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How to force dark mode in any iPhone app

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Dark Mode officially arrived in iOS 13 on all compatible devices. One of the latest applications to incorporate it has been Google Maps, which now allows us to activate the dark mode when reviewing the maps in the app.

In addition, Google Chrome for iOS has also incorporated the function, and we teach you how to activate the dark mode of Chrome on any iPhone or iPad. However, we know that although certain apps have dark mode, they don’t always work as we want, and that is why today we are here to teach you how to activate dark mode in any app on your iPhone or iPad.

In this article we will offer you two solutions, one easier than the other. While the first is about a few configurations to take into account, the second is somewhat more extensive, and we will make use of the Shortcuts tool that has been installed on our iPhone and iPad since iOS 15, and that has now also reached Mac. , so we leave you the 5 macOS Monterey shortcuts that will make your life much easier. With the Shortcuts application we can configure the individual behavior of each application and automate the dark mode of our iPhone or iPad in the apps that we want.

Solution 1: Force dark mode in any iPhone app from the settings

Force dark mode iPhone apps

You can force Dark Mode in the most popular iPhone and iPad apps.

Some applications available in the App Store allow us to individually control the behavior of the dark or light theme on the iPhone and iPad. This means that no matter what the general theme of our system is at the moment, the application will always run with the one that was specified by the user.

Not all applications have this function , but here we will leave you a small list of the most popular ones in the App Store that will allow us to individually control the dark mode on iPhone and iPad:

  • Facebook : Click on the three horizontal lines in the lower right corner -> Settings and privacy -> Settings -> Dark mode.
  • Google Maps : On the home screen, tap on your profile photo –> Settings –> Dark Mode.
  • Messenger : Tap your profile picture –> Dark mode.
  • Snapchat : Tap your profile picture –> Settings –> App appearance.
  • TikTok : Go to your profile –> Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner –> Dark mode.
  • YouTube : Tap on your profile photo –> Settings –> General –> Dark theme.
  • Feedly : Open the menu by swiping from the left –> Choose Theme –> Night Theme.
  • Microsoft Teams : Tap your profile photo –> Settings –> Appearance.
  • Notion: Abre el menú lateral –> Notifications & Settings –> Apperearance –> Dark.
  • Reddit : Tap the profile photo –> Tap the moon in the bottom right corner.
  • Telegram : Settings -> Appearance -> Night mode.
  • Trello : Account –> Select Theme –> Dark.
  • Twitter : Tap your profile photo –> Tap the light bulb in the lower left corner –> Dark mode and turn off ‘Use device settings’.

Done, once you have done this you can force the dark mode in the application of your choice without the general theme of the device modifying it every time you turn the dark theme on or off on your iPhone or iPad. If the app doesn’t have such a setting, you can still try something else.

Solution 2: Force dark theme in any app with Shortcuts

With this second solution, you will be able to turn the dark mode of your iPhone or iPad apps on or off regardless of the overall system theme. We will only need to generate an automated shortcut that activates the dark theme every time we access the selected applications.

However, this solution has a drawback :

  • The theme will not be reverted when exiting the application . That is, if we have the iPhone in light mode, when we exit an app in which we have forced the dark mode, it will be the one that reigns in the general system of the device.

If you don’t care too much about this, you can continue with the instructions that we will leave you below . If you want some applications to always stay in Light Mode, you can select an automation that keeps them this way so that the Dark Mode of those previously selected does not interfere with their theme and they can all coexist in harmony.

Force dark mode apps iPhone 1

Automate Dark Theme on iPhone and iPad using Shortcuts

  1. Open the Shortcuts app .
  2. Tap on the Automation tab .
  3. Tap on Create personal automation .
  4. In the list, find and select App .
  5. In the new window, select the apps using the button that says ‘ Select ‘.
  6. Choose the apps you want to force dark mode on your iPhone or iPad.
  7. Tap Done.
  8. Select the ‘ Open ‘ option that appears in the lower icons.
  9. Tap ‘ Next ‘.Force dark mode apps iPhone 2

Use Shortcuts to force Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Tap Add action .
  2. In the search engine, type and then select ‘ Set Appearance ‘.
  3. Select the mode you want to run when the app opens. You can choose between Dark or Light Mode . It’s your decision.
  4. Tap Next after selecting it.
  5. Turn off the ‘ Ask on run ‘ option .
  6. Tap Done .

As you can see, when you run the applications , the Dark Theme of the iPhone or iPad will be automatically activated and it will remain active in the rest of the system

Done, you can now force the dark mode in the applications of your iPhone or iPad . If you ever want to undo this, you can always remove the automation from the Shortcuts app.

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