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Cyberpunk 2077: 10 games to make you forget the failure of CD Projekt RED

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Cyberpunk 2077 game was released last December, and it is a good game in many ways, which unfortunately has its share of bugs. It is very likely that the game will become a big one in a while, after new fixes and improvements , but in the meantime, we are aware of it: players addicted to the cyberpunk universe have only one desire, that of discover other horizons.

So we bring you 10 perfect games to make you forget your disappointment if you expected more from Cyberpunk 2077 . Most of the games mentioned take you directly into the future and into a particularly attractive cyberpunk universe

1) Deus ex: manking divided (2016)

Deus Ex: Manking Divided is a first-person shooter video game (with elements borrowed from role-playing games and stealth games), all set in a cyberpunk universe. The scenario takes place two years after the events that we saw in Deus Ex: Human Revolution , which appeared in 2011 . We embark straight for the year 2029, and we again embody Adam Jensen . Augmented humans are treated like outcasts, and are totally excluded from society. Adam Jensenhas become an experienced undercover agent, and must now operate in a world that despises all of its fellow human beings. In the heart of the race for new technologies, the protagonist will have to choose who will be his allies, to dismantle this vast global conspiracy .

2) The red strings club (2018)

In The Red Strings Club , the player is propelled into a cyberpunk universe. Your goal? Foil a conspiracy fabricated from scratch by a powerful conglomerate. To do this, you will have to complete several missions. You will thus alternate between phases of investigation, and discussions with the customers of the bar . But that’s not all ! You will also have to make implants, make pieces with pottery, and even serve cocktails to satisfy your customers. To fully appreciate this cyberpunk narrative thriller , you will need to be a fine psychologist, otherwise you may not be able to thwart the Supercontinent project !

3) Va-11 Hall-A : cyberpunk bartender action (2016)

Vous voulez mixer Assassin’s Creed Valhalla et Cyberpunk ? Voici le jeu Va-11 Hall-A : Cyberpunk Bartender Action ! Vous avez compris la blague ? Le jeu se lit en fait “Valhalla : Cyberpunk Bartender Action” … Bon, on avoue, la blague n’était pas terrible, mais elle méritait d’être dite. Oui, car dans les faits, le jeu n’a vraiment rien à voir avec AC Valhalla. Il s’agit d’un jeu vidéo indépendant de simulation de barman, aux visuels directement inspirés des animes, et qui se déroule dans un univers cyberpunk. Vous jouerez le rôle de Jill, une barmaid d’un petit bar underground au sein d’un centre-ville dystopique, au beau milieu des années 2070. The plot of the game is directly influenced by the drinks you decide to serve !

4) Ruin (2017)

Ruin is an action-packed shooter set in the year 2091, within a cyberpunk metropolis . You play as a masked, silent protagonist who is also a sociopath with cybernetic implants. The latter tries to save his brother, kidnapped by a powerful group that controls said metropolis, called Rengkok . You will have few allies in your adventure, except for a mysterious hacker. 

If you want to get this game, it’s here. Be careful though , the game is not recommended for people with epilepsy .

5) Observe: system redux (2020)

Observer: System Redux is the enhanced and expanded version of the Observer game . This is a survival horror type video, which plunges you directly into the year 2084 . You will be projected into a very dark cyberpunk universe , which has been impacted by wars and disease. On your side, you will play as a neuro-investigator who can hack the minds of others. This will help you analyze their thoughts and feelings in order to stop a killer who is resisting you .

6) Remember me (2013)

Here is finally a game Made in France! Remember Me is a third-person action-adventure video game. The story takes place in 2084 in a Neo-Paris. This new society allows citizens to modify their memories and exchange them. This creates a whole new form of crime, with “memory hunters”. You will play the character of Nilin, a former memory hunter who goes in search of her stolen past.

7) Cloudpunk (2020)

Cloudpunk is an adventure video game in which you will embody the character of Rania, who left her native countryside to join the megalopolis of Nivalis. She manages to be hired as a delivery girl for the Cloupunk company , whose activities are on the verge of illegality. Rania will deliver packages no questions asked, but  the missions that are coming will quickly become more perilous . This cyberpunk game will have you encountering many different characters, from humans to androids to AIs.

8) Prey (2017)

Prey is a first-person shooter video game, in which you play the character of Morgan Yu , a subject of particularly dubious experiments, which aim to improve the human race. You will wake up on board the Talos I in the year 2032, and you will have to try to unlock the secrets of this space station, while being hunted by aliens. This is a gripping sci-fi thriller, where the fate of Talos I and all its occupants lies in your hands .

9) Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (2016)

Mirror ‘s Edge Catalyst is an action-adventure game in which you play the character of Faith, a Messenger who fights for freedom within the City of Glass, an ultramodern city . This is a reboot of Mirror’s Edge , since the game looks back on Faith Connors’ childhood, as well as her return to the Messengers after serving two years in prison. First-person gameplay lets you combine fluid movement with advanced combat capabilities to best dominate the urban elements around you .

10) Shadowrun: hong kong (2015)

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is a tactical RPG-like video game that follows on from Shadowrun Returns . It is thus the third standard e of the Harebrained Schemes studios, and also transports us to a cyberpunk universe (and directly to 2056). From the start, your adoptive father asks you to join him in Hong Kong as soon as possible and as soon as you land, you will be attacked. No doubt possible: someone obviously wants to harm your life. You will become a Shadowrunner , and you will carry out the many quests of this universe (a little extra for the side quests, which are often particularly engaging!).

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