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Elon Musk’s Love Life: His Wives, Girlfriends and Adventures

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Elon Musk hits the headlines with his love life that frequently makes the headlines. At 51, it seems that he is not about to stop.

Elon Musk apparently had a brief affair with Sergey Brin’s wife in 2021, prompting the Google co-founder to file for divorce earlier this year. This is not the first time that one of Musk’s relations has made headlines in this way. Here is the up-to-date list of Elon Musk’s known romantic relationships .

Elon Musk: the women who were officially part of his love life

Justine Musk, Elon Musk’s first wife

Elon Musk and Justine Wilson met at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada in the late 1990s. They eventually married in 2000 and raised five sons together. This couple finally divorced in 2008 .

Talulah Riley

Elon Musk also counts Talulah Riley, the star of Westworld in 2008 among his conquests. They met in a London bar, hit it off straight away and were married two years later in 2010. The couple then separated in 2012 .

Amber Heard

If there is one woman who marked the love life of Elon Musk in the collective unconscious, it is Amber Heard.

It is not known when exactly they met. But apparently it happened on the set of the film Machete Kills in 2013. They first became friends before becoming a couple. Upon their separation, Musk also tweeted that even though they broke up, they remain friends and still love each other .

Grimes (Claire Boucher)

The pair made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Met Gala a few weeks later. They had their first child X AE A-XII in May 2020. Divorced in September 2021, they still had a daughter in March 2022. For the rest of Elon Musk’s offspring, see here.

Elon Musk: the hidden side of his love life

If previously we have listed the relations publicly displayed by Elon Musk, we deliver to you below some of the hidden conquests of the billionaire. While some have been confirmed, others remain at the rumor stage.

Natasha Bassett

Some sources claim that Elon Musk and Natasha have had a rather rocky relationship for the past few years . The love life of the Tesla boss is also of this kind.

Shivon Zilis

On July 6, 2022, a publication reported that Elon Musk and Shivon Zilis had twins. The latter would have come into the world just a few weeks before the arrival of another child of Elon Musk with Grimes.

Nicole Shanahan: the last part of Elon Musk’s love life

Elon Musk’s love life is definitely tumultuous. So Shanahan’s ex-husband and the Tesla boss were good friends before Musk and Shanahan’s brief affair. Sergey Brin reportedly accepted Musk’s apology, but they are no longer on good terms. It is not known, however, if these rumors reporting that Shanahan would be part of the women of the love life of Elon Musk are founded or not.

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