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Ecoterrorism: are we heading for years of lead?

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While France is experiencing soaring energy prices and a rush towards wood heating, the Senate this week voted and enriched the bill on renewable energies.

France is paying for the lack of preparation of its infrastructure policy and in particular its energy policy; but not only because the causes are multiple and still debated. From the global inflation provoked by the central banks to the Ukrainian conflict, one of the most eluded causes is undoubtedly the ecological thinking which takes the West back 75 years on the social level and the maintenance in a war economy tinged with Malthusianism. .

As in the debate on pensions, gesticulations around the climate will remain sterile as long as they do not come out of the deadly framework of statism, a framework that is a source of inflation and misery but which would no longer be enough.

Like any religion, the ecological religion is based on its apocalypse. The urgency of this creates a well-known depression in the youngest, eco-anxiety, leading to sterilization or even suicide in some cases. This urgency also creates its fanatics, such as the ridiculous agitprop operations in museums by thrill-seeking teenagers.

Recently, what is part of the latest version of communism has taken on a new face, much less laughable and much more violent.

Events in Sainte-Soline

This new face has been embodied in recent days in a small town in Deux-Sèvres with less than 400 inhabitants.

A few kilometers from Niort, the commune of Sainte-Soline has for several weeks been the subject of a struggle between farmers and environmental activists over a mega-basin project, a water storage structure intended to allow farmers anticipate summer droughts. Of the 16 reserves developed by some 400 farmers and validated in 2018, it is the one located in the Sèvre and Mignon basins that since September has aroused the indignation of several environmental organizations and organizations for the defense of archaeological heritage as well as geographers and of hydrogeologists.

A legitimate indignation at the height of the scientific debate on a subject having an impact on groundwater but which was quickly overflowed on the weekend of October 28 by a demonstration however prohibited in the face of the risk of ZAD and bringing together several thousand people. . This demonstration ended in violent clashes and around sixty gendarmes were injured.

Among the participants in this demonstration are nearly 400 Black blocs, ultra-left activists, as well as former demonstrators from Notre-Dame-Des-Landes, a guerrilla site for nearly 4 years between 2014 and 2018.

Since the demonstrations of the weekend of All Saints, we see appearing a convergence with anti-capitalist and anti-globalization demonstrators from Attac, the NPA or even Oxfam.

The ultra-left at the maneuver

This convergence is nothing new and perfectly illustrates the real intentions of the rebels.

On September 23, this violence hit Le Bourget airport. Terminal 1 of Europe’s leading business airport was blocked by activists from Attac and Extinction Rebellion in order to denounce “the ultra-rich”.

After the attacks on golf courses or the summer wave of SUV tire deflation, the escalation of environmentalist violence is nothing but the mutation of socialist violence.

This violence has earned several passes of arms, including within EELV itself.

A far left in the process of radicalization

The first pass of arms will have been between the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The first will evoke the rise of “ecoterrorism” when the second will accuse the minister of “slippage” before making one himself by speaking of a minister who had deputies beaten and who would have threatened them to send the RAID and the GIGN.

But it is the second pass of arms that will interest us the most: it opposes the two finalists of the primary environmentalist Yannick Jadot, whose vehicle was decked out with the sympathetic “crevure”, and Sandrine Rousseau, embodying the institutional face of the ecological radicalization by defending tooth and nail the rebels in the name of a so-called “combat” environmentalism and justifying the acts of ultra-left groups, many of whose members are also on S.

If, as criminologist Alain Bauer mentioned on CNews, terrorism has no consensual definition, the words of the Minister of the Interior reflect a certain reality.

A new Direct Action

From José Bové to Notre-Dame-Des-Landes via the Sivens dam, the French are now familiar with green activism.

This activism has become more radical as environmentalism has turned into religion with its divinity, its blasphemies, its (media) sacrifices, its apocalypse and above all its daily commandments reminiscent of the orthopraxy of certain cults.

This mutation in religion provoked its depressed and its fanatics by definition radicalized. However, the religiosity of environmentalism was obvious to anyone who remembers that it is nothing but a new socialism.

The modern West is accustomed to fighting these threats, all of which have collectivism as their nerve center. Socialism helped to kill spirituality before replacing it with the state, and environmentalism is no exception.

In fact, the violent evolution of the environmental movement can be compared to that of the socialist movement. The ZADs are reminiscent of the events of the Paris Commune and the idea of ​​eco-terrorism denounced by Beauvau is not just a polemical view of the mind.

To convince us of this, the security expert Éric Delbecque himself offers us to spin the comparison with socialism and in particular that of the years of lead, the era of the band in Bader, the Red Brigades and Action Directe at l origin of the assassination of Régie Renault CEO Georges Besse a few steps from his home on November 17, 1986.

It is therefore not silly to evoke an escalation of the ecological movement passing from the attack on property to the direct attack on people.

Faced with this violence, which recalls other equally current ones, there are two solutions to be used in concert.

The first consists in revealing, at every moment, the trickery of environmentalism in expectation of its collapse like communism before it.

The second depends on the public authorities and is much more uncertain when we see the results of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes: to show that violence is sterile and will not succeed.

However, if we can salute Gérald Darmanin for having put words to the evils, it is a safe bet that the change will be the work of the Head of State himself. In the name of civil tranquility, Emmanuel Macron will chip away a little more at one of the main institutions of which he is the guarantor: the authority of the State. An authority weak with delinquency and strong with everyday French people and which will therefore, make no mistake, come out even more weakened by this violence.

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