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What types of dance are there?

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Do you want to discover the various styles and types of dance? The techniques dating from the Renaissance to the present day? Read on for a complete list and guide, representative videos, and the differences between dance and dance.

Difference between Dance 

What is the difference between dance and dance ? Often this question is asked without receiving a precise answer.

Dance is the spokesperson of a discipline and a real art, it is meant as dance an elegant, harmonious and certainly technical body movement. The dance is considered instead as a moment of aggregation and fun, except for ballroom dances. Find out in detail what is the difference between dance and dance.

Certainly the word dance and dance are synonyms of the same action, that is to move in time to the music, sometimes learn some steps and perform them. But be careful to use the correct word in the right situation. When these two words don’t go well together? When is it good not to use them?

The term dance cd dance , is the means of communication that uses the body to express emotions and live sensations, obviously not forgetting the technique , for each type of dance (we will see in detail the list of the various styles later). It therefore refers to an ancient art that belongs to all cultures and that is expressed through the body in an improvised way or according to a pre-established choreography. The dance represents a harmonic body movement marked by a rhythm , musical or not, by a fluid, agile and well structured body. The word dance is the sophisticated term for this discipline, as it requires rigor, control and sacrifices.

Thanks to dance , in addition to acquiring awareness and rigor, respect for one’s own body and that of others is taught, so much so that one learns to follow not only a musical rhythm, but also a singing rhythm dictated by the dancers themselves, who together form a single body. In fact, contemporary dance bases its dance beyond technical execution, to feel free from the chains that society and the discipline itself impose.

And here the dance becomes music and poetry, in the moment in which we begin to dance with the body in connection with the heart , and the soul.

With the word dance, on the other hand, we mean a multiplicity of dance forms performed in most cases for pure fun with the aim of socializing and defining relationships within a group, not to feel like a single choir, but to have fun together. In fact, in the image we see the lindy hop a genre of swing dance very popular in Italy in recent times, which creates a moment of aggregation and entertainment. The dance, unlike the actual dance understood as the academic discipline, is almost never aimed at the representation of an event or show. In theater and cinema, however, it is often inserted in certain scenes, as well as other supporting artistic elements including singing.

A recognized kind of dance are ballroom dances , which unlike “fun” dances such as group dances, draw on the discipline as in academic dance, as the dancers need to be coordinated , elegant and technically perfect .

We can add that dance and dance influence the dancer bringing multiple benefits on an athletic, cognitive, psychological and relational level.

Complete list of the different types of dance

Below is the list of the different styles and types of dance . For ideas and insights click on the link of the dance genre you want to discover!

  1. Classic dance;
  2. Contemporary dance;
  3. Modern dance;
  4. Neoclassical dance;
  5. Medieval dance;
  6. Sports dance;
  7. Theater therapy or dance theater;
  8. Urban dances;
  9. Break dance;
  10. Jazz dance;
  11. Folk and traditional dances.

Complete list of the different dance genres

After talking about the difference between dance and dance, and classifying the different types of dance, I leave you a list of the different genres of ballroom dance :

  1. Polca;
  2. Mazurka;
  3. Waltz;
  4. Tango;
  5. Slow waltz;
  6. Fox trot;
  7. Beguine;
  8. Cha cha cha;
  9. Jive;
  10. Quick step;
  11. Viennese waltz;
  12. Mambo;
  13. Bachata;
  14. Paso doble.

Which one to choose?

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