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Climate: Emmanuel Macron wants to urge “rich non-European countries” to pay “their share”

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Emmanuel Macron announced that he would ask “rich non-European countries” to increase their financial participation with vulnerable nations, victims or potential victims of climate change.

Emmanuel Macron said he intended to urge the United States, China and other

Before the start of the COP27 negotiations, Emmanuel Macron indicated that he intended to urge the United States, China and other ”  rich non-European  ” nations to pay their fair share to help poorer countries cope. to climate change. ”  We need the United States and China to step up  ” their efforts on emissions reductions and financial support, the French president said during an exchange with French and African activists in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt). ), on the sidelines of the United Nations climate summit. They must ”  be there  “, he insisted, because ”  the Europeans pay  “, but are the ”  only ones to pay  “.

 We must put pressure on the rich non-European countries, telling them ‘you have to pay your share’  “, added Emmanuel Macron, before encouraging the great powers to “get out of coal very quickly”. Strengthening the aid allocated to the poorest countries, which are also the most affected by climatic disasters, has become one of the central issues of this international conference.

The blue planet in crisis

The summit comes as nations around the world are facing increasingly intense natural disasters: historic floods in Pakistan, repeated heat waves in Europe, fires, droughts, hurricanes… During the opening ceremony on Sunday , Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri, who chairs COP27, called on various governments to continue their efforts to combat climate change despite economic crises linked to Russia’s war against Ukraine, the shortage of energy, runaway inflation and the persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than a hundred heads of state and diplomatic representatives are expected at this event, which will continue until November 18.

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