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Top 10 most visited monuments in the world 2022

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10 most visited monuments in the world, maybe you were thinking of the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower? Surprise, they do not even appear in this classification. Get ready to take a short tour of the globe through the sites that attract the most visitors.

1. Japan: Senso-ji temple

Senso-ji Temple

It is in Tokyo that 30 million visitors visit this temple which is the oldest in Tokyo. It was built in honor of the bodhisattva goddess Kannon.

Sensoji Temple (Asakusa) is the first Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The name of the temple dates back to 1163, when two brothers discovered a statue of Kannon in the Sumida River and decided to make it a small temple where all the inhabitants could worship. Legend has it that it was built here when, in the 7th century, two brothers found a statue of Kannon in the Sumida River and dedicated it as a small temple for all the locals to worship.

2. Mexico: the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

With a diameter of 100 meters and a central column 42 meters high, this circular place is visited by 20 million visitors a year.

The Basilica of Saint Mary of Guadalupe attracts visitors from all walks of life who are moved for a variety of reasons when visiting Mexico City. It is undoubtedly a social and cultural phenomenon, as well as a religious phenomenon. For the Catholic Church it is the main religious reference point in Latin America, while for the local economy it is an important tourist attraction.

3. China: Beijing, the Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Impressively, the Forbidden City attracts around 15.3 million visitors. This is the Imperial Family Palace.

The Qing Dynasty Palace, known as 紫禁城, was the seat of the Chinese monarchy for nearly 500 years. The emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties made this place their official headquarters as well as the sporting and ceremonial center of the empire. This magnificent and gigantic complex was the residence and daunting court of twenty-three emperors.

4. France: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Notre Dame of Paris

Two centuries were needed to build this monument erected in homage to the Virgin Mary. Each year, 14 million visitors flock there.

Notre Dame de Paris… These two words are enough to remind you of one of the most famous monuments in Paris. The construction of the monument lasted almost 200 years from the beginning of the 12th century. Then the site fell into oblivion until Victor Hugo revived it with his novel of the same name, Notre-Dame de Paris (1831). So why give his name to his cathedral? It should be understood that it is associated with

5. Vatican: St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

Visited by 11 million faithful and visitors, it is the most important monument for the Catholic religion, built over 120 years.

St. Peter’s Basilica is a Renaissance-style building located in the city of Rome. The basilica was to be built over the burial place of Saint Peter, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus and the first bishop of Rome. Popes are now buried inside the basilica to maintain this tradition.

The old St. Peter’s Basilica was restored between 1506 and 1626, when the Sagrada Familia was built to replace it. It was designed by the best masters of the time, such as Donato Bramante, Michelangelo, Carlo Maderno and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The construction of the new chapel took place in 1656 with important influences from Bologna as well as Renaissance influences including Giulio Romano. -> The Holy Family was erected between 1506 and 1626.

6. China: The Great Wall

Great Wall

Built to protect the kingdom from barbarian invaders, it measures 6,700 km. Visited by 10.7 million tourists, it is the largest building in the world.

The Great Wall of China is a miracle in the history of world architecture and the greatest military defense project of the past. It was not just a continuous line, but was formed from two points along its entire length, with passes, military fortresses, Guancheng and military towns along the Great Wall.

7. Paris: The Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

On the Montmartre hill, the basilica attracts 10.5 million visitors who come to admire its unique Romano-Byzantine style.

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, one of the holiest shrines in Paris, sits atop Montmartre, a 130-meter-high hill overlooking spectacular scenes of Paris.

Created in 1875 by Paul Abadie, the basilica was completed in 1914. It was consecrated as a basilica five years after its construction (October 16, 1919).

8. France: The Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum

It is the busiest museum in the world with 9.3 million visitors coming to admire the countless ancient works listed.

The Louvre Museum is the largest museum in France. It is also the most popular art museum in the world. It was the first museum to change the game, putting the private collections of the aristocracy and the monarchy in a general gallery for all the public, which opened in 1793.

9. Australia: The Sydney Opera House

Sydney opera

An incredible architecture in shells covered by 1 million white tiles; the Sydney Opera House attracts 8.2 million people.

10. Thailand: The Royal Palace of Bangkok

Bangkok Royal Palace

Built in 1867, it symbolizes the Thai monarchy; the 8 million visitors come here to admire the famous Emerald Buddha.

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