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The 10 Scariest Haunted Houses in America

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Haunted houses make us shiver, but when it comes to discovering them in real life, the horror is at its height. Find out which are the ten most haunted houses in the world.

You thought haunted houses were just a myth? Well these houses just might be able to change your mind.

If, on the other hand, you are a fan of horror movies and other horror stories, then this article is for you!

On this Halloween day, it was a good omen to tell you about the most fearsome haunted houses that can be found in the United States, like the terrible house in Amityville.

For a few centuries, America has allowed sometimes strange houses to be built, each one reputed to be haunted for their paranormal activity or having a horrifying past.

From spooky hotels to houses where a murder took place, each house has its own story… and its own ghosts!

If haunted houses are still a myth for many, many houses were said to be haunted until it was officially confirmed and proven, enough to send chills down your spine.

Here is a list in pictures of the 10 most appalling haunted houses in the United States, houses where you would certainly not want to set foot in them!

haunted houses Whaley-House

1 – Whaley House

Dubbed “the most haunted house in America”, a criminal is said to have been hanged there and is said to haunt the place. It is possible to visit the house and attend a film screening.

haunted houses Amityville House

2 – Amityvile House

Well known for the murders that founded its history, thanks to the various films dedicated to it, the Amityville house is among the most terrifying. Today inhabited, the small skylights that made it special have been transformed into modern windows, due in particular to the curious visitors who gathered every day in front of the house.

Joshua-Ward-House haunted houses

3 – Joshua Ward House

This house was built in the heart of the Salem witch trials. 19 people accused of witchcraft were hanged or burned on the grounds of this house, leaving the property haunted by the dead. If you are interested this house is for sale for $900,000!

Queen Mary haunted houses

4 – The Queen Mary

Known during World War II as the “Grey Ghost”, this ship is host to a legion of paranormal passengers. Haunted by the spirits of American soldiers but also by the many people who died on board. Now a hotel and a museum, it has become a mythical place.

haunted houses Lalaurie-House

5 – Lalaurie House

Fans of American Horror Story: Coven might be horrified to learn that Delphine LaLaurie – a sadistic slave owner who performed cruel tortures on her household staff – was a real person. The ghost of this ignoble person would still haunt the place today.

haunted houses Lizzie-Borden-House

6 – Lizzie Borden House

Within the walls of this house, Lizzie Borden would have murdered her parents. A guest room now exists in this house haunted by Lizzie’s late parents.

Franklin Castle haunted houses

7 – Franklin Castle

Witness to many murders, including the murder of five children, this house has everything from the perfect haunted house. Although it cannot be visited, you can still take a look at its exterior while passing through Ohio City.

Lemp-Mansion haunted houses

8 – Lemp Mansion

Although very pretty, this house is no less cursed. The family who built this house were victims of bad luck ranging from untimely deaths to other mysterious tragedies. The unfortunate events that happened there have left an indelible mark, that some members of the Lemb family can still be heard on certain nights.

Kreischer-Mansion haunted houses

9 – Screecher Mansion

With its violent history, this house has multiple ghosts. The original owner committed suicide in this house, his spirit still residing there. More recently, a caretaker pleaded guilty to a murder he allegedly committed at this house.

Myrtles-Plantation haunted houses

10 – Myrtles Plantation

When attorney William Winter was shot by an unknown person outside his Louisiana home, he died trying to climb the stairs inside the house. 12 ghosts still persist today in this strange dwelling.

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