images placed side by side. It is a truly  complex work , able  to tackle any theme, from any angle.

The film is generally a  fictional work . This means that everything you see on screen is  scripted . Bringing the film to life is the role of the director, and he must then  make the story more real than life . And sometimes it  ‘s the story itself  that is told by the director through the cinema. Indeed, there are a very large number of films inspired by a true story. The peculiarity of this genre in cinema is precisely the “realism” side that gives life to the film. In front of a film inspired by a true story, it is rare not to feel anything in particular, quite simply because we know that what is depicted is made up of  real facts .. Moreover, the history of the world has given us several stories that clearly have the merit of being told in the present time. And the theme can be any (drama, action, current affairs, love, comedy…), which then gives an infinite number of probabilities as to the production  of quality historical films .

It is important to mention that even if a film is inspired by real facts, it remains a  fiction created from scratch. That is to say, there is no historical film that is 100% close to reality. A film is first and foremost entertainment. From the plot of the story to the character of the characters, it is important that everything captivates the viewer. As a result, it is not uncommon for certain facts to be watered down, or on the contrary, supported to have more impact. Each actor, male or female, must also step into the shoes of the character he or she is to portray. For example, the actor must perfectly stick to the role of the king or the star, without distorting the story. This kind of film is therefore much more complex than it seems. And that’s exactly what makes movies based on real-life events so  enjoyable to watch , over and over again.

Top 20 best movies based on a true story

Films based on a true story are  numerous and varied . Each director has a  different approach , and each man and woman who appears plays a key role in the story. The quality of a film of this genre is seen through the balance between reality and fiction. Here is a  top 20 of the best movies based on a true story .

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


Through this film, the great Scorsese portrays the story of a young man as charismatic as he was lucky, having succeeded in becoming the king of the Wall Street stock market. This critically acclaimed film is an  adaptation of the autobiographical novel The Wolf of Wall Street .

Schindler’s List (1993)


In the 1940s, war raged. The Jews are persecuted by the Germans and all, man, woman or child, live under the thumb of the tyrant. This film tells the true story of Oskar Schindler , a man who managed to save many Jews from the Plazow concentration camp.

127 Hours (2010)


Aron Ralston is a young man  passionate about mountaineering  who, due to an accident, finds himself trapped for  5 days and 5 nights  under rocks, and filled with a strong desire to stay alive. This story, as true as it is dramatic, is the subject of this film by Danny Boyle.

The Exorcist (1973)


Supernatural facts have also inspired more than one director. Arguably one of the best films to tackle this theme is The Exorcist, which continues to haunt our dreams. Everyone bowed to the horror of this film which, although released years ago, sets the standard for horror films. A young woman possessed by a demon is a recurring theme that works every time, especially if it is inspired by a true story.

Titanic (1997)


James Cameron has a  sensibility  that any self-respecting director should have. How to make the tragedy of the most famous shipwreck even more dramatic? By adding the unconditional and impossible love of a man and a woman, each coming from a different world. James Cameron will have been able to make more than one cry with an end which, far from being an ode to life, perfectly depicts the end of a love that has just begun.

Untouchables (2011)


Disability  in films  is a theme that remains more or less taboo. Intouchables knew how to break the codes by bringing  lightness  to said theme. Critics around the world have applauded this film about the friendship  born between a man in a wheelchair and another man who is more mobile, but less…refined!

Green Book (2018)


Biopics are perfect for bringing big names to as many people as possible. Green Book is one of them. The story takes place  in the 60s  and is that of a boorish talker, father and devoted husband, traveling across the American continent with a piano star, black and homosexual. A dramatic comedy for some, a moving story of friendship for others.

Gandhi (1982)


Director: Richard Attenborough

Nobel Peace Prize winner , Gandhi is a great man whose notoriety is worldwide. This film tells the life of this amazing, but no less intelligent, man of peace.

In Search of Happiness (2006)


Director: Gabriele Muccino

A father’s love knows no bounds. This is what “The Pursuit of Happiness” proves to us. This is the story of a father and his young son trying somehow to get by to lead a decent life. Lots of love, a note of comedy, and above all, lots of smiles and tears.

Joan of Arc (1999)


Director: Luc Besson

The Maid of Orleans  has inspired more than one. The French director Luc Besson signed one of the best films telling the life of the young woman. Less focused on the dramatic side of the real story, this film represents Joan of Arc as a strong woman who knew how to bring peace to her country by stopping a war.

Rasta Rockett (1993)


Director: Jon Turteltaub

Rasta Rockett is unequivocally one of the most absurd films in the history of cinema, and one of the most successful comedy. Why would Jamaicans who had never seen snow in their life decide to take part in the Olympic Games, with the discipline of  bobsleigh ? Hard to believe this is a true story, and yet… Rasta Rockett!

Amadeus (1984)


Director: Miloš Forman

If Mozart had lived in the present time, he would be  the greatest star in the world . Not only because he is one of the  best musicians in history , but also because of his mischievous character and borderline eccentricity. Amadeus recounts the exciting but short life of the man who mastered the black and white keys of the piano. One of the most successful biopics in the history of cinema.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)


Director: Bryan Singer, Dexter Fletcher

If  Queen  is one of the best rock bands in history, it’s because  Freddy Mercury  was one of the best leaders in the history of music. The world star lived a life tinged with drama, and an impossible love with a woman who strongly influenced his life and his career. Bohemian Rhapsody tells the life of this man whose music crossed trends. This is one of the best  biopics  in cinema. This film received rave reviews from  Queen guitarist Brian May .

Hatchi (2010)


Director: Lasse Hallström

For a dog, love goes hand in hand with loyalty. Hatchi proved it through this film overflowing with emotion. Until the end of his life, he remained faithful to the man who took care of him. Currently, a statue of the dog has been erected in order to make the story of this representative of  man’s best friends eternal .

Ray (2004)


Director : Taylor Hackford

star  can only be a star if the whole world recognizes his talent. And few deserve the title of star more than Ray Charles. Black and blind , this  legendary pianist and singer  has made his music accessible to the whole world. In the years when racism was at its height, this man was able to convince everyone of his talent.

The Butler (2013)


Director: Lee Daniels

The true story of a man who has seen practically all the  American presidents pass by , having spent his entire life in their service. A film that easily immerses us in the world of politics seen by an ordinary citizen: a butler.

The Roundup (2010)

Director: Rose Bosch

The war is  the greatest drama that has marked history with a hot iron . La Rafle shows it in the most beautiful way, and through the eyes of simple children who want to stay alive in a world where they are hunted like game. The horror of war is felt every minute of the film.

In Mary’s Shadow – Walt Disney’s Promise (2013)

Director: John Lee Hancock

Walt Disney  had disagreements with the author of  Mary Poppins  during the film adaptation of his work. This film shows us the ups and downs they went through before offering a film of comedy, love and magic. It is undoubtedly THE Disney which, very easily, has survived the decades.

I Promise You (2012)


Director: Michael Sucsy

When the love of a man and a woman  is  greater than the erasing of all the memories spent together , it gives rise to a romantic comedy that has become a benchmark in terms of romance films.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)


Director: Steven Spielberg

American  soldiers  have an extraordinary sense of honor and brotherhood. So when  James Ryan , a young man and private, is in danger, a squad quickly goes looking for him, hoping to find him alive and well. Drama, action, emotion, this film brings together all that is good to allow a war film to be among the best in its category.

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