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The best accessories for the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

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If you have a flagship like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, obviously you must have the best accessories for these devices. In this way you can get the most out of them.

Whether you like listening to music, watching movies, conveniently and effectively charging your phone, playing video games , etc. We have interesting high-quality accessories for each of these activities.

We will see an interesting list with the best options for each section and in this way you can make the most of your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra .

Essential accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Therefore, we are going to see what are the best accessories that you can buy to use with your Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Luckily, we have a huge variety.

wireless charger samsung 15w

Samsung 15W Wireless Charger

Nothing is more comfortable than wirelessly charging your Samsung Galaxy Note at full speed. By itself, the wireless charger holder looks very elegant anywhere. Works with any Qi-certified device.

This mount comes with Fast Charge 2.0 which can make your phone charge fast. In addition, you can charge it horizontally or vertically so you can watch series or movies, make video calls or anything you can think of while charging it, since it comes with a cooling fan included.

Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is an IP68-certified smartwatch that is remarkably light and thin, making it extremely comfortable. It is also capable of resisting up to 50 meters in water and has top quality materials.

Thanks to its rotating bezel, interacting with the interface of this smartwatch is simply a pleasure, making it one of the most comfortable on the market. You will be able to synchronize it with any Samsung mobile device quickly.

Galaxy Buds Live para samsung note 20

Galaxy Buds Live

We cannot deny that the Galaxy Buds Live are simply great in every sense of the word. Active noise cancellation ensures that low-frequency background noise can be reduced by up to 97%. What does this mean? That, if you are on the street you will not hear people talking around you, nor the traffic, the same if you are in the office or a dining room.

In turn, it has three microphones that have jaw sensors so that in this way the sound quality improves considerably and thanks to the function called Buds Together we can listen to music with a friend as its name indicates.

Galaxy Buds Live is fully compatible with Spotify and Bixby. The duration of its battery can be almost eight hours. It has its own charging case how could it be otherwise.

ANC Type-C Hearing Aids

Many people still prefer the classic and find wired headphones more practical. In this case, Samsung’s Type-C ANCs are a first-rate economic option. The ergonomic design with white rubber ensures that we can use them for many hours without being disturbed and thus achieve not only that, but better sound quality.

You will be able to do everything that we can usually do with quality headphones: lower and raise the volume, play, pause, skip, and best of all, we can also make hands-free calls.

Portable Charger

And we’re not going to recommend just any kind of portable charger. If not, we will talk about the RAVPower, which is a 20,000 mAh portable battery , with it it will be very difficult for you to run out of battery at some point.

Its ports are USB-C with the Power Delivery standard of up to 18 W and it also has a QC 3.0 output port and another Lightning port for Apple devices. Although, it will not charge the phone quickly, but you make sure you are never without it.

Don’t forget a cover

Official Samsung cases made of silicone can not only last a considerable amount of time, but are also very soft and comfortable. They offer us a good level of protection for our Note 20. In this way we will have our phone protected from blows and any kind of fall.

Controller to play on samsung galaxy note 20 and 20 ultra

Start playing at another level

For those who are lovers of video games for mobile devices. A control that has support for our phone is essential and the difference in terms of performance in competitive games like Free Fire, for example. It is very noticeable.

The PowerA MOGA XP5-Plus has a design extremely similar to that of an Xbox controller. But it will not only work for mobile devices. If not, you can also use it on the Microsoft console and a Windows PC.

SanDisk MicroSD Card

We cannot deny that the storage that the 256 GB notes bring is an amount of space that will be enough for the vast majority of people for many years. However, you may need even more. In this case, the Note 20 does not allow expansion through the MicroSD card. However, in the case of the Note 20 Ultra we can add one of up to 1 TB.

We recommend using a SanDisk MicroSD card of no more than 256 GB . If you add to this the adapter to be able to transfer files from the card to a PC, then you will have practically unlimited space.

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