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We tell you which is the best eReader: which e-book you have to buy

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Reading on an eReader is much more enjoyable than you might imagine: virtual dictionaries, underlining, picking up where you left off, and hundreds of ebooks at your fingertips without weighing you down. Choosing the best eReader is very easy by following these tips that we propose.

Did you know that in a 4 GB eReader you can store approximately 3,000 books ? That’s how it is. eReaders have important advantages over paper and are the ideal option to give as a gift (and self-gift) to any lover of reading. Being able to carry an entire library with electronic books is much easier, without folding pages or carrying extra weight, it is a great alternative. Take your favorite books anywhere, review those mythical passages and always with the comfort of a thin and light screen. The ebooks library contains an infinite number of titles without leaving out any of the classics, nor, of course, any of the new releases. In addition to being a much more sustainable option with the environment, and we avoid generating waste.

But it is important to know how to find the right eReader for each type of reader, since not all of them are based on electronic ink. How many inches should the screen be? Is it important that it be backlit? In what format are the books downloaded? In this article we answer these and other questions.

An eReader to read digital books

Almost 70% of Spaniards read, according to the Reading Habits Barometer. And, of this percentage, a good part already does it from the mobile.

Although reading on the smartphone screen is an alternative, it will always be more uncomfortable than doing it on the wide screen of an electronic reader, designed for this purpose and equipped with the appropriate tools —for example, buttons to jump to a page or chapter. The eReader market is very broad.  There are even dozens of touch-resistant models with shock resistance.

Of course, before continuing, it is worth making a small clarification. eReaders are the best alternative to reading digitally thanks to their digital ink and grayscale gradation. But if you are only going to read digital magazines and comics, you should bet on a tablet, since it will show the images in full color. Now yes, let’s see what qualities an eReader needs to pass the exam.

If we add LED backlighting to this , the eReader becomes a reader for both day and night, being able to continue a chapter exactly where we left off in the dim light of our bedroom without having to resort to additional lights or suffering from eyestrain.

The first tip: it is recommended to bet on a resolution of no less than 100 dots per inch , although some readers double this amount, even reaching 300 dpi.

Our recommendations for the best eReaders

The worst book is the one that is not read. So, based on the previous requirements, we have prepared a list of the best eReaders that you will be able to find in our ecommerce . May the reading be with you.

E-Reader SPC Dickens Light

For those looking for a simple book reader, this SPC is an ideal option, with great autonomy thanks to a 1500 mAh Li-ion battery that provides a minimum of 40 hours of use. It has adjustable light, it comes with a protective case and its use is very intuitive.

eReader PocketBook Color

With this reader, we turn the tables. It uses a dual-core ARM processor that guarantees perfect performance. Its 6-inch color screen with front light is perfect for reading everything you want. It supports up to 19 different book formats and 4 graphics, in addition, it has audio output and a Bluetooth connection so that you can play music or listen to audiobooks. 

eReader PocketBook Color, 16 GB, 6

Tagus Gaia+ eReader

And we say goodbye by recommending one of the most comfortable readers on the market due to its Flowview system, which prevents flickering when turning pages.

The Tagus brand Gaia adds an additional advantage: its screen has an antivirus/antibacterial treatment that prevents the proliferation of bacteria on the surface . In addition, it has a large 1,700 mAh battery, which is equivalent to dozens of hours of continuous use. You can forget about the plug.

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