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The top 10 online games for kids

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There are many free online games and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. It is imperative to accompany your child so that he can make a wise choice.

You will find all kinds of them, some offer pure entertainment, while others allow you to learn at different levels. So here is our top 10 online games .

Sites that include many free games

1. Jacquote

Jacquote offers many free online games for children from 6 years old. Divided into several categories, you will find games of logic and reflection, educational games and others that are simply fun. You can easily accompany your child so that he makes wise choices!

2. Tipirat

On this site, you will find a variety of free games for young children up to 8 years old. You can opt for a game of pure entertainment or for educational games.

3. Hello kids

Hello kids offers a range of free online games, but also manual activities and coloring. Perhaps a good way to diversify children’s activities on a rainy day. A little online gaming is fine; but then, we take out paper, scissors and pencils to have fun just as much!


Friv offers 250 games of all genres: arcade, racing, strategy, dress-up, assembly, puzzle, etc. There is something for all tastes and for all ages. No registration required: click on a game and play directly.

Games to put your scientific knowledge to the test

5. The Montreal Science Center

The Montreal Science Center offers games of all kinds that will pique the curiosity of your children, young and old. The various topics touch on the news, whether related to climate change or what should be done in the event of a health crisis in Quebec. With Autopsy of a murder, we discover the professions related to the forensic world. A good way to have fun while testing your knowledge.

Games to learn a second language (or a 3rd!)

6. Duolingo

Duolingo offers all kinds of activities to improve your knowledge of a second language. We have fun and we learn, nothing better!

Games to dive into an imaginary world


Minecraft is the construction game that all children love! There is a free online version available to everyone.

8. Angry birds

A classic, but also a must! They’re fun birds, but they can be just as mean when they have to take on the green piggies! A fun game that allows pure entertainment!

Games for animal lovers

9. Steady Star

Hair lovers will be served with this game! In Star Stable, each player takes care of his own horse, takes part in missions and participates in competitions. The adventure is always there, just like the mystery that hovers over different scenes. Note that the game is free until the 5th level. Those who wish to continue thereafter must pay a monthly subscription.

10. Zoo 2 Animal Park

In Zoo 2 Animal Park, players are responsible for a zoo, so they have to take care of the animals, build enclosures there, but also clean the park. They may acquire new animals and others will have babies. New missions are offered at each level. A beautiful universe, where animals are at the rendezvous!

Online games often make everyone happy. However, even if the children are very quiet during this time, don’t forget that screen time must be well supervised, otherwise, we don’t see the hours pass! So, we have a little fun in front of the computer, but we also do all kinds of other family activities!

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