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Eight tricks to wake up in a good mood from Monday to Friday

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Tell me how you wake up and I will tell you how your day is going to be . The fast lifestyle in which we live is depriving us of many small pleasures in life , even at sunrise every morning.

Today we propose a route so that your awakening is more delicious than that of Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind . Gifts for your well-being and good humor that you can gradually incorporate into your life

Look for an alarm that wakes you up gradually, preferably with the sounds of nature. Avoid waking up suddenly with loud sounds because they will generate a bad mood. Photo: Aiayu

The rent is coming and we all fear the psycho-corporal consequences of going back to work. Apocalyptic early mornings, breakfasts (if there are any) in “seen and unseen”, trips to school in fits and starts and nameless odysseys to get to work, assignments that are “for yesterday”… And all that, in addition, with the aggravating circumstance that, this year, it catches most of us untrained . It will seem like a message from the ultra world but: nothing happens. You just need time and desire to transform your stressful reality into a more human one . We propose some tricks, ideas and habits that will help you make the change. It depends on you .

1. Your alarm clock: natural light, what a pleasure!

September is a perfect month to practice this healthy habit because the sun rises around 7:30 in the morning. In October, the time change will no longer be possible. Waking up with natural light is healthier for several reasons. On the one hand, you synchronize your body with the rhythm of nature. It is what is called the circadian cycle , which regulates sunlight and temperature. The first rays of the sun warn the body that it is time to wake up, stimulating the production of serotonin and cortisol , and stopping the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. 

2. Don’t look at your phone as soon as you wake up.

It is the best way to ruin the day, stress yourself for free and divert your mind from the only important thing when starting a day: yourself. What we do as soon as we wake up can influence our mood for the rest of the day. 

2. Without getting out of bed (of course), stretch!

After the night, activate your body gently. Performing a few simple stretches is a great idea. It favors oxygenation and activates the circulation of our blood . It will clear our mind. how to stretch? Without getting out of bed yet, and in a lying position, flex your legs, raising your knees and feet and, with your knees in the air , raise and lower your feet and move your ankles in all directions. Then, sitting on the bed, move your head gently to the right and left. 

3. Drink a glass of fresh water with 2-3 drops of lemon.

We are waking up little by little and it is time to activate our digestive system . Take a glass of water with lemon drops at breakfast, every morning on an empty stomach. It activates the immune system, promotes the formation of collagen and puts the liver and gallbladder to work . Lemon is one of the best natural cleansers .

4. Now yes, practice the (delicious and quiet) slow breakfast.

Breakfast can be a heart-pounding 100-meter dash or a delicious walk at sunrise. For this reason, having a quick coffee, standing up and doing other things is the best way to ruin one of the most important and delicious moments of your day that, in addition, will influence your mood and energy to face the day .

5. Take a relaxing shower with your favorite aroma or the best pampering for your body and mind.

Before entering the shower it is essential that you are relaxed. One way to do this is to take one or two deep breaths or any breathing exercise you know. This is how pranayama or conscious breathing of yoga benefits you in your day and in your sleep. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a small towel . While you take the shower, put that towel on your chest so that the heat releases the vapors of the essential oil and stays like that for a few seconds breathing calmly. 

6. Do 5 minutes of meditation because you deserve it.

It makes us less vulnerable to stress and emotional turbulence, inoculates us against unproductive wandering, and fosters positive thoughts and feelings in us. These three reasons should be more than enough to encourage us to practice meditation. 

7. Now, make your bed, ventilate your room and leave it tidy, your mind will thank you.

Order is a great ally of our well-being . Your room is your sanctuary. According to The Home Academy, ” your bedroom is closely connected to your emotions . When we air out the house, there may be something else in our lives that we need to renew and oxygenate. When we tidy up a closet, in some way, too n we place our inner chaos and when we clean we get rid of what emotionally prevents us from seeing clearly. In fact, we need to see our house clean and tidy as a reflection of that order and balance that we seek in ourselves

8. Walking to the office, the finishing touch to a perfect sunrise.

Not all of us can practice this healthy habit, but it is the best alternative to the recommended morning exercise. If your office is far away, you can always get off the bus earlier or park several blocks away. Walking naturally releases endorphins , like any other exercise we do. 

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