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World enters ‘most dangerous’ decade since 1945, Putin says

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The Russian president spoke Thursday, October 27 at a discussion forum in Valdai, leaving little room for a de-escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

As winter approaches, and the war in Ukraine promises to be even tougher on the ground, Vladimir Putin has given no sign of a de-escalation of the conflict. Quite the contrary. Thursday, October 27, the Russian president even said that the world was entering its “most dangerous” decade since the Second World War. He also explained his remarks by the fact that, according to him, the West was seeking to maintain its domination on the planet.

“We are at a historic moment. We are undoubtedly facing the most dangerous, the most important, the most unpredictable decade” since 1945, indicated the Russian leader, in front of the discussion forum of Valdai in Moscow.

A “tectonic shift of the whole world order”

“The West is not able to lead the world, but it is trying desperately, and most of the people of the world cannot accept it”, he said, therefore judging the planet in “revolutionary situation “. According to him, the attack on Ukraine is part of this “tectonic change of the whole world order”.

Vladimir Putin also estimated that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should go “as soon as possible” to Ukraine, the Russian president accusing this neighboring country of erasing the evidence that it is preparing a “dirty bomb” .

Shortly before, he had thus described his confrontation with the West, particularly in the context of his offensive launched against Ukraine, as a fight for the very survival of Russia. “Russia is not challenging the West, Russia is just defending its right to exist,” he said again, accusing Americans and Westerners of wanting to “destroy, erase (Russia) from the map” in a new indictment against its geopolitical rivals who support and arm Ukraine to face the Russian army. In parallel with the Russian forum, Joe Biden also spoke on his side, through a press release from the White House. The US president has “no intention” of conducting a bilateral meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, which the two leaders are due to attend in November in Bali,

A visit to the IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will visit two Ukrainian sites “this week” at the request of kyiv, according to a statement, as Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses Ukraine of erasing evidence of preparations for a “dirty bomb” “The inspectors will carry out an independent verification (…) to detect any diversion of nuclear material”, explained Thursday the director general of the UN body, Rafael Grossi. After speaking behind closed doors to the UN Security Council in New York, he told reporters that the conclusions of these inspections would be “very fast”, referring to a few “days”.

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