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The 12 sports that burn more calories

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To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you eat, which is why exercise is the perfect complement to any diet.

  • 1. Spinning
  • 2. Boxing
  • 3. Run
  • 4. Swim
  • 5. Crossfit
  • 6. Walking briskly
  • 7. Soccer
  • 8. Climbing
  • 9. Kayac
  • 10. Skating
  • 11. Padel
  • 12. Jump a la comba

To lose weight, it is essential to burn more calories than you eat. That is why exercise is the perfect complement to any weight loss diet .

But not all sports burn the same calories. The more intense the activity, the greater the energy consumption .

Discover the most efficient sports when it comes to burning calories . And don’t forget that in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, along with physical activity, it is essential that you have a complete and balanced diet.

1. Spinning

Spinning is practiced on a stationary bicycle in which you pedal to the rhythm of the music, working at different intensities set by the monitor.

It is one of the best options for those who go to the gym because they want to lose weight.

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In a spinning session (it lasts about 45 minutes) you can consume up to 550-600 kilocalories in women and up to 850-1,000 in men.

2. Boxing

Boxing is no longer a residual sport and is becoming more and more fashionable. This discipline is ideal for releasing stress , fighting anxiety and burning calories while having fun.

5 benefits of practicing boxing

In boxing you don’t stop. Apart from gaining muscle and releasing tension, being in continuous movement increases caloric expenditure . In this discipline you can burn 700 calories in an hour.

3. Run

If your main goal is to burn off the calories from last night’s dinner, a running session can help.

Of course, you will have to run at least a distance of 5 km. Approximately, if you weigh around 60 kg, you will burn 300 kcal.

4. Swim

A good way to stay in shape during these weeks of vacation can be doing a few lengths in the apartment pool.

In an hour of crawl swimming you can burn between 400 and 900 calories depending on your weight.

5. Crossfit

The number of calories burned in a crossfit session varies depending on the physical capabilities of each one and the intensity with which they practice it.

The average cost of a one-hour session is around 800 kcal.

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The advantage is that due to the variety of muscles that are worked, when you finish your crossfit session, your body will continue to burn calories.

6. Walking briskly

A person weighing about 72 kg will have burned about 450 kcal after 1 hour hiking .

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Keep in mind that caloric expenditure will depend on whether or not you carry a backpack and its weight. If you carry a light one, you will burn between 50 and 100 calories more than if you did not carry any. If it were heavy, you can spend 200 kcal more per hour.

7. Soccer

In addition to gaining stamina, playing a game of soccer with friends will help you lose weight , if you really feel like it.

Every 30 minutes , a person weighing between 70 and 80 kg will have burned between 250 and 325 kcal.

The amount of calories expended will depend on the time you are on the bench, but also on the position in which you play. The goalkeeper burns less.

8. Climbing

It is necessary to distinguish between the caloric expenditure that you do when ascending towards the summit and the one that you do when descending by rappelling.

When we go up, a person weighing about 80 kg burns approximately 480 kcal in half an hour, while in the rappelling phase (going down), their expenditure is somewhat less, 355 kcal.


Going on a kayak excursion is a good way to enjoy nature , increase your vitamin D levels under the sun and get in shape.

During a one-hour outing paddling in a kayak, it is estimated that a person weighing about 80 kg burns 400 kcal . Although it will depend on the intensity and speed with which you do it.

10. Skating

Skating is one of the most “grateful” sports when it comes to burning calories.

In an hour skating calmly, without making a great effort, about 300 kcal are spent , and if you put more intensity into it, you can double that amount.

11. Padel

If you haven’t tried paddle tennis yet , we suggest you do so this summer. In just a few classes you will begin to enjoy this fashionable sport.

It is estimated that in one hour of padel you can burn about 700 kcal, playing at a medium level of intensity.

Bearing in mind that paddle tennis matches usually last an hour and a half, we can burn about 1000 kcal per match without a problem.

12. Jump a la comba

Jumping rope at least 600 times is the minimum that coaches usually advise when they include this exercise in a weight loss program.

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It is estimated that a person who weighs about 72 kg will burn 730 kcal jumping for 60 minutes . Now, think that we do about 70 jumps per minute, so you can start by hitting the rope for about 8 minutes.

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