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What to see near Lisbon: Comporta – Portugal

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Although the Portuguese capital has magic no matter where you look at it, the surroundings are not for less. There are many things to see near Lisbon that are worth it, and among them is Comporta, a jewel of Portugal.

Perhaps you have never heard of this parish that is located in the estuary (and nature reserve) of the Sado River, opposite Setúbal. And that is why today I come to show you a little about the wonders that beautiful Comporta in Portugal keeps.

Comporta is located at the beginning of the Tróia peninsula and its main economic activities include agriculture (especially rice cultivation), fishing and tourism, which has gradually taken shape thanks to its natural and scenic wealth.

The history of this town is curious, since the name Comporta , takes it precisely from the verb “Behave” , because in its origin, the place was a settlement of black slaves, encouraged to behave well . Today, it is a place with a great variety of terrestrial and marine fauna, which includes species such as flamingos or storks.

Portugal has incredible corners and it is a perfect country to visit from Spain, because it has everything : gastronomy, friendly people, nature routes, impressive sunsets, beaches and a fascinating history and culture. So today we are going to Comporta, Portugal, a quiet, bohemian place with a lot of life that surely will not surprise you.

Comporta – Portugal: What to see near Lisbon

If you dare to spend a few days touring the beauties near Lisbon, here are some places to see that you should not miss. The best thing is to stay in Comporta as your base of operations (because it’s gorgeous) and from there do different routes.

Cais Palafítico da Carrasqueira

Surely you have heard of the stilt houses of Castro Chiloé, those constructions over the sea supported on wooden pillars. Well, Comporta in Portugal also has its own stilt houses, in this case, in the port of Carrasqueira. Interestingly, it is the only architecture of its kind in all of Europe and it has been in use since the 1950s.

It is a perfect place to take photos and visit it at high tide and again at low tide, because they seem to be two completely different places from each other.

Sado River Estuary Cruise

A cruise through the Sado estuary and the Arrábida coast will serve to better understand the environmental value of the area, but also to learn about the way of life of its inhabitants, have a good time with the family and, above all, enjoy unforgettable landscapes. and the friendly dolphins and flamingos.

The routes can last up to 5 hours and some of them include a tasting menu with wine tasting. The company Vertigem Azul leaves from Tróia and the activities start at €35.

Arrábida Natural Park

This park is one of the most valuable natural sites in Portugal , and in order to preserve it, some of its parts can only be visited with an authorized guide. Inside there are hiking trails and accessible bike paths to contemplate the beautiful landscapes that this park keeps, where the limestone cliffs and the fine sand beaches with crystal clear waters stand out. One of the most incredible places to see near Lisbon!


This beautiful booming town is one of Alentejo’s best kept secrets south of Comporta and Portugal. Melides is in the middle of a stretch of more than 60 kilometers of Atlantic Ocean coastline that remain almost intact, with pristine beaches surrounded by vineyards, rice paddies and cork oak groves. Don’t forget to visit Fontainhas beach!

Fuerte de Sao Filipe

The Sao Filipe fort was built during the Spanish occupation, starting in 1582, under the reign of Felipe I, to strengthen the defense of Setúbal against piracy.

In the 20th century it was classified as a National Monument and various restoration works were carried out until it ended up working as a guest house.

Comporta – Portugal: What to do near Lisbon

In addition to the places to see in Comporta, in this area of ​​Portugal there are various activities that will delight anyone. Whether you are traveling with family or friends, leave time for improvisation and the occasional surprise.

Ferry from Setúbal to Comporta, Portugal

You cannot miss this crossing from Setúbal to Comporta, because the view of the Tróia peninsula it offers is spectacular. The Atlantic Ferries company makes this connection service every half hour, so it is not necessary to book in advance. 

Surf class

The area of ​​Portugal near Comporta is not as well known as others for surfing (such as Peniche), but it is no less interesting for that. The wild coasts of Comporta attract more and more visitors in search of adrenaline waves . It doesn’t matter if you are new to surfing or have experience, there are spots for all levels.

Visit some of the best beaches in Portugal in Comporta

The beaches of Comporta and its surroundings are one of the best reasons to escape to this corner near Lisbon. Wild, with immense sandbanks and transparent and turquoise waters, there are beaches that you will not forget. Take note:

  • Tróia Beach : It actually joins two beaches (Galé and Mar), each with its own peculiarities. The first, in the open sea, and the second at the end of the peninsula closing the Sado estuary. If you feel up to it, take a walk by the sea. The scenery is a delight!
  • Soltróia : It is the next beach on the peninsula towards Comporta. It is quieter and less frequented than the previous ones. Do not miss it because it offers views of the Arrábida and a sand that turns ocher at sunset.
  • Comporta : Comporta’s own beach. In Portugal it is one of the most fashionable beaches near Lisbon. It preserves the original dune vegetation, surrounded by pine forests, and the sea lends itself to kitesurfing.
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