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Lenovo Yoga C940, review: a balanced convertible

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Convertibles are in fashion, and the Lenovo Yoga series has managed to make a name for itself in the sector thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio , a reality that the Chinese giant has managed to take to another level with the Lenovo Yoga C940-14IIL.

The Lenovo Yoga C940-14IIL is a convertible that, at first glance, does not attract much attention. This is due to its classic design, where angular lines prevail, but as soon as we open it we realize that we are not dealing with just another convertible. Lenovo has shaped a refined team , and has known how to make a difference by taking care of even the smallest detail .

Lenovo Yoga C940

During the last two weeks, I have had the opportunity to test a unit of the Lenovo Yoga C940, specifically its 14-inch version with a 1080p screen , a model that, in my opinion, is the most interesting for the average user, since the variant With a 4K screen it has a higher price and sacrifices autonomy to be able to feed that enormous amount of pixels.

Today, finally, I am ready to share my impressions with all of you . Before beginning, I invite you to make yourself comfortable since, as usual, there is a lot to read. Now yes, we begin.

Lenovo Yoga C940: first look and experience of use

As we anticipated, the Lenovo Yoga C940 has a classic cut design with very sharp angular lines, which gives it a sober finish, but elegant at the same time. This makes it a perfect option for professionals, creatives and artists, as it fits seamlessly into any workspace, and also for demanding consumers looking for a touch of class. It is available in two colors, steel gray (the one we have tested) and mica.

As soon as you pick it up, its build quality is evident. The Lenovo Yoga C940 uses an aluminum chassis , and the sensations it transmits to the touch could not be better. It doesn’t matter which way we hold it, or how we move it, the solidity of the Lenovo Yoga C940 is total, and it does not present any type of noise or strange effect that could call into question its construction quality.

The keyboard layout reminds me a lot of what I’ve seen on other Lenovo laptops and convertibles. Its keys adopt a square finish with rounded edges, and have a short and soft touch that facilitates the user experience, which makes working for hours quite comfortable. How could it be otherwise, the keyboard is backlit , something positive both aesthetically and functionally, since it makes it easier for us to work in environments with low or no ambient lighting.

We now jump to talking about the screen, one of the most important components of any laptop or convertible. The Lenovo Yoga C940 mounts a 14-inch touch panel with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, although there is a version that raises the resolution to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (4K). The panel is of the IPS type, which means that it offers perfect viewing angles at 178 degrees, is compatible with Dolby Vision and has a maximum brightness of 400 nits. The quality of the screen is really good , and it has perfect viewing angles, as we had previously indicated.

The Lenovo Yoga C940’s screen bezels are quite reasonable for a new-generation convertible, and the touch interface’s response is excellent. The Lenovo Yoga C940 comes with a rechargeable battery-powered stylus that sits in a dedicated space, located just above the power button. To extract it, we just have to pull it out slightly. When we’re done using it, we can put it back and let it reload automatically. It is a very interesting approach, since this saves us from having to pay attention to loading it periodically.

The integration of the stylus is total, and the response is outstanding. I have not noticed any lag or errors when drawing directly on the screen, even when drawing fast lines with light taps and long strokes in the pre-drawing phase. It is also very convenient to use it to navigate the Windows 10 interface in specific situations, without having to resort to the touch pad. The dedicated space, and its rechargeable battery, are two important keys that greatly improve the user experience,  since once you finish using the stylus you put it away and don’t worry.

Regarding biometric authentication, the Lenovo Yoga C940 has a fingerprint reader, located on the right side of the keyboard (just below it), and also offers facial recognition through the front camera. The response of both systems is very good, but I prefer to use the fingerprint reader. The configuration process is very simple, and the unlocking of the equipment occurs practically instantly. I have not had any problems with fingerprint detection, not even a reading error that forced me to repeat the process.

If you are concerned about privacy, you can rest easy, the front camera has a blocking system that allows us to cover it completely . These types of systems are a true “wink” to the radical measures that some users took years ago, covering the camera of their equipment with black electrical tape.

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