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Best Mobile MOBA Games to Play in 2022

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One of the advantages of MOBAs is their low level of requirements. This is primarily due to the third-person isometric format, which significantly minimizes graphical overhead for smooth game operation. Additionally, with their simple point-and-click nature, MOBAs are an ideal candidate for going mobile, especially as you go. as telephone technology evolves. That’s why mobile MOBAs are skyrocketing on Android and iOS, and why we want to list the best mobile MOBA games in 2022.

The topic and excitement couldn’t be as big as it is in 2022. In terms of player numbers, the best mobile MOBA games are currently crushing other well-known titles. This includes console and PC titles. As a result, mobile brings more money to the video game market than the console and PC sectors. And the top five mobile MOBA games in 2022 on our list contribute significantly to those numbers. So it’s time to find out what all the fuss is about!

5. Pokemon Unite

The Best Mobile MOBA Games to Play in 2022

Pokemon is one of the franchises that can adapt to any genre, and its followers are excited to embrace it. I saw it on Pok√©mon Go and Detective Pikachu in 2016, and now I see the franchise moving on to another genre again. It is a popular mobile MOBA Pokemon Unite spin-off. It’s the first Pokemon game to evolve into a MOBA, and it’s no exaggeration to say that fans really embrace it.

The game has been out for almost a year and already has a pro league known as the Pokemon Unite Championship series. This year we will be giving away $1 million in prize money across all regional competitions and the World Championship prize pool will be $500,000.

4. League of Legends: Wild Rift

The Best Mobile MOBA Games to Play in 2022

If you are a fan of League of Legends, you may be immersed in the Mobile MOBA Wildlift. The mobile version of the game was released identical to the PC version. It’s not a League of Legends site without enough salt, so it offers the same level of fun. Regardless of this well-known LoL community stereotype, it doesn’t compromise the gameplay that’s at the heart of WildRift’s success.
The game has the same arena layout as over 40 champions and literally nothing changes. This way, you can take LoL practically anywhere in your pocket, so you can quench your thirst at any time. The 15 minute game is fast paced, highly engaging and competitive. This allows you to enjoy the great satisfaction of LoL as a mobile MOBA.

3. Brawl Stars

The Best Mobile MOBA Games to Play in 2022

Brawl Stars is one of the easiest mobile MOBAs to date, but third-person shooter fans aren’t quite there. The game places the player in the combat arena. The number of battle arenas varies from team to team depending on the game mode. In confrontations you can play alone or in pairs, and in other larger game modes you can play 3v3 and 5v5 team matches. The player selects a character called Brawlers and also selects an action from when it begins.

Each brawler has their own attack, allowing players to choose the one that best suits their style of play. This adds more versatility to the game, but also adds seven different game modes to the game. All Brawl Stars games are a refreshing, rewarding and enjoyable experience and will help you maintain that position in the best mobile MOBA games of 2022.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The Best Mobile MOBA Games to Play in 2022

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not far from Wild Lift. In fact, Riot sued developer Montoon Games for essentially stealing and replicating LoL gameplay in mobile MOBAs. They called it a “blatant copycat”, but after several back and forths the case was finally dismissed. It’s no secret that the game has some ironic similarities, but Mobile Legends: Bang Bang deserves credit for being a thoroughly entertaining mobile MOBA.
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is much faster, shorter matches, and character-only lanes. When it comes to how the game works, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang doesn’t compare very well to LoL. This game offers a very good original experience that will flourish as one of the best mobile MOBA games in 2022.

Arena of Valor

The Best Mobile MOBA Games to Play in 2022

The biggest and best mobile MOBA game so far in 2022 is Arena of Valor. In fact, this game has become the top mobile MOBA game every year since its launch in 2016. The evidence speaks for itself, as mobile MOBAs still attract around 15 million players per month.

Arena of Valor is a MOBA game that primarily contributes to the growth of the mobile device genre, surpassing most PC and console games in terms of player count. This is compared to more competitors on console and PC. There is also no deceleration indicator. The 2022 Arena of Valor World Cup has a $10 million prize pool. Not too shabby we can say. In the spotlight, the other games on this list don’t offer the same level of mobile MOBA success as Arena of Valor.

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