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15 tips to travel alone and live the best experience

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We are afraid of getting bored, of not being able to meet people or even of not being able to communicate if it is a different language from ours. In this note we are going to give you some advice so that you can enjoy your solo trip to the fullest .

1- Choose your destination well and plan your itinerary

Before traveling, we recommend that you look in advance at what you can do once at your destination, so you won’t waste time and can enjoy yourself to the fullest. You can even share your itinerary with a family member or friend so they know where you are or are staying. Some destinations are better if you decide to travel alone, do not hesitate to check the internet or visit travel blogs to choose the destination country.

2- Book your transport in advance

Once you establish your itinerary, book your transportation , from the airport or station transfer to your accommodation and for your trips during your vacations. Do not hesitate to read the advice pages for travelers, so as not to waste time and fall into tourist traps , for example, in taking a taxi instead of a bus.

3-Choose your accommodation well

Accommodation if you travel alone  is very important as it can influence when it comes to meeting new people. Hostels and lodges are better than hotels for meeting other solo travelers. They have common areas and often propose rooms that you share with other people.

You also have the option of Airbnb where you can rent a room in a private house, of Homestay that offers you the same thing and also Coachsurfing , you stay for free in a house, these three options will allow you to meet locals or natives.

4-Talk to local people

Even if you don’t speak the language of the country where you go, try to communicate as much as possible with the locals. If you don’t feel safe you can prepare a list of some words or phrases to survive during your vacation. There are also many conversation books with various situations in which you may find yourself. If you’re lost, don’t hesitate to ask your way or if you’re taking long bus or train rides, and smile when trying to make eye contact with the passengers.

5- Sign up for a “Free Walking Tour” or another activity

It is a good idea to get to know the destination and to meet new people . You can ask where you are staying if they offer excursions and you can even ask other people if they want to go. There are also “Free Tours”, they are very fashionable in the cities and it is an opportunity to meet, talk and share with travelers.

6- Take a free cell phone with you

When you travel, it is best to take a free cell phone with you or even buy it at the destination. So you can buy a SIM card and stay in touch with other people and have local emergency numbers on hand as well. 

7- Maintain communication

It is important to keep in touch with your family or friends so that they know that everything is fine and that you are enjoying your trip. Also, you can download some apps to make yourself easier to meet people.

8- Join other travelers

The important thing during a trip is to discover and share your impressions. If it is the first time you are going to travel alone and you are afraid of loneliness, we advise you to do everything to meet other people. 

9- Bring a padlock and secure your personal belongings

If you are going to sleep in shared rooms with strangers, bring a lock to secure your personal belongings while you are not in the room. In most lodgings there is a safe in the rooms where you can leave your things.

10- Secure your important documents

During any trip it is important to take care of your important documents: passport, identity document, bank cards, etc… You can keep the documents in the safe and also scan them in order to have a copy with you. You can even send a copy of your documents to someone you trust in your country in case you lose the original.

11- Plan the cash you take with you

If you are traveling alone, we recommend that you take a  small amount of cash with you in case something happens. It is best to withdraw a small amount of money at ATMs but first verify that your bank does not charge you significant commissions. In this case, it is better to take out a large amount of money and keep it in a safe place. 

12- Make it!

If the first few days you can’t make travel companions and you get bored, buy a book , listen to music,  etc… try to occupy yourself to pass the time.

13- Know the destination and its least safe or problematic areas

If you are traveling in a city that has dangerous neighborhoods, find out beforehand or ask the locals or taxi drivers so that you do not get lost in these areas.

14- Avoid walking at night

Depending on where you are, although you have to be careful everywhere, avoid walking alone at night . If it is late, we recommend that you ask for a taxi or use public transport, so you are not left alone at night. If you want you can even leave a note in your room where it is written the place where you are going if you know it.

15- Share your table if you don’t want to eat alone

If you stay in a hostel or a hostel it is very common to share your food with other people and contact becomes easy. 

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