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The 12 most “geeky” sports in the world that you may not know existed

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This adjective is applicable to all those who are eccentric, rare or extravagant, something that can also be extended to sports. Everyone has heard of football, basketball, cycling, rugby, tennis… but do you know chess boxing, Kronum, Fierljeppen or Cycle Ball?

These are some of the strangest sports in the world and although it seems that only a handful of crazy people practice them, the truth is that most of them are federated sports, with championships at different levels, including world and continental ones.

These are the 12 most “geeky” sports in the world

1. Archery tag

Of course, if we create a list of geek sports, we cannot fail to include the sport: the archery tag . Fusion between paintball and archery, this is how this activity could be summarized, which combines the action that takes place in a paintball game with the use of bows and arrows.

2. Quidditch

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then we don’t have to say anything more about Quidditch. But, if you are not, you have to know that this is one of the most successful geek sports in the world. Quidditch is the name of a fictional sport, later adapted to real life, practiced by characters from the wizarding world in the Harry Potter series of novels, written by JK Rowling. It is a competition in which two teams face each other on the field and will have to try to put the ball in a high hoop. To give it more realism, they will go with a broom between their legs .

3. Softcombat

Softcombat is also another of the geek sports that have been most successful in recent times. It is a type of game inspired by the world of the Middle Ages in which battles occur in which anything goes. It is a sport in which two or more combatants face each other using padded weapons that simulate white, blunt or thrown weapons from different eras. The objective of each combatant is to inflict a sufficient number of hits on their opponents to win the combat .

4. Bubble Football

It is one of the funniest games that currently exist and is inspired by traditional soccer. Bubble Football is an activity in which two teams must face each other with the aim of putting the ball into the goal. So far everything normal. The big difference is that the players are inside large plastic bubbles , so the movements are much more difficult and will make you roll on the ground.

5. Icelandic mud football

This is another soccer modality that is achieving great success. It is a discipline in which the players have to face each other on a somewhat peculiar field of play: a field full of mud! This sport was invented in northern Europe, specifically in Finland, where despite having a reputation for serious people, some more bizarre sports activities have emerged, such as throwing mobile phones or racing while carrying their wives. 


A combination of 3 sports in one: it is Padbol, another of the freaky sports that could not be missing from this list. It is the union of football, paddle tennis and volleyball. Today there is already a world championship of this new sport and in 15 countries they already have a league.

7. Foot pool

Billiards and soccer come together at the Foot Pool. It is an invention that comes from England and where you will have to try to put the billiard balls in the holes but without using any stick but using only your feet. A football game on a pool table that will fascinate you.

8. Cycle Ball

Cyclobol  is a sport that takes  place on mountain bikes on a hard ground court similar to futsal. It was created in 1893 by a German-American, Nicholas Edward Kaufmann, and the first world championships were held in 1929.

9. Kin Ball

It is a game that was created in Canada and had the objective of improving teamwork and cooperation. Today it has more than 4 million players around the world . In this sport, 3 teams participate in a field that is square. In each team there are 4 players who must be both men and women and the objective of the game is to throw the ball to the opposite court, ensuring that the opponent’s member cannot prevent it from touching the ground.

10. Chess Boxing

If we look for two sports opposed to each other, surely chess and boxing would be in the candidacy . On the one hand, a sport where intelligence and reasoning are everything, a gentleman’s sport where not a drop of sweat is shed, and on the other, a sport of physical effort, contact and violence. Who could imagine bringing them together in a single sport?

11. Cronum

The Kronum is a rare sport where there are. First, because it is played on a circular field. Second because it mixes football, rugby and basketball, among other sports. And third, because the “goal” where the goals are scored is indistinct.

The field has 4 goals located 2 in front of 2 others (look at the image). These goals have a lower part similar to a soccer goal, and another upper part with 5 rings. The points that are marked through them are worth double.

12. Fierljeppen

The fierljeppen consists of overcoming ponds of water with a long stick of between eight and thirteen meters. Hence the name of the sport: jump (ljeppen) and the furthest (fier).’. With respect to the pole vault there is a big difference: the brave, in this case, does not go with the pole until he sticks it into a box, but rather it is the rod that awaits him.

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