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Here are the group games for adults to play at parties!

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Each of us has experienced what it means to participate in a party where you don’t know anyone or, vice versa, where everyone has known each other for so long that the topics are always the same and the time together becomes a bit boring.

Remedying these “social suicides” could be much easier than you think: just a little inventiveness, some ideas and you can organize group games for adults to liven up your party.

Party games for adults on various occasions

entertainment games for adults

Choosing a series of games to play in groups at parties is not only a nice way to liven up an evening, but it is also something fun to offer to your friends who are now all of age.

Always remember the tastes of the guests and try not to propose things that would not be appreciated.

Equally important will be to think about the space, the location where you have decided to hold your party or evening, the number of guests and whether the realization will require a budget or not for gadgets or equipment.

1. Birthday party games for adults

games for adult birthday parties

If you have decided to enliven your birthday with a series of games and fun, you need to plan ahead.

But how to animate a party? An original idea could be to hold a themed party, where everyone will have to identify with a character or an era, wearing suitable clothes and make-up.

Ideas for a themed party

You can choose from several group games for children aged 18 and over, such as drinking games or fun games, which include forming teams and challenges among the guests. Think, for example, of the game of the flag, or the game of the chair, in which when the music is turned off you have to sit down, and whoever remains without a seat is eliminated.

Instead, if you are planning a birthday party for 30, 40, or 50 years , you can also think of a surprise party , as these are special milestones in people’s lives. For example, blindfold the birthday boy and take him to the location, giving him clues to understand where you are going.

Ideas for a surprise party

If you find the right location or you can afford to hire a professional entertainer, an Invitation to Dinner with a Murder for Birthday is certainly one of the most particular and unusual themed parties with which to entertain guests.

Another idea for the party is the classic general knowledge quiz : trying your hand at a group quiz is always fun, so think about including a playful moment like this, for your birthday party. If you still have the Trivial Pursuit question cards somewhere, you could use those, or, patiently, create your own. If you like, give each guest an object to book with in response: whistles, bells, musical instruments and so on and so forth … the effect will be deafening, but absolutely hilarious.

2. Group games for graduation party

games for graduation party

Graduation is one of the most important moments in life and celebrating it in the right way is essential!

Whether you want to organize a big party or a reception with close friends, here are some group games that you can organize to have fun to the fullest.

One of the most popular games among young people is “Never have I ever…” : starting the party with this game will allow your guests to break the ice and start getting to know each other better. The rules are very simple:

  1. One person in the group will have to say something they have never done
  2. Who among the other players has done that thing has to drink a full glass, who has never done it does not drink anything.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a game that makes you move, opt for the classic Limbo : the players will have to dance to the music and in the meantime pass one at a time under a rod, held by two volunteer players, without ever touching it or falling backwards. .

From turn to turn the auction will go lower and lower and the player who passes under the lowest auction of all will win.

With music, laughter and some foolishness to be taken with irony, fun is guaranteed!

3. New Year’s games for adults

Holidays aren’t just for birthdays. If you want to organize an alternative New Year ‘s Eve , why not rent a location with DJs and catering, and also plan some games to play at New Year’s Eve for adults, together with your closest friends?

For example, the game of limbo , in which you challenge yourself to whoever reaches the lowest. Or, you could organize a prom themed party , where all the guests have to dress up for the occasion and arrive with a partner.

You could have places for souvenir photos with a photographer and between the drink buffet, a nice bowl of punch, just like in real American PROM parties.

4. Games to play at dinner with friends

games to play at dinner with friends

For the most close-knit companies, moments can be created with games for adults in teams or in pairs, with which to liven up a party.

The game of chairs : sooner or later we have all stumbled upon this child’s game, doing it as adults could be hilarious. Place a series of chairs in the center of the room corresponding to the number of participants in the game -1; you will also need someone to take care of the music.

Play a song: everyone will have to start dancing around the chairs. When the music stops, whoever fails to sit down will be eliminated, as will one of the chairs present. Victory belongs to the last survivor.

Beer Pong : this is a game of skill and will bring competition to the highest levels, especially among boys.

Prepare a row of rather heavy glasses and equip yourself with ping pong balls. The aim of the game will be to hit as many glasses as possible with the balls. For every mistake, obviously a penance will be triggered, alcoholic or otherwise, it will be up to you to decide!

The possibilities are so many, let your imagination run wild and have fun, it won’t take anything else to turn a party into a guaranteed success.

5. Summer games and outdoor activities for adults

outdoor games for adults

If you have a garden, or the location chosen for the party has an outdoor area, you can think of creating animation games for adults that take advantage of the green spaces.

Having a greater breadth, the alternatives that lie ahead are many and certainly impactful.

Also foresee rewards or penances, which will make everything even more stimulating!

For the more creative, choose to try your hand at a treasure hunt : sow clues, prepare maps that lead to the coveted goal through various adventures and test the skills of your friends and guests.

Jars game : take empty cans or tin cans (canned legumes are fine) and arrange them to form a pyramid (on gradually shorter overlapping rows); then take some tennis or foam balls. The aim of the game will be to knock down the pyramid with one shot.

6. Adult pool party games

A pool party is perfect to beat the heat of summer and spend a different day with your friends. In addition, the pool is the perfect location for everyone, you can also invite your friends with children and keep them entertained all day in the water.

Two things are essential for the success of a pool party : music and the food and drink buffet. So, rely on a professional who can organize everything for you, or ask someone to DJ while you organize food and drinks for everyone. We are sure it will be a success.

Fill the pool with inflatables, and organize some fun games . For example, if there is enough space, you can organize a beach volleyball or soccer challenge. Or, directly in the water, a handball battle, or a diving competition!

7. Group games and indoor activities for adults

activities to do indoors adults

If you are organizing your party in autumn or winter , you should think about an indoor location, as the weather may be uncertain.

But don’t worry, there are tons of fun game ideas to throw an indoor party for adults.

For example, organize a themed party, think of a dance challenge. For example, a 50s evening, with an adjoining twist and shout dance challenge. Or, a 70s / 80s party with Saturday night fever music.

It will truly be an unforgettable party!

8 · Games to play in the restaurant for adults

games to play at the adult restaurant

If you have organized your party in a restaurant, don’t worry, there are lots of games that can be played even while seated .

For example, you can divide the guests into two groups and play some role-playing games where you have to guess a secret word. Think pictionary, or the mime game. A person will have to make his team guess the secret word, without speaking or using certain keywords.

Prepare your mobile phones to make some unforgettable video memories.

9. Games for adults to play at home

Will your party be held at home? No problem, fun is always guaranteed with the right games.

If you don’t want to make too much noise so as not to disturb the neighbors, you could organize some quieter games. For example, the game of imitations . One person, using what’s in the house, disguises himself as a famous person or a mutual friend, and the rest of the group has to guess who it is.

Or, the card game . Everyone writes the name of a famous person on a piece of paper and glues it on the forehead of his neighbor, who should not clearly see the name. In turn, each person asks the others questions to understand who they are. The first to guess the character’s name wins.

10. Games for business dinners

games for business dinners

To break the ice during a company dinner you can think of different games for adults that will create the right atmosphere.

We can really offer you a long list of fun games but the best are:

  • Guess the movie
  • The game of mimes
  • The wireless phone game
  • This or that?
  • The game of characters
  • The game of tangles
  • The tornado.

The former are quite intuitive, while ” This or That ?” it is called in several ways. It consists of asking a question with two possible answers, and each must choose the option they prefer. Of course, the more embarrassing the questions are, the more interesting the game becomes!

11. Aperitif games for adults

aperitif game for adults

During an aperitif with friends, the atmosphere will certainly be more relaxed than at a company dinner. But a fun game for adults to play during the aperitif will make the party even more sparkling.

The wireless phone game is the ” icebreaker ” par excellence. It consists in saying a sentence to one’s neighbor, who in turn will have to bring it back to the person next to him, and so on up to the close of line. It will seem simple to you, in fact the difficulty lies in trying not to make the neighbor understand what you are saying.

Who knows how the final message will arrive!

Fun group game ideas for adults

If the evening is imprinted indoors, or simply you and the guests prefer to try your hand mentally rather than physically, then it is better to focus on quieter games, but which will surely bring out the competitive spirit of each one.

1. Team games for adults

team games for adults

If the guests at your party are numerous, then you can afford to try your hand at a series of team games .

You can divide as you like: male against female, if you are in the mood for a battle of the sexes; in pairs; choosing two captains who, in turn, will have the task of forming the sides.

Once the participants have been divided, the alternatives are many.

Those who still have toned muscles and no desire to surrender to adulthood, can have fun with a Twister session : guaranteed laughter and a great way to dissolve the embarrassments between people who do not know each other.

For those who prefer something less strenuous, prefer Guess the song : divided into two teams, establish a judge who will have to manage the game; in turn, one member of each team will have to perform a song, established by the opposing team, and teammates will try to guess which one it is. Obviously the losing team will have to suffer a penance!

2. Party games for fun adults

Monopoly board games

There is no doubt that party games are among the most popular group games for adults.

And not only the more traditional ones such as Monopoli , Risiko,  the Gioco dell’oca , Cluedo , Scarabeo , Taboo, Trivial Persuit and many others.

But also the more recently invented board games such as Dixit , which in 2010 won the Spiel des Jahres grand prize, or Puerto Rico born only in 2002.

Here is the direct link to buy the most popular and fun party games there is.

3. The evergreen classics

parlor games to play at an adult party

A classic from the 80s is Pictionary : you will need a whiteboard or a drawing pad for meetings, some markers and cards with titles of movies, books or proverbs to guess.

Divide into teams and take turns trying to guess what will be drawn on the board.

Whoever loses pays a pledge!

Another great classic that you can propose is Truth or Dare , which could create discomfort and should be avoided after a certain age: in turn everyone will have to choose between truth or dare: and the player chooses truth will have to answer sincerely to a personal or embarrassing question, if instead he chooses obligation he will have to perform a task decided by the group.

You may find out a lot of interesting things about your friends or test their courage!

4. Adult party entertainment games

Party games for adults don’t just have to include mental skills. In fact, if space permits, you could also propose a more active , entertaining game that also includes physical skills.

Let’s start from the classic “limbo” up to the chair game. Or, again, some skill games such as the three-ball game . It consists in passing three balls between your hands, without letting them fall. Sounds simple, until you try!

5. Music games for adults

musical games for adult parties

There are several musical games that can be played at an adult party.

If you want to focus more on the dance, you could organize a dance challenge, with even 3 volunteers who will be the judges, or the classic limbo and see who is more flexible.

Or, if you want to test the singing skills of the guests, organize a Karaoke. Everyone likes Karaoke!

6. Penitences for games for adults

But who loses, what penance will he be subjected to? As in any challenge, there are winners and losers . So, let’s see some fun penance for those who lose an adult challenge.

If you want to play alcoholic games, the penance could be to drink a chupito or finish the drink all in one gulp.

If, on the other hand, you think of a more “physical” penance then you could ask the losers to challenge each other in a physical test, such as 10 push-ups, or 20 squats!

Other group activities for adults also for team building

group activity for adults team building

Team building is a particular situation usually created by employers to live and get to know their employees and collaborators even outside the office or work environment.

It is an ideal situation to get to know each other better and unite the work team.To break the ice and relax the situation, you can also organize themed games, challenges between teams, in order to unite collaborators even further away from each other.

Divide the group into teams and organize challenges such as tied runs, or physical challenges of running, push-ups, dancing, depending on the location you are in.

1. Psychological group games for adults to play

group psychological games for adults

Not all games are physical. Indeed, in some situations, it may be more fun to organize psychological games , as a puzzle to be solved as a team.

A classic is the game of who laughs first. Place two people facing each other and have them look in the eye. The first one who laughs has lost.

Another psychological challenge to propose to a group of adults is to solve puzzles, even as a team. We think of thematic escape rooms , very popular also for team building as they create a lot of collaboration between the participants.

2. Interactive games for adults

If the location allows it and you can also use tools , organize interactive games. For example, digital pictionary, with the stylus to draw and show the drawing on television.

Or, among other interactive games, there are puzzles, twists, and treasure hunts!

3. Evening with entertainment games for adults

If you can rely on an experienced agency, contact experienced entertainers . These will have the task of entertaining and breaking the ice, especially at the beginning, when everyone is embarrassed and does not dare to expose themselves.

Among the various animated games are the magic numbers, in which volunteers are often taken by the public.

4. Creative games for adults

creative games for adults

Do you want to create beautiful memories with souvenirs to take home at the end of the event? Then think of some creative games for adults .

You can always think of them in a challenging way, so ask them to draw a subject with your eyes closed, for example, and see the result!

You will have a special picture to hang in the office, which will remind everyone of the special evening spent together.

5. Games with skill tests for adults

Skill tests always trigger competition, especially in adults. You may be amazed by your colleagues who are more calm in appearance

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