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5 series that you can avoid watching even if Netflix recommends them

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All that glitters on Netflix is ​​not gold. And, with the incredible saturation of content that we have in the world of ‘streaming’, we have no time to waste. 

Welcome to the Jungle! Well, perhaps we are exaggerating a bit, but the essence is the same: it is increasingly difficult to select what is worthwhile on our platforms and bet, instead, on the jewels that sometimes go unnoticed. Of course, each viewer has his personal tastes and interests, and what one considers recommendable will not necessarily be for another. However, tastes aside, there are titles in which, for better or for worse, we can agree. And this is the case with these five recent Netflix series, which we recommend that you avoid as many times as they appear in your ‘home’ while you are looking for something to watch. You are warned.

Jupiter’s Legacy

jupiter's legacy


Beyond Marvel and DC Comics, Mark Millar created on paper a different league of superheroes who face the same dilemma as always: where are the limits of superheroic power? Who watches the watchers? ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’, now turned into a Netflix series, shows us a combination of superheroes of the third age with young promises, veterans and their successors, in the fight to protect the world without exceeding their role in the flow of the world . Where series like ‘The Boys’ triumphed with their gore hooliganism and ‘Watchmen’ with their profound discourse on racism in the United States, this one remains in familiar and poorly explored places.

Ginny and Georgia

brianne howey and antonia gentry in 'ginny and georgia'

Critics defined it as the dark version of ‘Gilmore Girls’ , and it is that its story presents more serious conflicts that make life difficult for its young protagonists. ‘Ginny and Georgia’ follows teenager Ginny ( Antonia Gentry ) and her mother Georgia ( Brianne Howey ), who move to another city in search of a new start for their lives. But the past always comes back, and it will be the main obstacle to your happiness, your relationships and your future. If you like soap opera-style dramas with secrets and personal problems, the kind you ask for more than a little entertainment so you don’t think too much, this is a suitable series. But actually, this can be counted among the worst series on Netflix in 2021.

Behind his eyes

behind her eyes netflix


If something must be granted to this series, it is its capacity for surprise: you will not believe the aces that history has up its sleeve . ‘Behind their eyes’ became Netflix’s ‘hot topic’ for a few days thanks to a story that begins as a story of infidelity and ended up taking a crazy turn with supernatural touches and identity theft. The series follows a single mother, Louise ( Simona Brown ), who begins a relationship with her new boss, David ( Tom Bateman ), who is married to the mysterious Adele ( Eve Hewson ).), who perhaps knows more than he seems. Once he’s revealed his gimmicky twists, what’s left is less than satisfying. Even some of his narratives fall into homophobia. All in all, it’s not worth the trip.

Crime Scene: Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel

documentary about elisa lam on netflix


The euphoria of ‘true crime’ on platforms like Netflix has led to series like ‘Hotel Cecil: The Disappearance of Elisa Lam’, which really has nothing to tell. The Elisa Lam case obsessed the world in 2013 : a video from a security camera showed this 21-year-old girl acting strangely in the elevator of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, where she was staying on vacation, and she woke up numerous theories that intensified when his body was found on the roof of the building. Although the documentary does an exhaustive job trying to discredit all the false theories that spread on the internet, it also feeds on them to fill out four episodes that would have ended in one.




We love stories about astronauts and space missions, but also that they tell us new things. In ‘Away,’ two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank leads the first manned mission to Mars with an international team filled with problems and misunderstandings. Created by Andrew Hinderaker (‘Penny Dreadful’) and Jessica Goldberg (‘The Path’), the series isn’t bad, but it fails to find fertile ground in an already exploited genre and with characters that haven’t finished blossoming. The result? It’s been canceled by Netflix after this first season, so it gives us another reason to avoid it: we won’t be able to see how it continues anyway. Although, if you still want to travel to space, don’t miss ‘For all humanity’.

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